Bringing Out The Best In Me

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Hi Steemians!

All through out my career in employment and business for more than 26 years, I never thought I would perform on my best always. I made sure to perform a top of everybody. When I was a salesman I used to take sales into new heights. I was the innovator and always came up with perfect strategy every month to skyrocket our sales. When I was promoted to supervisor, I was tasked to handle two stores. Both of it was hitting its respective targets. When I was promoted as Branch Manager, I don’t know where the inner drive came to surpass all records in sales.

I was hired by one of the biggest retail company in the Philippines as Marketing Officer. I was tasked to make new marketing strategies that are unique in the market. Even though I don’t have experience in marketing I grabbed the opportunity to prove my worth. They pushed me to the limit. I was able to come up with a marketing campaign that nobody gave me a chance. I still pursue it with the approval of my General Manager. The promotion was a big hit that made our stores know in a short period of time. The promotion they call cheap brought a lot of sales in return. It created awareness to people and its market niche.

My company sent me to a distant land of Visayas. I was sent to Iloilo to become a temporary Branch Manager and to investigate on anomalies that was done by the previous BM. Since the dialect was Ilongo, I don’t know how to speak Ilongo or any Visayan language. I don’t know where to start. With my perseverance and by establishing good relationship with people around me, I was able to make a lead in investigation and later on solving the case.

There were many times in my life that my guts and initiative are tested. Plenty of situations pushed me to my own limits and survived. There were many instances that I was able to bring out the best in me.

What I always knew was I have my God to help and protect me. My God is a perfect God. I can’t do anythings if He will not allow it. I rely my stregth to Him. He gave me wisdom when I needed it the most. He gave me a heart that never backed out even in the most difficult times. He gave me a tongue to speak the unspoken. He game me a shoulder that can lift any weight. He gave me an eye that saw the best in every person. He gave me an intellect to make right decisions. He gave me a good heart to show compassion. My faith in my God is real.

God brings out the best in me!

See you on my next #blog everyone!

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