A personal, yet relatable revelation through the power of poetry

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Venture wherever life may take you
Ride the wave as it crashes to shore
Soar like a bird, gliding so gracefully
Along no agenda or boundary lines
Find where it leads and stay for a time
Differences lie everywhere we go
It is our purpose to see adventurously so
And value differences unlike our own
See for yourself a brand new perspective
Try it out, and gladly respect it
No worry at all if the trial is scorn
At least you can say you tried with no mourn
No regrets when our time to leave has come
As we were born for a reason— always show love
The culture, traditions, and beliefs we encounter
Have meaning for people who religiously empower
But also for those who wish to embark
On a new journey to implant their very own mark
Forever it stands even when they leave
Together as one— different people shall believe
Each other we matter much more than alone
Through ancient past times this has proven to show
We may be different, but similarly so
Value this so as forever ago
Looking back we shall see our future unfold

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“No regrets!” The beat approach towards what we call life!

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Carpe diem all day

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