"Happiness" - Why we're all opting out of the rat race one by one...

in #life3 years ago

I couldn't stop watching this, even though it's not exactly "pleasant".

It is extremely well made and captures the essence of our society.

"Happiness" by Steve Cutts

Stress, hustle, and artificial happiness are built into our old paradigm system.

Luckily crypto, the blockchain, decentralisation and tokenization will propel us into a whole new paradigm. Some of us already live there.


Very cool animation film! All the funny details in it, amazing.
But as for the paradigm change - I guess that would require a whole new breed of, eh... rats.

They are there. But you know... most rats tend to live underground... ;)

An apt video. Pretty much describes today's world. I am so happy I left that old rat race years ago...

Me too! I didn't do it voluntarily but it was a gift in hindsight!

I can't imagine being out of the rat race at this point, but it looks like I could be lining things up for such an event - wow - this is HUGE! You know... big!!!


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