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What if I tell you that you could receive a postcard from Tokio, or Utah USA, or from Moscov, or Sweden?
There is a platform called postcrossing where you send and receive (by postoffice) postcards from random places around the world. You are going home and when you look in the mailbox, you will discover a postcard with a specific image and on the back a message, or a story or even a secret from someone.
That is a nice feeling and a chance to start a collection.

The link is :

Here are some postcards I am sending from my area:

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I salute you, reader!

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wow have u been to those countries as well?


No no, just one of them.
But try the platform, you'll have postcards from around the world. Two years we had innour city a metting of postcrossing people and an exposition of them. One friend had over 300 :)