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A healthy social life can help us to flourish. Without a social life, our body and mind can feel apart. Society has a great impact on our life. Not only the negative impacts but if we could only point put the positive impacts our list will be very long for sure. It would be a very foolish decision if we detach ourselves from society or not connect that much.


I'm not only talking about our offline social life, but we should also work on improving our online social life too. It's not very uncommon to see people are becoming disconnected from society. We are becoming individualistic day by day. But human survival depends on how social we are. If we want to achieve something in our life, we have to have a good connection with society. You can be a traveler, you may hate social media or your relatives. But you have to find other ways to be social. Otherwise, no one will respond to your call.

For those people, who feel that they are not that much social and they need to work on it; I'm sharing a few tips.

  • Have a nice connection with friends and family. I have seen so many people who have a vast online life but they fail in their offline life. Which is very awkward. First, make a connection with your closest one and don't make an enemy.

  • Spend time with others. Don't hide or get away from things. Try to be with people and try to enjoy human surroundings.

  • Form a small group. Make friends if it's only one. Be with a group. It helps to learn from them, improve our belongingness and help to practice social things.

  • Make good use of technology. Befriend your co-workers or business partner over social media, make new friends, talk with them and engage.

  • Communicate. As long as we don't communicate no one will ask us. Don't wait to see how social others are. Take the role.


Making a supportive bond always helps to boost energy, give a meaning of life and bring peace in us. So, being social always helps. Try to open up a little bit and you will probably learn to be social gradually.


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