Steemit Virus Contest #4 : My Entry: A True Ghost Story

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Once again I am entering a contest created by @steemit-virus . Thank you for another opportunity to get my creative groove on.

The link to the original post can be found here

So come on guys, hop on board and join me in this contest :)

My story:

"Alone?" By Coffeehub

30 years ago my family and my best friend's family all went away on holiday together to an old country cottage for a week. The cottage was huge and surrounded as far as the eye could see by fields and countryside.

We spent seven days and seven nights at that cottage. We enjoyed the long lazy English summer days, playing in the fields in the daytime, picnics and orange squash for lunch sat in the shade of a giant oak tree, only coming in when the sun came down.

Every evening we all sat round the large kitchen table and ate dinner together. Us four children, the four adults, and the owner of the country cottage, Mrs Patterson.

The parents all chatted amongst themselves at their end of the table, us children were kept entertained by Mrs Patterson at our end of the table. The tales she told us! How she made us laugh. She told us stories of when she was young and the things she got up to. She told us about practical jokes she used to play on her younger brothers and sisters when she had been our age.

Although I loved those sunny summer days in the fields with my friends, I loved the evenings talking to Mrs Patterson even more. Even now, some 30 years later, those old stories make me smile.

As often happens with sunny summer holidays, even though the first few days stretched out and felt like they would never end, the second half of the time off suddenly went past In a blink of an eye. Before I knew it, we were loading the car back up with all of our things and getting ready to leave the cottage. As our parents did a final check of the cottage to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything, we said our goodbyes to Mrs Patterson.

With tears in our eyes we told her we would miss her and then we left and got into the car.

We cried as we drove away and begged our parents to bring us back to the cottage to see Mrs Patterson again next year.

Our parents asked who Mrs Patterson was. Because we had all been in the cottage alone for the week.....

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Did you post your link? Nice illustration.


I'm pretty sure I did, didn't I??
I'd best check!!
Thank you


Asking cos of your payout... All the best dear.

Nice twist at the end there!!! Love it!! Following you :)


Thank you - it got me the second runner up prize so I'm happy with that.