Sorry for my absence

in life •  last year


I'm sorry for my absence here over the past few days.

I haven't hidden the fact that I suffer from depression, and I'm not going to start hiding it now.

I haven't been here because I've been struggling a little lately.

People say "what's wrong?", but how can I answer that?

Because if I'm honest, and I say "everything is, and nothing is" it will make me sound crazy.

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Hi, no matter what surrounds you , or what situation you find yourself , please stay strong . The truth is, no one can make you happy other than yourself. Embrace the true you , which is that beauty on your inside . Do not ever think low of yourself or let anything define your joy. Live freely never being afraid of what your tomorrow will be because it's in the hands of Jesus. Just confess it and tell Jesus what you want and desire and he is willing and able to make it manifest. This depression isn't yours . It's just a name looking for its victim . Stay happy dear. Be good.

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Sending you love, Always...take as much time as you need.

Im happy you are back, i missed your presence on my steemit wall. I know how hard can be fight with a disease like depression, pleaase continue to fight it ans ask for help . =(

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Depression is like that. Hope the cloud lifts for you soon. From what I am reading - there are many here who understand...

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