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A for Ayi 阿姨, which is a respectful way to call an older lady or a lady helper.
B for Baozi 包子, a hot and steamy bun.
C for Chaoshi 超市, a place to buy your groceries. (supermarket)
D for Dianping 点评, the foodie app in China.
E for Eleme 饿了么, Alibaba's food delivery app.
F for Fapiao 发票, the official invoice to reimburse purchase.
G for Ganbei 干杯, which means "bottoms up" in China.
H for Hao , it means alright/ sure/ good.
I for Iqiyi 爱奇艺, an online video platform to watch movies and TV shows.
J for Jiayou 加油, a cheering phrase like "keep it up" or "Don't give up" .
K for KaoChuan(r) 烤串, is meat on sticks, and they are delicious 😃
L for Laoshi 老师, is to address a teacher or someone respected.
M for Mobike 摩拜, a bike sharing app in China.
N for Nihao 你好, a common greeting in China.
O for Olympic park, 奥林匹克公园, it is located in Beijing.
P for Peking duck, a Beijing delicacy.
Q for Qingdao, a Beautiful port city in eastern China.
R for Renmin, which means The People in China.
S for Shanghai, the financial center of China.
T for Tencent, a leading tech company in China.
U for (sounds like 'u')Youku, It's a famous video hosting platform in China .
V for VPN, the key to access foreign content in China.
W for Wechat, social media and mobile payment app in China .
X for Xi huan 喜欢, which means "yes, i like it" in China.
Y for Youtiao 油条, an essential breakfast in China.
Z for Zao 早上好, means "good morning" in China.

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Hi! Is it your long distance project to teach people chines language? Or it is short time article?

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it is a long term project for @cn-reader to share chinese culture to the world. that would include food, language, life and many more


Thank you. So then I will follow your project! Resteemed your article.

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