The longest day and a amazing sunset in Burgundy France

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Today, June 21, is the longest day. When I left the kitchen at 10 o'clock in the evening and went outside, it was still so light that I could read outside without the help of artificial light.

I took some pictures from our terrace of our house in the Morvan (Burgundy France) where we arrived from the Netherlands just a week ago.



Those pictures were so amazing, I thought it was time to return to Steemit after fourteen days of silence on my part.

Remember it is late in the evening, after 10 o'clock!
You can clearly see it is still light outside.

I have not posted for two weeks. When we were in the Netherlands, I was very busy with Sam, my grandson, and when we arrived here our garden was in such a desperate condition that my husband Sjoerd and I worked and worked in our garden until it looked like the garden we love.

If you look closely, you can see hay rolls on our neighbor's meadow. I followed the process the past few days and took pictures. I will write a post about it later this week.

Have a nice (long) day,


Such a beautiful sunset! Enjoy your time in France!

Thank you, we will certainly do that. (And I have not forgotten about your memory project! I have taken a few old photos with me to France to write a memory post)!

Hi friend,welcome back .Nice to meet you againg after long gap,i was worried about you,but its ok now.Thanks for the beautiful picture you had clicked of a long day of the year .Thanks and good luck.

Thank you, I am okay, but sometimes it is so busy, you don't take the time to write a post.
Good luck to you too!

Hello @clio, what an amazing sunset view from your house in France!!

Yes, it was really great. Nature can be so beautiful, this was a special evening!

Excellent photos and a beautiful sunset, my friend and you managed to capture a stunning landscape in the background of the field and green trees, it's very beautiful! I ask you not to worry that you are very rare now to make messages to us, I will always wait for your posts about the events and grandeur of your nature! Thank you Clio

Thank you so much @serkagan!

Crazy long he!! I was just on the terrace and at 2300 it was still a bit light!

Every year Im surprised by this bus now it is an actual surprise because I am still not used to that its longer light here. Im enjoying it to the max though!

Good going in the garden clean up. I instantly believe you that there was enough to do after the moisty weather AND sunshine combo

You are so right! The rain and the sunshine made sure the garden (and the grass) were a mess. But I like to work in the garden, it clears the head.

I really miss those really long summer nights! When my kids were young they would still be playing outside at 10 pm! (Bad mom!) They were on summer vacation and soaking up every bit of sun that they could before the long cold winter in Canada. Now, in Central America, we have the same amount of light every day. About 12 hrs. It is lovely in the winter, but I still miss the longer summer nights!

I can understand you miss those long summer nights. We had dinner tonight on our porch, outside it was still warm, at 21.00 and we didn't need a light or so. You heard the crickets in the hedges and it was so nice to be outside.

Oh wow... The skye is AMAZING everything seem so quiet... and peaceful. You have a really wonderful view.
Thank for stopping by on by blog by the way, it was nice to get in touch with you again :)

It is really peaceful here, that's what I like so much about this area. It is like everything is going a little slower and you take more time to do what you have to do, no hurry!
It sure is nice to be in touch with you again!

No being in a hurry is a dream @clio ;-)
See you soon ❤️

Hi mom, there is still a little bit of light here @ 22:54. Very nice photo's!

Is she your mom @exyle?

Yes, I am!

Oh really, nice to meet you mam.

Nice to meet you too!

God bless you both mam.

Thank you. Isn't it amazing, so light at this hour!

Bonjour Clio, le temps passe très vite mais nous ne sommes pas encore le 21 juillet!!! seulement le 21 juin (ahahah)
J'espère qu'après tous vos efforts vous profitez de votre beau jardin sous le magnifique soleil que nous avons depuis quelques temps et que chaque soir vous pouvez admirer ces magnifiques coucher de soleil.
Profitez bien du Morvan et de cette belle campagne.

You were the only person who noticed the error of July/June!! Thank you. I will change it after typing this answer. And yes we enjoy our garden very much (now it has been cleaned!) The weather is really beautiful these last few days, so we enjoy our stay in the Morvan even more!

Beautiful looking this nature....i appreciate your photography.
thanks for sharing this post, keep it up my friend...

You got a wonderful view from your balcony. I'm imagining myself standing in your balcony and enjoying this wonderful view. my eyes are closed now.

wow Beautiful Sunset!

I also captured sunset a month ago, have a look at it.


Glad you like it mam :)

Amazing. Purely beautiful. But if the top 1dt picture was taken from the roof top or just 10minutes earlier than the sun will be in the shape and it had been a tremendously awesome picture. But these pictures are truly heart touching. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

I'm pretty sure this view will have removed your tiredness.
wonderfully photography.

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