Nature will soon wake up. Can nature be compared to a lifetime?

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My husband and I decided to go to our house in the Morvan/Burgundy/France for a couple of weeks. My mother had moved to a rehabilitation clinic and is well looked after by my four sisters. I am pleased to tell you she is doing better.

It is so nice to be here again. Maybe the greatest joy is not to have a full agenda for a few weeks. That is real freedom for me!

It is still not really spring here in The Morvan, and individuals with a garden know you can not do much outside before the beginning of May. There still can be night frost and night frost can kill your newly planted plants.

Nature begins to become alive. The forsythia starts to bloom, and here and there trees get blossom, really nice pink or white flowers.

In our garden, the trees are still bare.


This is the same tree as in the background of the picture above.

What a difference with high summer. It is the same tree!

Or early fall, again the same tree!

It makes me think of our own life. Spring, summer, and fall, three stages of our life, three stages of a tree. The difference is that a tree survives winter, we don't. For us, it is only a once in a lifetime experience. We don't begin all over again like a tree, although each period takes many years, not months like with a tree. But we have only one chance. We have to make the best of just one life.

Have a nice day,

BTW, my participation in the Blockchain Memory Project has to wait until I am back in Rotterdam. All my pictures are there and although I already wrote a piece I like to publish it with the right pictures.


Its good to hear that your mom is getting better and wish you a joyful and memorable time in Morvan/Burgundy/France.
All the photographs are really amazing :)

Lovely photos, my friend and a very good analogy of this tree in different periuda of the year with our life in general! You are right, spring is already on the doorstep and although there are still frosts at night, life still wakes up from the winter hibernation and slowly comes to life. I am sure that in our life, with the onset of heat, there will be changes for the better! Thank you Clio

Thank you @serkagan, I do also think life will change for the better when the sun is shining. It is so nice when you wake up and the sun is shining instead of grey weather with rain. I feel more energetic in the summer when the days are long and you can go out without a coat and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face.

It is so true, Clio. Our lives are like that of the tree but when winter arrives we are at the end of our cycle. It is too bad that many times when we are in the spring of our lives, we waste the time allotted to us, thinking that we have an endless amount of time. That time flies by so quickly.

I am happy to hear that your mother is doing much better. A two-week vacation in France sounds like what you need. Your time in Holland was very busy. I am looking forward to reading your post for the Blockchain Memory Project!

I am afraid that all generations think there is so much time when you are young, only when we get older do we regret the wasted time, but not at that moment.
It is so nice to be here a few weeks, we really enjoy our stay here.

Love the different shades of the tree in the different seasons.

Yes, it's beautiful, is not it? I made those photos last summer and autumn with the aim of publishing them once. The time was now!

Hi friend, nice to meet you again. You have posted a very beautiful pictures of the same tree, by signifying our life span. Yes really life is one time offer, so we should understand and utilise it fully and freely. Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson. Wish you good luck friend.

Thanks, Maya, you understood precisely what I meant by this post!

Great you talk about nature..nature is what we cant change..

The tree is already a story itself @clio . Beautiful to project its lifeline during the year. Yeah no gardenwork before 'ijsheiligen' right ;)

We only have 1 life shot...we should do what we can to make our summer last very long

Thanks, I like your last sentence very much and I completely agree: we should do what we can to make our summer last very long!

Glad your mum is doing better.

Our lives are indeed like that tree. I am a great believer in taking that shot and living life to the fullest!

I agree: "Living life to the fullest", and as @karinxxl said: "We should do what we can to make our summer last very long".

Oh my, yes! That's excellent!!

Bonjour Clio. Je vous souhaite un beau séjour dans le Morvan à contempler l'arbre au fond du jardin et à méditer sur le sens de la vie. Quand nous arrivons à un certain âge nous comprenons tant de choses que nous voudrions les partager avec les plus jeunes.
Mais nous écoutent-ils vraiment?

No, they don't really listen, but I am 'afraid' that's normal. Did we listen to our elders when we were young?
Every generation has to learn their own lessons, that's a part of life.
We have a saying in the Netherlands: wisdom comes with age! I think that's more or less true. That is, I hope it is true, because if not, then there is no hope for us older people :)

I'm happy to hear that your mom is doing better.

We haven't seen too many signs of spring yet either. But I'll bet it will just happen....we'll be freezing one day and the next it'll be hot and humid and we'll need the air conditioning!! lol

Your tree looks great naked and clothed !!

The anticipation of spring is also a lovely period. You know it will happen and one day soon, when I go out in the garden I shall be able to smell spring and then I will see small buds on the bushes and the trees.
We don't have such a great difference in the weather as you describe with hot and humid weather one day and frost on another day, but in the morning the fields are often white from night frost and during the day the temperature can raise 10 degrees or so.

This great photography i appreciate your story thanks for sharing this life best of luck..

there is time to grow green and beautiful, not forever the plants die, just like human life. there is a moment in success, there is a time of failure

Looks like we will be hitting the 20+c this weekend over here in the Achterhoek, Netherlands, spring is happening, finaly!

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