King's Day in the Netherlands, flea markets everywhere. Today you can buy almost everything on the streets.

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IMG_9208 (2).jpg
Sam with his crown for King's Day.

Today, 27 April, it is King's Day in the Netherlands. The king and his family visit a city in the Netherlands and flea markets are organized in all other towns and villages. Most people are free and the weather is pretty nice today, so there are many people on the street. There are not so many people in these pictures because it is rather early, but later it will be very busy.

Endless rows of stalls with all sorts of stuff, books, toys, household items, clothing, and tools. You can not call it that crazy or it is for sale.

Here you see a few photos that I made this morning in my hometown Rotterdam.



It is a good day to get rid of things you have in the attic and/or in your garage.


There are also some 'semi' professionals such as this second-hand bookseller.


There are also people who want to earn a few cents by making music on the streets.


Children try to sell their old toys.


Because they are lunatics who want to drive with a truck by the walking people, the municipality placed a few garbage trucks and large sandbags at the beginning and end of the street where the flea market is.



Sam, my grandson will come today to stay with us for two days. I bought some toys for him at the flea market.


I have only washed the plastic blocks and the cars first, he is still at an age when he puts everything in his mouth.


When he arrived, he immediately took a seat in the small car and did not get away from it anymore. Later this afternoon, he is asleep now, we make the puzzles and watch the DVD of Miffy, a famous children's figure here in the Netherlands, which I also bought.


I have not spent much money, just a few euro's, but I think it's worth it because Sam enjoys the toys and I enjoy his company.

I wish you all a nice day too!


Sam is real adorable!... Seems like you had great fun at the market... Spending some money is good... for the good of the economy, we should spend money, wherever it requires unless in debt....

You are right, spending some money is good, but I can say that the prices on the flea market are really cheap. I paid only 4 euro for the whole bag with plastic blocks.

you lucky...That is really cheap... enjoy!

Aw.....everyone loves a good grandma.....You sound a lot like me with your grandson. I love being with him and would love to have him visit for a couple of days too!!

This little guy is so adorable - a car, a cookie and a drink. So many things to do at once....hehe....

I love going to street sales like you've shown here - buying second hand is so much fun. It certainly is a sign of the times though having to sandbag entrances or use trucks to block nefarious drivers from coming in. Toronto just went through a murderous spree this week.....I as pretty down about it all. I have to grieve it, feel it and let it go or it will bring me too low.

The bathtub photo took me back to when my kids were young. I did the same thing to clean them. Probably now I'd use the dishwasher because they wanted to have the blocks in the tub all the time - and you know what happens to bathtub toys - they end up stinking with mildew. ew. :)

Nice stories from home @clio :)

I also enjoy buying second hand. Especially if I can buy something nice for the grandchildren. The puzzles I bought are also a lot of fun and he enjoyed building a tower with Sjoerd, my husband.

I washed the plastic blocks in the bathtub before he arrived, I thought (and you confirmed my thoughts) that he would want to be in the tub with the blocks!

I thought of Toronto when I saw the truck and the sandbags at the entrance of the flea market. It was not the first time and I am afraid not the last time something like that happened. What are these men (it are always men) thinking? I heard that this particular man was someone mad at the women who wouldn't date him or have sex with him. How crazy you must be! I can understand your feelings.

It helped me to cuddle my grandson and to hold that little body against me. He is still so innocent in many ways.

Aw....grandkids are the best to cuddle. And I'll bet you feel a fierce protectiveness for him - this world seems a lot more dangerous than when I was a kid - or else I see things differently.

The driver/murderer, belonged to a club of men who hate women because of rejection. There seems to be clubs everywhere now where people gather either online or in person to protest something but they turn into hate groups.

When I saw the photos of the people who died and read their biographies I cried. I heard witnesses talk about what they'd seen and some of them could hardly speak. I wish these men would see what they've caused before another one decides to copy. I wonder if they like the control they have over the masses, the victims' families, the witnesses, the first responders, etc.

See how much power they hold? I'm still talking about it on your beautiful post about your grandson, second hand toys and puzzles. Let's enjoy these wonderful babies and their innocent smiles and hugs.

Have a lovely weekend @clio.

Yes, the protectiveness! I am more afraid that something happens to him when he is in my care than with my own children. In my dreams, he falls from the stairs, escapes my hand and runs across the street. I hear that more grandmothers have those dreams. By the way, the world is indeed more dangerous, we could play as children on the street and went to the swimming pool by bike. I do not see that many parents now allow their children the same freedom. I can understand it, if you just watch traffic, that is so much heavier nowadays.

I do not think the men you are talking about have a conscience. It does not matter to them how many people they hurt. It is incredible how much grief they cause.

I wish you a lovely weekend too!

I congratulate you on King's Day, my friend and you have Sam the real King! Excellent photos and this tradition to organize flea markets is very useful thing. You are right, many people can get rid of unnecessary things and at the same time earn a little, at the same time you can find the right thing for yourself inexpensively and how it turned out for you, these toys for Sam will be useful to him, very convenient! Thank you Clio

I am so glad he enjoys the toys very much. He sat on his car all afternoon and build a big tower with my husband of the plastic blocks. A flea market is indeed very useful.

Bonjour Clio. Je suis curieuse de savoir si le roi et la reine de Hollande se promènent sur un marché aux puces?lol
J'adore ce genre de marchés, on y trouve toujours des objets peu chers forts utiles et chargés d'histoires d'une vie. En France ce genre de marchés est très fréquents du printemps à l'automne et cela fait également un lieu de promenade agréable.

Oh yes, when we are in France, I visit more than one 'vide grenier' each season. I like them very much and I can always find something useful. J'aime aussi visiter les brocantes dans notre région.
I think the king and queen would like to visit a flea market incognito, but I'm afraid that is not possible for them :)

Sam is getting big real fast. I love kingsday fleamarkets (or fleamarkets in general really) Wish I had time today, but we decided to go to Safaripark Beekse Bergen.

I hope it’s for fun reasons Sam get’s to stay for the weekend !

Yes, Sam is getting big real fast. I hope you had a wonderful day at Safaripark Beekse Bergen.

Wow great ,it's a wonderful day for you and your people. I think it is like a festival of your country. Hope you are doing well friend, enjoy your time friend.

Yes, it is almost a festival. It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed it very much. I hope you are doing well also Maya, all the best for you.

Well, you can be sure Sam will love to drive when he turns 18 if he loves that much the small car you bought for him.
This kind of initiatives I saw in Germany and Norway also.
In Germany they were called flohmarkt and almost every mid size town or city had at least once a year this kind of markets.
In Norway I remember participating at such an event organized by a school where children sold cookies made by them or old toys and clothes. If I remember correctly the money were collected to help some poor children.
Great initiative! Hope Sam will enjoy all of his new toys as you enjoy his visit.

In France, where we live part of the year they organize flea markets all summer in different villages (they call it a brocante). So I think it is something a lot of countries organize in Europe. In the US you have the garage sales so they do it also.
Sam enjoys his new toys very much, he sat on his car all afternoon and also build a tower with my husband with the plastic blocks.

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Hahaha the little man must be delighted with all his new toys :) know all those years in Holland I have never actually ever went to one? Strange right, they are actually so convenient

Yes, they are convenient, and I like to visit them if I have the time. I don't know if they have them in Switzerland. I don't think so, but who knows!!

I also have no idea on if they have those there. I saw a quite active Dutch community on facebook, those will probably provide me with that kind of information haha.

Yeah a fleamarket would be perfect to get some of the basic stuff without buying everything new

Next week is our Spring YART Sale. Can't wait as I will be there with my photography and promoting steemit.

I am looking forward to the pictures of this Spring YART Sale!

What a gorgeous little King, your grandson looks very chuffed with his new car @clio :) What a lovely idea to get rid of unwanted stuff; they say one man's rubbish is another man's treasure. So true as we all have stuff we no longer use lying around in the attic! I'm off to the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to animals) shops today, they have all kinds of second-hand treasures from books, music, picture frames plus art, toys, etc etc, my favourite being what they call their mini market where I've found beautiful crockery and cutlery. Have a lovely weekend!

Yes, it is a lovely idea to get rid of unwanted stuff. It is only one day a year, on King's Day. Everyone can then put down a rug or set up a stall to sell things. Of course on designated streets, but it does not cost anything at all. And because it is the habit here, it is normally very crowded and it is worth it to try to sell stuff.
My grandson is indeed a gorgeous little king, he is sleeping right now for his nap at noon. He is even sweeter now:)

Sam was so happy with his crown and bike. I think he was so happy by having a precious gift. He was feeling like King in King's Day.
Bless up Young king. Have a day : )

Yes, he felt like a king, when the real king was on the tv, Sam waved to him, just like a king would!

Little Man Handsome of Rotterdam :)DQmUYjxEFWVWp9ZVKpyUMpeFoXUyG4v6tg1bTDcGhSRKTnG_1680x8400.jpeg

Fun flea market! One that I love is the cleanliness of your hometown Rotterdam.

It is a very enjoyable photography to enjoy. Clio ability of photography problem I think no need to doubt. Remarkable! Accept @clio has shared amazing and extraordinary things.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you @seha 76, it was a wonderful day. Sam is sleeping now and his grandmother is very tired:)

wow very nice photography

Wonderful photography, very nice post, thanks...

Wonderful photography

Wonderful photography, very nice post, thanks...

I'm not commenting on your writing, but I'm glad to see a cute little picture of who she is, what is your grandson?

Wow great ,it's a wonderful day for you and your people. I think it is like a festival of your country. Hope you are doing well friend, enjoy your time friend.It is a very enjoyable photography to enjoy. Clio ability of photography problem I think no need to doubt. Remarkable! Accept @clio has shared amazing and extraordinary things.


this is his friend @clio

he is adorable!

Thanks you my friends

Wonderful photography, very nice post, thanks...
In Norway I remember participating at such an event organized by a school where children sold cookies made by them or old toys and clothes. If I remember correctly the money were collected to help some poor children.
Great initiative! Hope Sam will enjoy all of his new toys as you enjoy his visit.

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