A delicious lunch with @exyle and his sister on Mother's Day

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As a surprise, my daughter Eva and my son Mark (@exyle) invited me for a lunch on Mother's Day in a well-known fish restaurant in Rotterdam. My oldest son could not be present. He is on a well-deserved vacation with his family.


It was difficult to choose from the menu what we would eat. But in the end, we decided and the menu went back to the waitress.


Brother and sister can get along very well and had a lively discussion about (what do you think) Steemit of course!


The starter arrived. Tartar of tuna for Eva and Mark.



and bouillabaisse for me.



As the main course, Mark and I got sea bass and Eva got haddock.


If you look at the two photos of the main courses, you can see that it is not just fish on the plate. There was everything around it and it was very nice.


Because they claim to have the tastiest French fries in the city, we also ordered a bowl. They were right, the fries were great.


Finally the dessert. A delicious dessert with apple pie ice cream and all sorts of other delicacies.


@exyle takes small bites, that's how good it is.


At the end of the meal, we drank a cup of coffee. We also got a few tasty chocolates.


And just before we leave, @exyle can't resist the temptation and looks at Steemit on his phone:)
I took a photo secretly, so the photo is a bit out of focus.
I understand completely, but I am glad he did it only once!


It was a very cozy Mother's Day lunch with delicious dishes. The best gift a mother can get!

I wish you all a nice day too!


Happy mothers day @clio ! and woooooow your daughter looks like you!

is this at HDB's restaurant on that little island there ;)

Thank you and yes my daughter looks like me (when I was younger:))
The restaurant is in the center of Rotterdam, not on an island.

ahhh oke..not the one next to hotel new york (that is what i meant hehe)

Now I know what you mean by the little island:) They call it "Het Noordereiland". But the Hotel New York is not on the island but indeed on the south bank of the river Maas. I know Hotel New York very well. I have eaten there a couple of times. I don't know the restaurant next to HNY. Just now there is an exhibition in Rotterdam about this hotel when it still was the place where people left the Netherlands to go to New York with the Holland-America-Line.

Not a shabby place at all. The food looks absolutely delicious honestly. Wonder if the food on the Holland-Amerika line itself would also be that good (because I dont believe that honestly)

Very very happy mother's day to you,my dear friend.Nice to meet you in this beautiful day ,you are the most gorgious mother of steemit world.Your children had presented you a very special day,the foods are looking so yummy and tasty.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful way.

Thank you so much. Do you have Mother's Day in India too?

A wonderful holiday, my friend, because Mother's Day is so touching and that it can be better when on that day you and your children gather to have lunch and socialize together. These dishes in the photo look very appetizing and I'm sure they are very tasty, which is very suitable for a great dinner on such a day! Thank you Clio

Thank you for your comment @serkagan. The lunch was very tasty and we really enjoyed each other's company.

Happy Mothers Day @Clio and what a wonderful Lunch you had with your Son Mark @exyle and your Daughter Eva..................

Yes, we had a wonderful lunch and it was so nice to be together on that special day!

Happy Mother's Day @clio I am glad you got to spend time with your babies today. Myself I got to see two out of my three and I get to see the other one tomorrow plus I get to see the grandbabies again then. Hope your mother's day has been a great one.

Yes, it has been fantastic. Only Mark forgot to get the package from the mailbox. He promised me to do it today!

Figures lol but at least je os gonna go get it today.

Lol, you caught him but in fairness I cannot blame him. I am just as bad at checking it. Happy Mothers day!

I didn't blame him of course. I am just as bad, (or almost as bad) to be honest!

Lovely Mother's Day surprise @clio, special times with your children and great food makes for a perfect day! All that fish makes me hungry again, I just love seafood!

It was indeed a perfect day!

What a lovely lunch for Mother's Day! Good food and the company of your children! What more can a mother ask for!

Nothing, to be honest, I was completely satisfied!

eat delicious and delicious, but the happier again is togetherness with family.

You are right. The togetherness is the most important!

Awesome 😍😍 very Happy Mothers day mam hang out with own kids is just next level of feelings God bless you all @exyle sir is your son i just today came to know you have such a brilliant sun mam :)

Thank you @xawi. Yes, my son is indeed rather brilliant, but to a mother, her children are brilliant whatever they do. (I mean honest work of course).

Happy mothers day mam stay happy.

Thank you very much!

Welcome mam, have a great week.

happy mother day dear @exyle sir,,,,
its a great day for us,,,its need to respect our mother with honour
its really a great family meet with a enjoyable day passing..

Being a mother is one job in the world that comes with no offs. Sacrificing to the core, a mother does all to care and nurture her child. In history and literature too, we can find a number of instances where mother's love is deemed the purest of all. A truly selfless and unconditional love, which only a mother is capable of giving. And setting aside a day to honor this endearing figure in your life is essentially the unsaid need. And of course, Mother's Day is not about just celebrating the mothers, it has a deeper meaning which cherishes the foundation of all motherhood. All the women in your life who have nurtured you, whether it is your sister, step mother or even mother-in-law, all such motherly figures deserve to be celebrated on this day.

Best wishes for of all Super Hero Mom !

love will grow more with the togetherness, enjoy the delicious food

wow, would like to join to enjoy delicious food, enjoy your friends ...

Wow its looks like you spend quality time here delicious food looks a critical menu at the end God bless yOu

Indeed that's "the best gift a mother can get". I understand how my mother feels when we (me and my sister) are near her.
I also understand how food that she makes tastes so good.

The pictures are fantastic;it sure was a nice lunch, the food looked really delicious. Congratulations to you and all mothers, we celebrate you.Very happy mothers day :)

Nice food! I just subscribed.
I laughed hard about the fact that Exyle was not allowed to write about Mothers day! 🤣

Happy Mother's Day Mam, I wish you a blessed life wizz family, always stay happy like this :-)
Very delicious food!

Happy Mothers Day. Respect for all mothers, nothing to say about their contribution to their every child. No one can't define it using billion of words. God bless all of them.

you are a very happy family.had a great lunch with your family.best wishes for you

Mother's Day is about to be finished
I'm so late..But Mother's Day is not one day, it's every day for Mother's Day every day.
The mysteries of Mother's Day on your behalf for your mother..

Looks like a wonderful meal together. Happy Mother's Day @clio.

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