Why Europe is Dying

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Why Europe is Dying
Socialism Kills Every Time it is Tired


The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Photo Credit: CNN.com

When someone says government oppression, people will think of places like North Korea, Mao's China, Stalin's Russia, Nazi Germany, etc. These brutal regimes literally kill, torture and declare dissenters mentally ill. Their prisons are full and those that are released or escape, count themselves very lucky.

The effect these repressive regimes have on their societies is immense and impacts all levels of activity and thought. "Stay in line or else", robs people of their ambition and desire for self-improvement and material improvement in their lives.

Socialism is very good at breeding poverty and many times, people's days are spent standing in long lines or "hustling" to fulfill their daily needs of simple things like milk, eggs and toilet paper.

For many, they consider themselves very lucky, if they can ease their pain and discover temporary bliss at the bottom of an alcohol bottle.

Soft Tyranny

Photo Credit: The Irish Times

Many have described Socialism as "Communism without the Tanks". Just as with other totalitarian regimes, all seek to replace society as it is with their version of "Paradise" on Earth. Both systems use force and violence to achieve their goals to varying degrees. It is really these degrees of force that are the real difference, however force is force and violence is violence.

Refuse to obey the commands of your political masters and you will find yourself fined, arrested, your property seized and kidnapped by government agents and locked away in a cage.

Swedish Prisoners
Photo Credit: shortlist.com

In some nations, you will also receive the benefits of "counseling", which will help you understand the error of your ways in opposing state control. Genuinely accepting the system and showing regret for your past actions (remorse) are sometimes linked to your ability to be released from custody.

The Lie of Equality

Socialist Equality Party
Photo Credit: Socialist Fight

Equality of Opportunity, is the key to a just and prosperous society. Removing legal obstacles based on a person's social class at birth, their race or their sex, is in everyone's interest. As in many countries that still have strong tribal identities, today's victim can just as easily be tomorrow's oppressor.

This type of equality is required for individuals to reach their full potential and to truly have a just society. High productivity, innovation, economic grow and progress at all levels is accelerated.

Berlin Wall
Photo Credit: Spiegel Online

Equality of Results, is the key that opens the door to tyranny and state control of individuals, commercial enterprises and institutions. Although its stated goals are sometimes seen as admirable, the continual failure of the states to achieve "Its Goals", requires further controls in the form of higher taxes, more restrictive regulations and finally increased redistribution of wealth to the states voters and supporters.

Although everyone is promised a better and more affluent lifestyle, there simply is no way for everyone to suddenly live like the rich, as there are limited resources. These lies have ranged the from U.S. President Harry Truman extolling his followers, "Wanna live (rich) like a "Republican", vote like a "Democrat". To Robert Mugabe telling his followers that they would soon live like the Rich White Man in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), if they supported him.

Children playing with stacks of hyperinflated currency during the Weimar Republic, 1922
Photo Credit: rarehistoricalphotos.com

As none of these promise came ever be realized, the state was forced to steal more wealth from the producers, either through taxation, direct theft or currency inflation. The fact that true economic equality is only possible if everyone (mostly) is equally poor, never has stopped the destructive forces of Socialism.

100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Bank Note
Photo Credit: CNN.com

Zimbabwe has the distinction of producing an actual 100 Trillion Dollar Bank Note. This was seen as a better alternative than filling up an entire wheelbarrow with cash to buy a loaf of bread, as was done in 1922 Germany.

The United States, just as bad as the rest

Photo Credit: Littleton Coin Company

In 1933, one of newly elected U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's first acts was to make private ownership of Gold illegal. When all the stolen Gold was safely in government hands, the President inflated all paper currency, reducing its value by 70% overnight.

The government stole so much Gold, they had to build the Fort Knox Gold Depository to hold it all.

This theft was necessary, as there simply wasn't any money available to fund all of Roosevelt's planned social programs. The law wouldn't just let him print more money like today, so he took everyone's gold instead.

In the last 100 years, the value of the U.S. Dollar has been devalued by 95%.

"Some Pigs are More Equal than others" - Animal Farm

Photo Credit: Emaze

The rich and corporations seek tax shelters to avoid paying confiscatory tax rates. They take their jobs & capital overseas to maintain their profitability. Public officials gladly accept book deals, speaking fees and other quasi-legal payments for their own enrichment. As the leaders of their respective movements, personal enrichment is easily self-justified by their work on behalf of the "People".

The Penalty is Death

Photo Credit: Wandermust Family

For better or worse, government control impacts the way people think and act. Even those is opposition to these controls, taxes and outright theft of property are effected by them all the same.

For Europe, one of the major side effects is the outright death of the native population. In addition to the rationed care provided by the various "free" medical care schemes, low birthrates are continuing to contribute to the rapid decline of the population.

Birth Rate Decline
Photo Credit: UN

In some European countries like Greece & Spain, youth unemployment rates are as high as 50%. Obviously people that have no jobs can't afford to have children and this one of the major contributors to the low birthrate.

In fact, these low birthrates are so low that dead people are not being replaced by newborns. If this trend continues, the population will reach a point of a total cascade collapse.

System Collapse and its Dying Gasps

Photo Credit: The Irish Times

The majority of social welfare schemes are simply Ponzi Schemes that require an ever growing population of young people; working and paying high taxes, which are then supposed to pay for the Social Welfare System that in primarily utilized by older, retired workers.

I majority of ideal cases, these systems are fraught with waste and although able to deliver services; medical care and retirement benefits are either cut or rationed.

Without new warm bodies, in the form of young workers, the system collapses as there is simply no money coming into the system to support the old people. This is made much worse by the need to pay unemployment and other benefits to the young unemployed. Producers, innovators and job creators flee these Socialist Paradises for better opportunity elsewhere.

So far the Soviet Solution, making it illegal to leave the failing state, has not been implemented . Instead these dying societies have decided to welcome third world immigrants en-mass.

Merkel's Folly

Angela Merkel
Photo Credit: Afrika54news

Despite the French experience with Algerian immigrants and England's experience with their large Muslim population, Germany has decided to welcome as many refugees as possible.

However dubious "Humanitarian" reasons given, Germany simply needs workers, any workers. As stated previously without new, younger people paying into the system, the system will collapse.

Photo Credit: UK Channel 4

The folly, is that the majority, around 80% of these immigrants will stay on Welfare and many will work in the tax free cash economy while continuing to draw public benefits. Muslims claim disability more than any other group.

In countries like Belgium, and the Netherlands, Muslims make up roughly 5% of the population, yet they consume 40% to 60% of the states welfare budget.

Never Assimilate

Photo Credit: pewresearch.org

Europe has been conquered, invaded and assimilated by various tribes and cultures throughout its long history. The last great conquests were by the Vikings and their descendants; reaching its apex in the year 1066 when William the Conqueror invaded England. In fact every single European Royal family can trace its family tree back to Norseman and 1st Duke of Normandy, Rollo.

Europe had successfully integrated and assimilated these new peoples and in great part this was due to the uniting force of Christianity. The combination of Europe becoming a post-Christian society, plus the Muslim aversion to adoption of other religions, makes the same type of assimilation impossible.

Special Rights and High Birth Rates

Photo Credit: pewresearch.org

In point of fact, Muslims have been very successful in lobbying for special rights for themselves and their community. Besides European government financing of the construction of Mosques, some nations have allowed the preliminary adoption, both officially and unofficially of Sharia Law.

Welfare recipients from Muslims nations have no incentive to integrate and become Europeans. In fact they establish their own communities, creating Islamic no-go zones separated from the evils of Western civilization.

Muslim routinely harass non-Muslims to comply with Sharia law. Drinking alcohol, smoking, woman dressing immodestly without a head cover and the sale pork products are protested, sometimes violently. As many Europeans have discovered, it is perfectly permissible in Islam to gang rape Women who don’t dress properly.

Islam is continuing to grow throughout the world, mostly as a result of high birthrates among its followers. Soon 3 in 10 people on earth will be followers of Islam.

No One to Blame but Yourselves

Merkel and May
Photo Credit: YouTube

The European failed experiments with Socialism have proven to be their undoing. In fact no one is calling for the complete dismantling of the existing social welfare structure, followed by a return to a merit based society powered by capitalism.

Too many people are simply dependent on the existing system and to call for its replacement or abolish-ment is political suicide. For now, it is simply "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" and hope for different results.

As native Europeans continue to die off and are replaced by larger numbers of non-working Muslims, the vaunted social welfare structure will collapse.

European leaders like Angela Merkel had hoped that importing young Muslim males would provided a new pool of workers to keep the state afloat, she was wrong.

Like all good socialist, the solution will be to keep importing them, increasing their numbers, in hopes to get it right on the third, fifth and 12th try.

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Very long one .. but I have enjoyed reading everything .. thanks for your time in making this post for the steemit community


Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your comments.

What did EU expect! Why do you think the GCC countries silent about Syria and the ISIS inflicted regions? The ideal behind their existence is to be everywhere and to be none other than them! Religious heads are being silent all through not actively participating in condemning and taking steps against the crisis when they can stand up, why? the displacement of the people from the inflicted regions can help in expansion of the faith among-st different geographies. And so it happened, they will use your democracy and fuck u up and stress on bringing their law, because they are taught that everyone other than the one belonging to their faith is an enemy! EU has failed essentially, democracy has failed, unless EU starts to enforce laws and create social campaigns to make the inflicted to make them realize that EU has its values that they are not ready to compromise with and if they fail to respect it when given refuge, they better shut the fuck up and leave! They have to necessarily forget human rights else, they are going to lose themselves!

I would appreciate if you look into how the worlds largest democracy transitions to new tax system @ https://steemit.com/democracy/@alexkoshy/the-largest-democracy-in-the-world-moving-forward-or-falling-apart-with-its-newly-enforced-gst


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

..and more neoliberal garbage. So to get this right, we live in a world where 90% of wealth is gathered in the 1% of people(or so) while others die like cockroaches but its the "socialism" who governs.


Photo Credit: 1984

Socialism and Statism are just vehicles to consolidate power in the hands of a few. Unlike Warlords of today or the Monarchies of the past, the new Princes steal in the name of equality and humanity. It is never-the-less, theft.

Europeans are voting with their reproductive organs and knowingly or not, they have chosen cultural suicide. In death, perhaps they will achieve true equality, perhaps not.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.