Moving to Mexico - Leaving the U.S.A.

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Moving to Mexico - Leaving the U.S.A.

In the past, I would have said, "Hell No" regarding moving to Mexico, not sure anymore.

Acapulco Girls
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The Cost of Living

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The cost of living in Mexico is very, very inexpensive compared to the United States, The UK or the EU. Depending on what you're used to, the costs could be half or a third of what you are paying now.

City Comparisons to Acapulco, Mexico

Los Angeles -59%
New York - 68%
London - 64%
Paris -60%
Tokyo -60%

The typical standard of living and average income in these countries simply makes you rich, compared to the average Mexican.

A new Volkswagen Golf cost around $18,000 USD. Rental cost for a nice 1,000 square foot (93 square meters) condominium, located in a nice affluent neighborhood is going to set you back about $1,000 USD a month. Utilities and Internet around another $100 USD.

Making a Living

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Being a successful expatriate is about getting paid more than the local population. People can do this by using their retirement, savings or investment income to simply, "Retire" to Mexico and receive a Resident Visa on that basis.

Another way is to work in Mexico, on assignment from a U.S. or EU company doing business there. You get paid what you would make in your home country, but enjoy a much higher standard of living.

The third option and the most difficult would be to open an actual business in Mexico. For most people this is not a good income option.

If you don't have a retirement income or substantial savings and need to still make money while living in Mexico, it is probably best to run an internet based business. A lot of internet ventures that may be unprofitable in say the U.S. may make a lot of sense when you pay little or no tax and are living a lower cost life. As long as you have no employees, most legal home based businesses are going to simply go unnoticed by the tax man and other authorities.


Los Angeles California Gang
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"Everyone" knows Mexico is super dangerous and a 100% daily War Zone, Iraq might be safer?

Like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, there are some bad people in Mexico and they do bad things. The news media does its usual job of distortion though. Most of the serious crime is drug turf wars in the poor areas of cities and tourists are rarely involved, unless they are stupid enough to venture into the bad neighborhoods.

When I lived in Los Angeles, people would talk about never wanting to travel to Northern Ireland because of terrorism and the fear of being blown up by a bomb. During the height of the "Troubles", Los Angeles was experiencing 1 or 2 murders everyday. Northern Ireland was much safer.

Acapulco Beach Vendor Murdered
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Make no mistake, Mexico is a violent society, mostly driven by the drug trade and local extortion rackets. People are killed to make them examples and retain control. The police and the government are corrupt and built to stay that way.

About the same number of people are murdered in Mexico as in the United States each year. The difference is that Mexico has a population of 127 million and the U.S. is around 320 million.

Tourists and Expats are rarely targeted though and are relatively safe, in comparison to the vast majority of the people on the planet. Staying out of the bad parts of town is simply good advice in any country and Mexican cities are no different.

Live with the Rich

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The secret is to live in the good areas with the local rich folks and the tourist hotels, etc. On a U.S. retirement income, even Social Security alone, $2,639 (Max in 2016), you can live really well in Mexico.

Most Americans don't have sufficient retirement savings and many will depend 100% on their Social Security Income in retirement. In addition, most people's single biggest asset is their home and many depend on the sale of this asset to provide them with additional monies for retirement.

Let's see retirement cabin in the woods or condo near a beach filled with bikini girls, HMMMM. As I get older, the condo in the warm sunshine sounds better.

Medical & Dental Care

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Medical & Dental Care are much less expensive in Mexico. They have first rate hospitals that provide excellent care, Mexico is not Africa.

All hospital bills are expected to be paid, as service is rendered, just like when you buy a hamburger and a beer on the beach. A week of hospital stay in Mexico costs less than a day in a U.S. Hospital.

Besides paying cash for services, insurance is available too, especially if you want to protect yourself from catastrophic events like a serious car accident or illness. Most U.S. and E.U. plans are not going to cover you, as a Mexican resident.

My last job, the cost of medical insurance through my employer, for a family of 4, was a little less than $1,000 a month!!! That's the same as rent or a house payment for many people. I shopped around and was able to get it for $600 a month or $7,200 a year. These prices are simply ridiculous and things are only going to get worse in places like the U.S. that are moving towards Socialism and "Single Payer" schemes.

Mexico is a lot cheaper for the equivalent care and you simply pay as needed.


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For me learning the language would be the hardest, but I would do it. Probably easier when you are there, as you are literally immersed in Spanish.


Mexican Government Gun Store Marked Glock Pistol
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Plan on protecting yourself and your family.

If you depend upon others to protect you, you will find out very quickly, that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. This is sometimes the difference between life and death. Most people are in denial and don't understand they are 100% responsible for their life and safety.

Just like in the majority of the world, the police arrive after crimes have occurred and are unlikely to be proactive in actually preventing crimes. The Mexican Police are also notoriously corrupt. Even in "Civilized" countries in Europe, the Police now have "No Go Areas" where it is simply too dangerous for them to patrol, except in large heavily armed groups.

Gun ownership is possible for foreign Legal Residents in Mexico. although compared to the U.S. it is s a pain to get approved, taking more than 10 days or so, but it is possible. You can have only one pistol/revolver in 9mm/38-357 caliber. Members of Hunting & Shooting Clubs can own up to 9 other guns; rifles in 22lR to 30 caliber and 12GA shotguns with 26" barrels.

There is only gun store in the country, on a military base in Mexico City, but applications can be done by mail and you just have to show up once to complete your purchase.

Although its possible to get a "Collectors License", allowing you own more than one handgun, I doubt that is really possible to get.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon is illegal in Mexico without a very difficult to get permit. If you do carry and get caught, perhaps the Policia can be bribed, perhaps not.

Papers Please

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If you have the money, accredited diplomats can have what they want, as you have diplomatic immunity in Mexico. They can throw you out of the country if you screw up. If you do really bad stuff; murder, homicide by DUI, your issuing country can voluntarily revoke you immunity (only happened once to a Belgium guy) and you go to jail.

Any diplomatic credentials you "pick-up" aren't going to mean "beans" in the U.S. and you will have to travel on your U.S. passport going to and from the states. You may have issues in the UK too, but the rest of the world should be good.

Advantages include, immunity from arrest, ability to carry personal weapons without permits, tax free status. Both your yourself, residence, official office and immediate family members all are inviolate. You are exempt from customs searches and have access to special diplomatic lounges and services at airports around the world.

Socially, as a registered diplomat, you will be invited to events and functions, simply not offered to others. Being new to a country, you can literally make friends in "high places" immediately.

This is not for everyone, but if you have the means, the advantages are many.

Research and Recon

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Best thing to do is to travel to the area you are thinking about living in and talk to other expats and search the internet forums before you go. Lots of information, etc.

Being an Expat is not for everyone; new country, new rules and different way of life. There are many places in the world that may be a right fit for your needs, Mexico is just one example.


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My boyfriend and I went and lived in Puerto Vallarta for two months, and now Mexico City for one month. We LOVE Vallarta. So much that we're going to buy a house there.
It amazed me how the cost of living is SO much cheaper, and not only that but it's so affordable to eat healthy, and be healthy!

Good luck with your adventures!!


Thanks "Noddle".

I really would like to know more about your adventures as a Nebraska Girl, living in Mexico, so I have followed you.

One more year in the USA and then Mexico here I come 🤑 🤗


Please Blog about your experiences relocating to Mexico. Followed you.



Great Post You Are So Welcome to live in Mexico..!!


Thank you so much.

One thing I didn't mention was how wonderful the Mexican people are. Having lived in California, I had many friends of Hispanic descent and co-workers. I was able to experienced first hand their personal warmth, sense of humor, love of family and work ethic. Plus the women are fun, beautiful, love to dance and enjoy life.


I use to live in california too but I live at León México..!!

You mentioned practically everything, if you look for a job in Mexico you can always teach something.


That's an excellent idea. Thank You.

Thank You all for taking the time to read my post and for your comments.

I appreciate your support .

You got my vote, thanks for talking about Mexico ;)


Thank You for taking the time to read and up-vote my post.

nice article!! UpVoted


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your support.