Lack of Sleep Can Kill You

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Sometimes, we get so busy that we tend to put sleep at the bottom of our priority list. We put so much importance on our tasks and deadlines that we forget how essential sleep is just like water and food.

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Sleep is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle. It affects the brain, lungs, heart, immune system, mood, metabolism and other systems in the body.

When we sleep, it is the time that toxins are removed from the brain. It is also the time for the organs to rest and the cells to regenerate.

Have you ever experienced getting less than 6 hours of sleep especially for consecutive days? How did you feel when you woke up? You had less energy, you were sleepy and you found it hard to concentrate, right?

According to research, lack of sleep increases the risk of disorders such as diabetes, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It also makes you unable to focus, pay attention and process things.

Did you know that sleep plays a vital role in achieving your fitness goals? According to studies, people who exercise and go on diet but lack sleep achieve less of the results they aim for.

Lastly, lack of sleep can lead to death. I heard a real-life story from a friend. His friend lives a healthy lifestyle in terms of food and exercise. He goes to the gym everyday. One thing he forgot is the importance of sleep. He sleeps late and sleeps for 4-5 hours per day only. One day, he just collapsed and died.

I used to workout even after midnight and during those times, I slept just a few hours per day because of my schedule. When I heard about that story, I got alarmed and decided to stop working out after midnight and make sleep my priority.

We don’t want our efforts go to waste, am I right? So starting today, I advise that you get quality sleep.

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Guilty for not having proper sleep! 🙋
I wish I could sleep properly everyday.
Thanks for sharing this and reminding me again.
But here I am awake at 1:30am. 😂

I can relate. I’m still a work in progress too😀