A Tip for Successful Learners: No Pain No Gain

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Hello all happy Steemians! How are you doing? I am so pleased to see you again here in this platform. Are you writing an article, right now? I can't wait for reading yours. Hehehehehehe

Well, guys! This time I would like to share my opinion about what I think to be a successful learners in this life. Have you ever heard a very familiar saying in Arabic "Man Jadda wa Jada"? This word actually has the same meaning with a well-known proverb among people in other countries who work very hard for being successful in her/his life, called " No Pain No Gain". In Indonesia, the similar wise word is "Berakit-rakit dahulu, berenang-renang ke tepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian". What is the obvious explanation about it?


The quote is in line with the lyric of the old song sung by Scorpions, 'No Pain No Gain". They stated that 'The weak will fall, the strong remain, no pain no gain'. Actually I do not really like the song because it was rock N roll, I guess. But, after I listened to it again and again, I found the song has a very motivational meaning to someone's life. So, there must be something to learn from the song. Are you feeling curious? Let's check it out then! Watch the following song and I Hope you enjoy it.


I also put the song with the lyrics here so that it can help you if you wanna sing the song.


Now, let's pay attention only to the lyrics of the song.

No Pain No Gain

Face in the gutter eyes on the floor
Knocked down twice can't take it no more
You got no vision in your head
You got no vision better dead

Get on your feet open the door
Walk on down you know the score
It's a dead-end street back to the wall
You get it together you can get it all

The weak will fall the strong remain
No pain no gain (yeah)
No pain no gain (yeah)

No time for losers you make the call
Believe in yourself stand tall
Another day it's in your hand
You can be the winner in the end

The weak will fall the strong remain
No pain no gain (yeah)
No pain no gain
No pain no gain (yeah)

(In Bahasa Indonesia)

<Wajah di selokan, mata di lantai
<Merobohkan dua kali tidak bisa menahannya lagi
<Anda tidak memiliki visi di kepala Anda
<Anda tidak punya visi, lebih baik mati

<Dapatkan di kaki Anda membuka pintu
<Berjalan di bawah Anda tahu skornya
<Ini adalah jalan buntu kembali ke dinding
<Anda mendapatkannya bersama Anda bisa mendapatkan semuanya

<Yang lemah akan jatuh, yang kuat bertahan
<Tak sakit, tak dapat (ya)
<Tak sakit, tak dapat (ya)

<Tidak ada waktu untuk pecundang Anda membuat panggilan
<Percayalah pada diri Anda yang tegar
<Hari lain ada di tangan Anda
<Anda bisa menjadi pemenang pada akhirnya

<Yang lemah akan jatuh, yang kuat tetap bertahan
<Tidak ada rasa sakit, tak kan dapat (ya)
<Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian
<Tidak ada rasa sakit, takkan dapat(ya)
<Tidak ada rasa sakit tidak ada keuntungan (ya, ya)

<Terus berlari, jangan melihat ke belakang
<Terus bergerak, warnai hitam
<Terus pergi jangan pernah berhenti
<Ada waktu untuk beristirahat di hari Anda akan turun
<Anda melempar dadu Anda memainkan permainan

<Yang lemah akan jatuh, yang kuat kan tetap bertahan
<Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian
<Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian

Related to the discussion above, at school, I always remember to one of my boy students who didn't like to learn English at all. Once, he got very confused when he got his first turn to do speech at Gathering on Wednesday (GOW) program. He talked honestly to the teacher that he didn't want to do it. However, the teacher tried to support him by translating his Indonesian Speech into English, and then accompanied him to practice the speech again and again till the day he did the action in front of public. As a result, he just read his short speech entitled "teachers". Nothing was special on his performance that day.


Compared with now condition, last Wednesday, at 8th August, was his fourth speech performance at the same program. To my surprise, he did it very well. He gave the speech without any longer looking at the paper. He expressed their idea about 'the role of the teachers' confidently. What a big progress of him! And this result was as the implication of his hard working to never being tired even doing something he disliked at first. Time by time, if the learner wants to improve his/her skills, they must work hard to practice what they want again and again to achieve the expected goals.


So, the phrase "No Pain No gain" means that you will not achieve something you want in this life if you do nothing or you just rely everything you want to somebody else. You have lack of struggle. You are not a risk taker. You don't like to feel hurt, but you prefer to be in your comfort zone. You expect no pain in your path of life, but only enjoyment. How can you gain such successful mission and ambition then? Thus, success can be reached when someone truly work hard , full of struggle, and feeling so much pain so that he/she can learn from that bad experiences to correct everything, to improve, and to gain successful in life.


I think that's all I can share today. Hopefully this writing can be useful and inspiring. At last, thanks for your attention.
See you in next story.

Best regards


Brother's great post, good luck always

No pain no gain, kayak iklan Counterpain. The great article @city29.

ahahahahahah...that's right bg @ayijufridar. Thanks a lot

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