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The Psychology of Healthy Eating

Whether it be the beautiful backdrop, city skylines, upbeat music blaring in the background, or just the company of your significant other, the psychology behind the choices we make is complex so today I’m going to share with you some tips you can use to prevent over-eating on your next night out.

In a study, participants who ate from a pressurised bowl of soup (one that doesn’t drain) would on average have 73% more soup when compared with the control group, eating from a normal bowl of soup. Studies also show that drinks in shorter and wider containers trick consumers into drinking an average of 27% more compared to tall and slim glasses.

Plan Ahead

We are biochemically engineered to love (some would say get addicted) the food that we are served with at restaurants. It’s deeply ingrained in our evolution, and our willpower is a limited resource, so we definitely need a plan B. Checking the menu beforehand, and sticking to it no matter what is one way to prevent being lured into choosing a meal that we’ll regret the next morning, your wallet will also thank you later!

Eat Last

Again, evolution has created us such that our bodies love its sugars, salts and fats. We’re designed to crave it, it gives our brains a little squirt of dopamine. However, if overeating has been an issue for you, next time you’re at a restaurant, make sure everybody starts eating before you do and finish at the same time. Unless you’re a ferociously quick eater, now it’s too much trouble to order that extra side or serving. You’re welcome.

Use a smaller plate


It’s pretty self-explanatory

Don’t be an extrovert

Extraversion is associated with higher BMI. One longitudinal study found that weight gain over two years was predicted by extroversion alone. As extroversion is characteristic of reward sensitivity (demonstrating higher activation in their brain’s reward circuitry) and this manifests as a lack of self-control hence has been linked to overeating. Don't worry, we're just kidding, we love both introverts and extroverts here!


Eat a rainbow

Fruit and vegetables fall into five different colour categories: red, purple/blue, orange, green and white/brown, with each colour corresponding to photo-chemicals. These photo-chemicals are correlated with both the colour of the foods as well as its unique disease-fighting qualities.

Treat Yourself

Orthorexia nervosa (nervous about correct eating), which ironically, is an eating disorder in itself tends to lead to unhealthy eating. So don't get obsessed with healthy eating. Eat reasonably healthy, but sometimes it's okay to let loose. Do it for the sake of your mental health. You'll be fine.

Stay healthy!


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Images sourced from Pixabay


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