Making Supply Drops For Families In Evacuee Camps in Sidemen, Bali! #helpbali2017

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Yesterday, I joined Idep foundation in creating supply drops for families affected by being relocated from their homes in Bali because of a possible eruption.

The families living in the conditions of evacuation camps provided by the local government have not been provided with some of the basic supplies needed to cook, clean and keep themselves hygienic and healthy.

We called these supply drops "family buckets" because each drop is put in a bucket and given to one family unit.

These supply drops were filled with:

Family Bucket Contents.PNG

We also provided 16 volcanic ash masks to each family being provided a supply drop.


We will provide 24 of these family buckets to 24 families in the evacuee camp in Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia.


Follow @chron & @charitysteemit to see us gift the family buckets to the families in need!

evacuee family.jpg

The liquid part of this post will be donated to @charitysteemit to help provide solar panels and water filters to the evacuees.

Images taken from Idep Media Facebook Group.

How can you help?
Donations are being accepted to the @charitysteemit account in STEEM or SBD for the purchase of solar products and water filters. Once the products have been acquired, we will document them being given out to the evacuees of Bali. THANKS TO YOU

A Bitcoin donation QR code is displayed on the @charitysteemit account banner.

All donations will be logged and listed on a post there on a weekly basis.

If you want to get involved by writing related articles...

This is the procedure to follow:

Please write informative articles & do not seek to capitalise on spreading fear.

It is our job to provide accurate decentralised reporting on this situation, so speak to people you know who live in Bali, rather than quoting mainstream news. You have my full permission to copy the information you find in my posts... but please try and present it in your own way!

Feel free to use any up-to-date images you find in the Facebook group, Mount Agung Relief & Idep Media remembering to quote your source if you do.

Use helpbali2017 as one of your tags. It doesn't have to be the first one.

Upon reviewing your article, assuming it fits our criteria, we will resteem it into the @charitysteemit account and add you to the weekly published list of awesome contributors.

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When the payout is received after 7 days keep the STEEM POWER for yourself and transfer the STEEM/SBD to @charitysteemit

If you are found to be abusing this system you will be flagged on your future posts and listed for all to see alongside those who have made genuine donations.

Multiple review articles
I have noticed people linking to the posts in this account with review type articles on multiple topics. This is much appreciated and a great to help in spreading awareness but if you want to really make a difference... you should write articles exclusively about this subject.

And as such, we regret that we can only resteem articles which are 100% dedicated to the situation here and helping the people of Bali.

They will be resteemed from the following accounts which support this cause: @charitysteemit @refugeeaid4bali @samstonehill @samstonehilltube @steemshop @steemholdidays @steemtv @chron @savetukadpetanu @jockey

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T≋H≋A≋N≋K≋ ≋Y≋O≋U≋ ≋E≋V≋E≋R≋Y≋O≋N≋E≋!

If you are unable to donate anything, you can still help by simply upvoting & resteeming this 🙏🏻


makasi broo, atas bantuannya.
semoga cepat berlalu, dan gw bisa cepet balik ke rumah

Ndak apa @ekavieka. Anda di pengungsian?

Upvoted and resteemed with pleasure mate! Well done! =)

Thanks bro, enjoy the coffeeshops!