Beware Of Walmarts That Have Been Turned Into Prison Camps For Children!

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Many were curious why Walmart stores were closing for no apparent reason in the southern states of America in 2015. The media assured citizens that the closure of these establishments were completely due to plumbing problems.

Three years later, MSM finally admitted that quite a few of those stores were turned into detention centers, which house immigrant children that have been seperated from their parents.

1,500 Little Boys Detained In Brownsville, Texas

NBC News reported that these boys "spend 22 hours per day during the week inside a locked former walmart". The kids also spend 21 hours a day on weekends in these prison stores.

At least five boys are forced to stay in a room which is better suited for four kids. Most prisons in the United States will give prisoners more time outside in the yard than these children.

The Kids Are Aged 10-17 Years Old

The average stay for a child in one of these center is around 52 days. Sounds like a cruel thing to do to kids? It sure is.

There was once a chance for a group of reporters to enter the facility and the report they created clamied the guard asked them to: “smile at the hundreds of detained migrant kids in line for a meal because ‘they feel like animals in a cage being looked at.’”

The reporters were not allowed to interview the kids.

Isles In Walmart Became Dorm-Style Bedrooms

Appliances and groceries were nowhere to be seen in these converted walmarts which featured rooms for immigrant kids that even had Pokémon posters on the walls.

New York Times reported the incident but failed to mention that the stores mysteriously went missing when President Obama was still in office.

Government Involvement

The real reason these prison stores are in place is to be used by the government to imprison migrant children who have lost or been separated from their parents.

Recently Senator Jeff Merckley attempted to enter one of these walmarts in Brownsville but was denied entry by local police enforcement.

When I was at the center at McAllen Border Station, this is the processing center, earlier and I was admitted there and I did see the people, hundreds of children locked up in cages there at that facility. They have big cages made out of fencing and then wire and nets stretched across the top of them so people can’t climb out of them. LINK

Former Employee Of Converted Walmart Prison Speaks Out

One former employee of one of these centers said he quit in protest of the horrific state the children were in. Antar Davidson saw young children being torn apart from their families and thrown into a detention center all the time.

Davidson said the facility was understaffed and the employees who were there lacked proper qualification. This resulted in the children receiving poor care. The workers were underpaid, while the CEO receives more than one million dollars a year in federal tax money.

It’s a basic private prison deal in the guise of this shelter, so the people at the end of the day, when they have to put the kids to sleep have already worked an eight-hour shift and are often times asked to stay overtime. On top of that, these kids are running up and down the halls screaming, crying for their mom, throwing chairs. Everyone is tired. The under-trained staff is dealing with an increasingly traumatized population of minors. LINK


The Bigger Question is why?

Why have these kids been seperated from their parents in the first place? For a child being with your loved ones is safety and security. That is a human right, especially for a kid.

No grown-up will ever understand how such a thing could be so important! - The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Who is accounting for the mental deterioration happening to these kids being locked up for not having a mom or dad?

Source: 1.

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This is horrible :( poor children and parents.. makes me wonder (because some were torn apart from family ) if they will end up in those child trafficking rings I read about last week.. I dont hope they will :( this is terrible.. the people doing this are monsters.

Absolutely true @anouk.nox. I have not read about any relation with trafficking but would not be very surprised if it was.


very sad. I heard about the Walmarts being prisons a few years ago, but at that time no on knew why. Now we know. Thanks @chron

You are welcome. We must try and abolish practices like these at once!

Very informative.

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Awesome! I'm glad to be part of the Daily Sneak!

they are also being closed down in record numbers across North America and being turned into high security F.E.M.A. camps, soo what do they know that they are not telling us

Wow! Thanks for this vid! Had no idea.

soo what do they know that they are not telling us

My answer: A lot more things than you could imagine.

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