Riomaggiore : A glimpse of heaven..! 🌅✈️

in #life6 years ago (edited)

“Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There's no looking at a building after seeing Italy.”

~ Fanny Burney


A throwback to the tour of Riomaggiore... It is one of the best place in northern Italy to me.. So had to dig up memories from 2015 to share with u all today..!!! 🙌


Seashore always has been in the first place in my travel destinations... Villages like Riomaggiore is like a little piece of heaven with all its historical mountainside structures..!!


Though I had a strange feeling of being in 'Positano', this two places have so much in common..!!! Its like our "Positano" in a different look..! :D


Stay blessed..!
Keep exploring..!

~ Christina


Damn its beautiful... All taken with your smartphone?

Thanks..! :)
Just the third pic was taken by my phone... The rest was snapped with a dslr..

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