Lazy Friday thoughts..! 🌞🌞

in #life5 years ago

“I have never believed that vacations are luxuries. They are our necessities–just like shelter, clothes, and food, they make us feel like humans and not like animals that care only for survival.”

~ Alexander Babinets


Vacations are like a lifeline to this hectic daily routine..

Its been a weird Friday morning of remembering holiday trips, lol..! And yes, these vacations keeps us in human shape...


This little guy says hi to everyone..! :)

Stay blessed..!

~ Christina


im sure he does.. :p

It seems that you sealed the back of your boat : P

hehehe... yah, its completely sealed..! :D

Awesome view and experience. Gald you have fun :)

Thx for ur compliment... :)

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