Cats and us..! 💗🐾

in #life6 years ago

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

sorry for the weird pose though..! xD

Cats are like a blessing for us..! <3

I never saw a cat made someone sad. They r always full of life and happiness..!


I once had a cat when I was a kid.. Now I'm blessed with many cute little cats of neighbors.. They r just awesome...! <3 <3


Found the pics of these pretty cat while scrolling my phone gallery... Met him in Paris trip, I guess..!
Hopefully he can bring a smile in ur face too... :)

Stay blessed..

~ Christina


CAT! You know, I made a steemit account for my cat. You should follow =P


haha... thts cool..!
hope to see him posting soon..! :D

Amazing cat:) I'll follow you, and I well be happy if you come to my blog;)

thanks.. I'll have a look on urs too...! :)

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