About the mother nature..! 🏞

in #life6 years ago

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

~ John Muir


The nature is the ultimate save heaven..! It always has a solution for ur boredom and depressions..! Just like J. Muir quoted, from nature u will get more than u ask for... :)


So never forget to explore the nature. A weird Thursday evening of mine spent well reminding of this days..!!


Stay blessed..! Have a good day..! :)

~ Christina


I love seeing photos like this. I live right near woods like this but it just doesn't seem as appealing anymore. Perhaps I should take some days and "make" myself go out and enjoy it. See if I can get back into it!

u should go out and start over exploring again..! surely u will be amazed..! 👐

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