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I strongly desire that all men would understand that when they see greatness, impact or exploit in whatever form , it was as a result of a man who offered his sweat and blood to bring his vision into reality.

A man that believed in hope against hope who defied all odds and went ahead even when there was no pillar to hold , he crawled upon his knees and was bleeding from bruise, he cried so many times and still no help was coming but he kept his eyes fixed on the price .

He was mocked by many , looked so stupid but he kept his eyes fixed on the hills .No one believed in him ,they thought he was one of those fools making a noise.

Believe me , I know what am saying , I speak from a realm I understand so well.
See what William Jennings said, ‘’ Destiny is not a matter of chance , it is a matter of choice , its not a thing to be waited for , it’s a thing to be achieved ‘’

You know a lot of young folks has not learnt how to appreciate greatness , they frown and envy folks like themselves who are doing wonderful things . They must have forgotten that the school of greatness is opened to anyone who decides to enrol.

There are rules guiding this place, they are ancient,our fathers engaged them , it is not something new , all you need to do is to discover it and engage it. They are timeless secret that predates our existence, when you are ready to know what lifts a man to a greater pedestal , when you get angrier with destiny , you will begin to open the books and see for yourself that anyone irrespective of their background, age and intelligence can gain accurate mastery over this realm.

You know, I see a lot of folks never taking the time out by themselves to search out principle guiding this earth , they live totally on what they heard from people and never finding truths out for themselves . I believe one thing ,that the truth you discover for yourself automatically becomes part of you.

Today , take a break and consciously find out truth for yourself in that area you need change.

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Great write up
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