Clean energy ❤️

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Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to stream or post much in the last week, I’ve just committed to a long contract for some new work, I’ve recently started my own company, I’ve been in the working in the wind sector for around 5 years but recently taken the plunge to work for myself, as you can all understand starting a new business will take a lot of commitment at the start but I will still try and interact as much as possible on steem, dlive and in the dlivestreamers discord.


As you can see from the picture it’s quite remote so signal isn’t always great 😂

I am trying me best to organise getting a GoPro from a friend to try and get some content to post of my days Offshore on the turbines, hopefully it will give you guys an insight into what I do as a daily job and also give you and glimpse into the green energy sector.

Peace from me for now ✌️



mmm that beautiful clean energy

Thanks for posting this @chigz14. You have received a Preemptive Strike by one of our simulcasters, @g0nr0gue, from @thesteemingpile:

This [your] post will be featured on our next LIVE broadcast (July 31, 2018) at 7:30pm MST on @dlive! Jump on the Pile LIVE, if you're available and talk about your content channel. Again, great work and we hope to catch you next time!

Thanks for the feature ❤️ I will try and tune in

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