#Job that does no longer taking you somewhere. Say goodbye because like an old love it should part ways! :D

in life •  last year


November last year, i have decided to quit my old job due to its no longer healthy for me. I always feel stressed every single day that even my head hurts severely already. I felt like i was no longer growing as a person. I felt it was already unhealthy literally. Although i can say that in my one year and a month stay for that company i have progress as an employee. I was able to learn many things regarding my job as inventory and in dealing with customers. I was assigned in the technical department so more likely i also deal with customers but i was more on parts admin or the inventory. Not just monitoring parts, ordering, encoding, inputting in the system and doing all inventory stuffs of almost 700-1000+ parts i also deal with customers answering telephone queries. Not to mention also dealing with irate customers. There are times customers are already being unreasonable but yeah they said customers are always right. But sometimes it doesn't always work that way because for me as an employee we also have rights. We should always stand on what is right. You see i do multitasking in that previous job. Sometimes 8 hour span of time isn't enough to do all that. Whenever i had my day off I usually can not enjoy it to the hundred percent because aside from its only one day my tasks were also always haunting me. They follow me everywhere like they are a clingy boyfriend. (Atleast i found a boyfriend in them. Lol) Seriously there's no day that I won't be thinking about my tasks and responsibilities at work because that was the kind of job that needs to be really monitored specially that the products are really costly. I was always worried that it won't be monitored correctly. I don't even have a work-life balance anymore. I cannot almost say hi nor hello to my love ones because at the end of the day i am dead tired. If i have to say for me i think i have put so much effort already but that effort was sometimes not acknowledged. Sometimes wage or salary isn't the main reason that an employee will keep going. Sometimes acknowledgement or a little uplifting encouragements will keep the employee motivated enough to stay. And sometimes growing as a person not just for being an employee also matters and has a great impact in ones life. Engaging in certain job is like getting a really good boyfriend/girlfriend that you can be motivated with (lol). Your job alone should inspire you and motivates you to do more than what you can. It should be your passion.
But nevertheless in that old job I learned more as an employee. And last November it was then that i have decided to finally really part ways with that old job. Goodbye old job! Thanks for the learnings! 😊😁

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