Gaining Confidence; Believe in yourself !! Road to Confidence

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Hi Steemians! Have you ever feel afraid in front of a big crowd? Have you ever doubted yourself? I can totally relate. Let me tell you how I discovered my talent and confidence.

Many years ago, I was not the person that I am today. Before, I was very shy, I found it hard to interact with other people, I didn't know my talent, and I didn't know who I was until one day everything fell into place. It started when my parents bought a karaoke. Karaokes have limited songs back then, but I tried to be resourceful and learned as much as I can. I didn't know at that time if my voice is good or not, but I kept singing anyway because I love it..

Second instance is that one of my classmates accidentally heard me singing, and said that he was shocked that I could sing really well. I didn't mind his comment since I was very shy and didn't have confidence with myself. I was surprised when one day, my teacher approached and asked me to sing in front my classmates. Although I was shy and nervous, I had no choice since my grades were pretty low that time. :) Little did I know that it would be the start of my music life.

Then, things even stepped up when I got to highshool. A lot more people discovered me to a point that I was asked again by a teacher to join a school contest (ADC Got Talent) where I performed a duet.


By then, I thought singing is the only thing I can do, until I saw someone playing the guitar so well. I got curious on how they do it. So, I decided to learn it, but it wasn't so simple. My parents could not afford a guitar and no one could also teach me. Eager as I was, I saved my allowance, borrowed guitar from my friends and I taught myself until I was able to buy my own. Then, I combined singing and playing the guitar. During this time, I was already gaining confidence and everytime someone asks me to perform, I would say YES thinking that I can do it well.

Bottomline of this story, gaining confidence is not easy. It may take time (or maybe not). I know we have different journeys and experiences but one of our common ground is to start with one's SELF.

-So, just quick tips for you guys:
-Believe in yourself
-Pursue your talent and hone your skills.
-Take your time.
-Know yourself and be as you are.
Hope you enjoyed reading my story, and watch up for my next posts.


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