Mermaids & Other Sea Creatures

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This pop surrealism artwork by Camilla d'Errico from her second coloring book was very enjoyable to color and subsequently "decorate." By decorate I seem referring to the makeup, choker, and the heart/flower/ mermaid tattoos I gave her. I am happy with how she turned out. What do you think? I used colored pencils, gel pens, and actual makeup. Thanks for visiting and if you like this art check out Camilla's others art & coloring books on Amazon. She's one of the most unique artists I know. Thanks for visiting! Make it a great day.

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A very cool pice and i like how you made it your own with the extras

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Thank you :)

My pleasure ;)

I will tell you that coloring books took me by surprise at their popularity but I know so many people that use them and really enjoy the creativity and calmness that takes over while they relax and enjoy. I've never thought of you say we've been hearing about anybody using real mates up but that's interesting and she looks beautiful so a job well done!

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Thanks. Truth isyou can color with anything. I have been coloring from adult books since i was a teen, and they exploded in popularity about 5-6years ago. About damn time i said :) being almost 32. :)
Try it. I know other runners on here but no other colorists. The one im working on now will blow your mind. Its a multspread and really unique
Stay Tuned

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