In Utero Sunflower Baby & Termination Story

in #life4 years ago (edited)

This is an oil pastel painting, not qutite complete according to the meticulous artist who will be referred to as "BH." This art symbolizes so many things in a very unique way. Birth, an unborn child, the beauty of bringing new life into this world (even though this world SUCKS right now) - the sunflower demonstrates the beauty. The umbilical cord purposefully going to the baby, symbolic of of fetal development.

"BH" is my partner. In 2019 I became pregnant. Unfortunately, a termination was necessary. There were in utero issues with large blood clots which would eventually kill or greatly harm the child. Therefore, we decided on a termination. Post termination depression is hard especially if you already had underlying depression, cPTSD, and severe anxiety.

We were both sad about Jacob's passing. That was our babies' name. I am certain he's in a better place. RIP Jacob. BH did a really great job in a somewhat abstract way of depicting Jacob.

Any thoughts? Anyone else had to go through a termination?




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