Hospital Visit - Always Be Thankful for Your Health

in life •  6 months ago

I thought this sunset photo would drive home my point in this posting to always be thankful for your health. I recently took this sunset shot when I was feeling well. Over the past few days, not so much.

Started with my asthma acting up which is nothing too new but I could tell it was a bit worse than usual. From there vomiting on an empty stomach - bile not fun! I started having profuse sweating and my head was fixed in an upright rigid manner. Think about this as if you were forced to look up & slightly to the right. That's how my head was making itself be positioned! Fun, fun!!! Not! Scary is more like it.

In my 30 plus years, I have never ridden an ambulance, but that is now "marked off" the list.

Upon arrival, the docs seemed mystified at first. Then slowly, the pieces seemed to fall into place. I was having side effects from two medicines I have been on for the better part of SEVEN years.

I was stumped, how is this possible, seven years and now these horrendous side effects? Yeah, it is possible & it does happen. Guess who is getting off those two meds ASAP? Me, of course!

These meds include an SSRI antidepressant & seroquel used for me as an off label sleep med. These were just casually thrown at the girl with PTSD and no formula developed to get off them either.

Be careful with psychiatric meds. Even if you are legit clinically depressed or with PTSD, etc. I have long had my issues with mental health treatments here in the US being subpar at best. But, this is just a whole new low.

I guess these doctors feel, "if it ain't broke don't fix it." Maybe so. But I will be thinking twice before taking these kinds of meds in the future. Who would have ever thought this would occur?

I'm going to be seeking more natural methods to treat my conditions with a renewed vigor. If anyone has any thoughts on great natural substances to take, please drop a line in the comments. I'm already planning GABA and l-theanine.

I hope this update post finds my followers well. Health is so important! As I haven't posted in three days, I thought I would update everyone. I'm currently still hospitalized but should be getting out tomorrow.

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I'm just extremely happy they figured out what was wrong as quickly as they did. As I was reading your story it was very scary. For your head and neck to be twisted and stuck in a certain position had to been horrifying especially on top of the puking and everything else. Truthfully if I was you, I would probably try finding a very reputable chiropractor / acupuncturist as a starting point. I have done a whole lot of research do to my dislike of our modern Western Way of prescribing pills to fix problems. From what I have discovered, due to an ex wife who had mental issues, is that these pills seem to fix the symptoms not the problem. And it seems the more that I looked into it the whole lot of our problems that we have are caused buy spinal misalignments and pressure being put on nerves hand on the spinal cord itself. Of course, I have no clue as to the exact diagnosis that you have or the diagnostic procedures that led the doctors to their conclusions, so this is just what little advice I can offer. I hope that you figure it all out without the aid of our government's chemical Pez pills. As always I send you and all of yours all of my love. And I will be talking to our creator and asking him to help to guide you and to keep you safe.

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Sorry to hear that. You might want to try a holistic approach. Its not going to be covered with insurance a little costly but will be worth it.

Sorry to hear that. You might want to try a holistic approach. Its not going to be covered with insurance a little costly but will be worth it. My brother in law was off psychotropics but was on Thiamine while being detoxified with those meds.


Thx for the input. Yeah i'm down to try because i just can't go through this again

Seroquel is notoriously hard to get off of. It works so well for sleep. Are you already taking 5HTP?


No i'm not already taking it but have heard only good things about it

Sorry to hear, get well soon @chelsea88
Best regards

Health is so important and we shouldn’t take it for granted. We forget that sometimes. I hope you find something natural that can help you!! Wish you the best


Thanks so much!

I always am concerned about any drug side affects. Especially the ones that take awhile to come out. You can get by without this crap. I know you can. You are a strong woman and a fighter who has overcome a lot.


Thanks, I have to without a doubt come off one of them because of the side effect on my heart. The other two i also hope to come off of as well!

I am so sorry to hear this, and I hope you are home soon. Doctors don't know everything and I think sometimes they are just as much at the mercy of these big pharmaceutical companies as the rest of us. They come in every week in their suits and carrying a briefcase full of samples that these HMOs force them to hand out. Most drugs aren't even done being tested yet and they have no idea what they do.
A holistic approach would be of more benefit. Especially meditation, yoga, tai-chi or something similar, when it comes to mental well being. And being able to talk to someone close to you is always a plus, oh and animals. My pack are all my PTSD dogs. Nothing staves off an anxiety attack better than a dog pile. =D


What about a cat pile? Lol. Thanks for commenting & you're right about big pharma

I hope you're doing better soon, chelsea:) This is way beyond the scope of my knowledge but here are some thoughts anyway. Yes, do all the things that people have suggested here like meditation, etc., but know that they can't fix brain chemical issues per se; they can only help manage and alleviate symptoms and I do know what I'm talking about here. If you can see a certified alternative Dr. whose into holistic​ treatments. Also someone like Gabor Matte in Vancouver. Research things like micro-dosing as they are proved to help heal and integrate brain functioning but do it under alternative medical supervision.
Go on a living food diet high in things like sprouts, vegetables, living alive food. Keep exercising as much as possible and stay off recreational substances like booze while you deal with this.
Hang in there!


I recently (within the past couple months) actually did a post on microdosing. Thanks for the input & reminder about md'ing