21 Days of Meditation /Affirmations /Spiritualism - Feel Free to Join!

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My friend and sister are spearheading a 21 day metitative/ affirmation/ spiritual journey. Every day is a new task. I will share these tasks as I complete them. I've completed two so far.

Keep an open mind. Some of these tasks may seem redundant but they work. Some/many are based off the law of attraction, attract good things into your life with good thoughts, & vice versa.

I'd recommend a quiet area of serenity. With a clear head and no negative thoughts. Also, NO ELECTRONICS.

It's recommended these tasks are performed every 24 hours. A journal is useful. :)

Day 0 mantra:
You will write this phrase down exactly as presented, multiple times. As many or as few times as you like:

Starting today, I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts

Returning and manifesting this phrase frequently during the day is helpful.

Our thoughts generate words. Our words generate actions. Our actions generate habits & habits generate character. character breeds destiny.

Day 1:
Today you will write down 50 (YES, FIFTY CANNOT BE LESS, but can be more) names of people who've influenced you in some way, whether positive or negative.

They can be your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, former relationships, those who have passed away, celebrities, or internet personalities.

Undoubtedly, this will bring up many memories and for me it helped me to realize that there are far more people who love me and care about my well being. At first it was very hard to come up with that many people, but I actually ended up with 51 & just thought of two more.

Here's today's phrase and you have to write it down:
Today, I Behold ALL the abundance that surrounds me.

So far this spiritualistic pitches are helping me. It be great if you could join! Just post in the comment thread "day 0 completed" or "day 1 completed." Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great day and I sincerely hope you have time to do these tasks. Takes ONLY about twenty minutes a day.


Have you thought of joining us on the @naturalmedicine discord for the very same challenge which you are doing? There will be a live 30 min meditation tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time! Let me know!

Thanks didn't know it existed

Also @edouard read my response to @naturalmedicine had no clue you guys even existed so im not jumping ship on my sister and friend's challenge.

I see, I see, no worries!

That sounds like a great idea and I may we’ll join will swing back later today

Hey @chelsea88 - it might be a better idea to join in the one already going on Steemit this month. @plantstoplanks and @naturalmedicine have posted about it since the beginning of the month and we've been inviting Steemians to join in with us -- we'd love to see you join in if you like. It's great to share within a group . We're on day 5, so you'd have to catch up, but that's okay. You might even like to use the tag #naturalmedicine too and see what others are experiencing as they do the same challenge! good luck on your journey.

Your seriously suggesting "catching up" i.e. meaning id have to rush through and get nothing from it. Doesn't matter anyway, not doing it, i don't see how debt focus would help MY particular circumstance

No as I clearly stated was doing THIS particular one with my sister, so I'm going to continue this one. I had no idea you even existed so no im going to take your "better idea" and abandon ship.

Don't worry @naturalmedicine & @edouard I am not doing the challenge was unemployed all last year so writing my debts down will be very conterproductive and depress the fck out of me. So no needs to worry about me "stepping on their challenge" of which I had no idea Steemit was even doing. So whatever.