What is your deepest fear?

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Hey Jess-dreamers

I hope you all slept well and had a good nights rest and you're feeling ready to take on the new work week. I don't often remember my dreams, clearly, I am not very imaginative to create entertaining stories worth recalling. However, in rare cases that I do, it's not the most pleasant sunshine and rainbow type dreams.

I sometimes get this recurring dream of me being accused of a grievous crime and knowing that I am innocent but I have no evidence to corroborate my claims and I get sent to jail for life. It really is one of my worst fears, trust me you don't want to go to jail in South Africa, I'd sooner choose death than that living hell.

I mean I do like to groom myself and keep in shape, I'd clearly be prison bitch material and get ploughed like crazy by the inmates. Waking up from this dream always leaves me in a cold sweat greatful that it was nothing but a dream.


Image source: - me.me

Do you bother interpreting your dreams

I happened to check out what the meaning behind wrongful arrest dreams means and there are a number of reasons why it can be triggered. I guess some of it does make sense when you think about it and well the brain is always processing so perhaps things you don't want to handle consciously gets processed subconsciously. Still freaks me out sometimes!

Dreams have always fascinated us, but well the mind is a facinating piece of bio machinery we haven't fully figured out or how to optimise it to the best of its ablity.

Have your say

What is your biggest fear? Do you have any weird dreams that you remember?

Holla at me in the comments! All my commenters I will now refer to as Jessie. Jessie is a good friend of mine, but Jessies got a girl, and I want to make her mine.

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, simply comment "I am a Jessie."

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The fear of the unknown is my deepest fear.

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That’s well pretty generic, unknowns of what? Life? lol What’s in your food? Chemtrials? Unknown is a bit vast don’t you think

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I'm not well rested or in an emotionally resilient place to say much else beside. "squeal like a pig" 👌 back to my banjo plucking...

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Lol you clearly gave it your all on something or other! I wonder what it could be? 🙂

Judge not lest you be judged with no corroborating evidence or ailibi on your behalf.. GUILTY of something or other I'd say too 😂

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LOL wise words from a man who has effectively preserved his own butthole from a prision pounding for many years so I shall take it

If I learned anything in the California penis system, I mean penal, it's to not confirm nor deny said allegations and always make counter accusations about the antagonists own corn holes exit only history !!

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I’ve never been but now the lyrics “California knows how to party” from 2 pac and dre seems like I don’t want to know how they party!

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Haha real recognize real vato ! show no weakness and handle yo bidness and it's 3 Dubs life!

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Should I say it seems your dream is in form of nightmare with the way you describe it

Lol i think it would safe to say it’s a nightmare yes, have you had any? And what was it about?

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Yea some long time ago but I can't remember that also. I don't normally have nightmare though nobody can escape that

I keep a journal about my dreams. And whenever I say that people answer: "But I usually don't recall them." Right, me neither! At least that's what you think but when you have the journal open with a pen right next to it and the very first thing you do is writing down whatever comes to mind, believe me, there will be something AND if you check it out a few hours later you won't even recall that you wrote that down. And of course, are those dreams super "weird". I would be huffy if they would be as boring as what we experience while awake.

And fears: NOBODY LOVES ME!!! What do you think why I have to blog about my personal life all the time? :smirk:

What else goes into your dream journal? Dream house? Dream holiday? Steem guy? I mean dream guy?

I think your dreams could make for some pretty entertaining content you should link up with fellow dreamers and start the dream state video Or blog series

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The problem with all these items is that you can't have them in everyday life… So, I prefer a house and a holiday with a guy. Yeah, a steem guy would actually be perfect!

I actually tend to remember a bunch of my dreams, my wife says I'm weird. I don't try to interpret them in much of a serious manner, if I did then I'd be spending hours doing it and I can't waste my time on that lol.

I do have some pretty cool dreams, I have one that recurs and it's been pretty cool. I want to find out how to turn it into a book or something lol taking the page out of Rawling's book.

You are indeed weird or too just have a better connection to other parts of your brain, hmmmm!

That’s one way to channel your skill, I don’t see why you don’t just blog about it and then use those posts to piece together a book or some sorts!

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