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RE: Toxic Relationships and You - It's Not Necessary to Go No Contact and Here's Why

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I totally agree and I live my life that way and it wasn’t been easy! Sometimes we give people special power over us because they’re a client, family member, friend or partner and forgive toxic behavior but there comes a time where you have to decide on your own health and happiness and if it’s worth some misguided allegiance that is clearly not good for you!

It might seem selfish but your happiness isn’t! Once you’re happy you’re able to spread happiness and be self less in other ways!

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Yes, we don't have to engage with tyrannical behavior. The point of what I wrote here is to ease up on ourselves a bit. It doesn't have to be hard. We want to be as easy on ourselves as possible. We want to care for ourselves. Life doesn't have to be hard, relationships don't have to be hard if we follow our Inner Guidance and give ourselves permission to do so. 💗

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