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Hi steemians! Today I have a day off so I want to share my mood and some pictures with you)


Do you know? I have 90cm snow in here))


I love to walk by the early mornings and getting that good shoot of fresh and cold air!!!


That is our Restaurant car, and now we are on the way to Sweden to have a lunch!)


Here is some Norden Lights I've catched last night! Don't you find it amazing?


Have a good day my dear friends!!!! Cincerelly Yours...Passionated Chef...🍏🖤


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Thanks for the great winter photos

Wow beautiful place.......I love the snow way


Thank you!)



The Norden Lights look spectacular. Hope you enjoyed your day!


Yes I do! Thank you my friend! All the best to you!

What was the temperature, very cold? It's not that cold here in the south today. :)

Northern lights are awesome!


Wasn't that cold, just -17°C ,come to Lapland!))


I'd love to! The timing is just bad right now. Blaah...

Крутые фото!


Спасибо Оля)🖤

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Stunning brother. Where is my favorite food photos? :)


Thanks bro) will post them soon!)👌🔥

Unreal! I would absolutely love to go there!


Please welcome!) Be my guest)

Cool pictures. So you live in Helsinki but work there for the winter season?


Thats correct sir! Thanks)

😍😍😍 Norden lights are amazing!