Why We Learn The Most When We're In Pain

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Learning From Pain

I am certain that every human being on this planet has experienced some form of pain. I'm not talking about physical pain, but internal, emotional pain.

This unattractive, fearful feeling stems from life's hardships and tragic events. There's no way to avoid it - it comes sooner or later, as it is only natural. But should we run from pain? Should we hide from it's superior effects on our well-being, or should we embrace it? If you ask anyone who has been through long periods of emotional pain, they will tell you that it made them stronger as an individual. Lets talk about why we learn the most when we're in pain.

  • Pain reminds us that we are imperfect creatures

Life is not supposed to be served on a golden platter. We each have our own duties, we each have hardships and tragedies to overcome. Have you ever reached the point where you thought you couldn't go on with life, because everything seems to be inducing so much pain? Well, that's a good point to realize the fact that we are not perfect creatures. We are not supposed to be jumping on clouds every minute of every day and that's important to understand. The sooner we reach the point of understanding it's okay to fail, it's okay to have bad times, the faster we can learn from our mistakes and not shy away from pain, but embrace it.

  • Without pain, it would be harder to feel empathy

You can relate to certain people because of your experiences, your music tastes, but you can also relate because of pain. Pain is a universal feeling, just like many others. Imagine a parallel universe where every couple that got together never broke up. Interestingly enough, your significant other decides to break up with you. You start feeling great amounts of pain, but without anyone to relate to, you are left with no one to talk to, let alone understand you. But if someone else breaks up as well, you will find it much easier to relate and help them, because you know their pain. This is the way that pain makes us wiser as human beings.

  • Without pain, we would not feel appreciation

How many times have you lost something you really liked, valued? How many times have you suffered the end of a relationship? How many times have you had to endure the loss of a loved one? Only after we lose something, feel pain because of losing it, is when we realize what we had. It is a foolish human habit that lives in each of us, but the pain we endure after a significant loss is the pain which makes us value the things we have at this moment even more.

But the most important thing to remember is that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

You can't really run away from pain if something has happened, but you can control your suffering. It is important to never forget that pain is a state of mind - it should not lead you to intense self-pity, if you don't let it. So no matter what has happened, always have a positive outlook on life and understand that pain is a part of it - a very beneficial part, if you reflect on it.

Thank you for reading.



Nice post. Yes it is true. When we suffered most we learn the truth of life, our mistakes and cause and effect of every sufferness after we suffered.

Thanks. It is also something I'm going through right now :)

Pain, despite its awful nature is actually like a blessing in disguise--an opportunity to turn something that went wrong into something right or to learn from it and move on in life with a stronger and wiser point of view. Thanks for sharing this...

This is a great post. I think too many people will learn a lot from it.
Pain is indeed very hard,, It hurts psychologically everyone but it teaches as well.
the wise men are the ones who try to learn from others mistakes, the clever ones are the ones who learn from their mistakes., But not learning from mistakes is called stupidity

That's a great quote! Though from personal experience, I mostly tend to learn the best lessons from my own wrongdoings. Thanks!

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Such a powerful post .'pain makes us realise we are imperfect creatures ' powerful quote . Excellent read Thank you .

Sometimes you have to fall deep, to get up again :)

But as mentioned - In the end it's up to you how you handle the pain

Great post! It's really difficult to cope with loss and pain. When you lose a dear one, the grief can be excruciating. And unresolved grief can also lead to depression or anxiety etc. But that is the time when we actually learn about the hidden emotions we have.

I personally find it hard to talk about emotional pain because I think it makes people uncomfortable.

"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional". Oh, if I'd just truly understood this earlier, I'd have avoided so much additional pain. Thank you for sharing, dear @cheaky.

Hey! Thanks for reading. One has to realize that life still goes on, whether there's pain or not. That way it will be easier to cope and move on to the future.

i agree with your opinion ...humen are selfish creatures. please upvote and follow me

Its true and its life lessons we learn

I strongly agree with you that we learn when we are in pain, I like your article and I am following you, can you follow me too?

This is why I don't understand how the people who have been always wealthy can possibly relate to the poor.

Really nice and captivating!
Keep Up👌

Interesting perspective.

Very interesting post. Nice work @cheaky! :-) Your text reminds me of my most painful situations in the past, but I'm also a little surprised. Because just now I am aware of the effect of my previous suffering. Many Thanks!

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pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Reminds me of Seneca's quote:
We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.

Love the writing!

Beautifully written. I view the pain we go through in life like diamonds. Diamonds have to be exposed to high temperatures and high pressures to become its shiny and beautiful shape.

I'm in so much pain right now. Nice piece.

Just keep in mind that it's always good to share with your family or close friends. Keeping it all to yourself can increase the suffering.

I think your quote, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional is so true. It's difficult to be objective when pain interferes. But oftentimes doing just that --being objective-- brings our pain into perspective.

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I really still don't know why pain is necessary to learn some things that are most of the time hard to learn with calm mind. Maybe that's just how life works.

Excelente contenido el del post @cheaky, según los expertos en situaciones de sufrimiento si logras mantenerte firme en un lapso de 3 meses obtendrás resultados significativos.

Pain is a state of mind....very true. As I have gotten older I have gotten so much better to deal with my emotions...

Nice post dude. please follow me as I will be posting on health and wellness and med plants weekly!

As you mentioned in your post, pain is something we can never avoid. It is natural for the human being to resist pain, but the emotional pain, the pain of the soul, challenges us to see how much strength we have, how we evolved before it, what perspective it will put us in and what feelings it helps us to develop. I believe that if we never felt pain we would not be compassionate, humble, tolerant, pious and simply never really love with all our strength. Greetings and blessings.

You are fully correct. You can't really avoid pain. Well, unless you're somewhat emotionless or the things that you lose never really mattered to you. Pain is a kind of balance in our lives, our navigation and moral compass. Thank you for reading.

good post, I really like it
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Nice post. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

No Pain, no Gain.

Very thought provoking post. A topic I think many of us may shy away from in life. We choose how to react to pain and if we can learn and grow from the painful experiences we go through, we can face it head on.

Very true. We don't need to stick the second dagger in as Buddhism says. We create the world around us in our minds.

Nice write up and true facts!
Instead of feeling sad, I started embracing pain and it felt great. :D

Pain is often a result of attachment to an outcome, goal, person, situation, etc. Pain is a reminder to continue reducing our attachments, and to continue undoing our emotional addictions and demands.

May you learn a great lesson from your pain :) Do not let the pain be in vain.

What an interesting read.

I think we are perfect in our imperfection. The point is to learn from mistakes and do not harm others. But you beautifully said that suffering is optional. We need to learn how to live through it.

Excellent and timely post and repost. Yes, we might be different in form financal status etc, yet my sorrow is your sorrow and your joy is mine...We are the world...says J.Krishnamurti

Nice reading