Why Do You Want What You Want?

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Sometimes we are so focused on the rewards we have not really understood the purpose and reason for doing what we are doing. It's at these times that should probably ask ourselves if we are missing out on the journey, I guess if you are going too fast you might not have had the time to think about why.

There is an old fable that does a wonderful job explaining this problem, as part of the speeches I sometimes do, I like to use stories to convey the message more powerfully.

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There was once a master who had a very eager disciple at this side, his disciple was hungry for knowledge and attempted to emulate his master in all ways that he could. After being by his side for almost a year the young disciple started to lose his calm nature and get a little impatient, after all he wanted to be also enlightened just like his teacher.

In one of those late night conversations over supper the disciple asked his teacher with a friendly voice.

"Teacher, if I study 7 days a week instead of 4, how long will it take for me to be enlightened like you?"

The teacher replied with no hesitation "5 years"

The answer made the student coil back, but he asked one more time "But... if I study harder, maybe do late nights two or three times a week and still do 7 days... How long will it take?"

The teacher replied "10 years then"

This answer made the young student a bit upset, he did not understand it at all, if he works harder he should of course achieve results faster, at least this makes sense to all of us.

He asked one more time.. "Teacher but if I take absolutely no breaks, and do double the work I'm currently doing all 7 days of the week, I'm sure to get there faster.... correct?"

The teacher one more time said... "it might take you 15 years then"

Noticing the student losing his temper the teacher continued "if you are so focused on the reward, you will never be able to focus on any true purpose"

This story has helped me understand that without purpose, there is no direction and to think of only the destination is to miss out on the gift of participating of the journey.

I wanted to take also this opportunity to thank everyone who has been leaving all these supportive comments on this blog. I'm confident that with time more and more people who understand what it means to belong to the Tribe of good intent will join us and maybe these stories I share can become valuable to many more.

Chao, Tribe of good Intent

Hope everyone is having a pleasant evening.

Much success to you all



This is so touchy. People are now getting education just for the sake of good job and perfect life and I know these things are important in our life but we also need internal education like how to behave, react and talk with others. True person is not just rich but well behaved and kind heart as well.

This is just amazing

If we focus on what we are doing and forget about what the result will be there are chances that we could achieve something more valuable that we expected.

@danyalqureshi, truly, it is the purpose that keeps us going at the most difficult moments. Sometimes, you just have to stop to ask yourself 'why am I even doing what I am doing? '
@chbartist, this one got me thinking... Thanks so much for sharing

Absolutely TRUE!

Dont focus on the reward that you will achieve instead identify first the purpose on why you are doing it and make it a hobby for you to love what you are doing and prevent yourself from weariness and tireness. If ever you will stumble and fall, still you can get-up and continue towards the path of success.

Regardless of what it is you say you need, pause for a minute to ask once more. Zoom in. Get genuine with yourself. Needing to get a book distributed to inspire your dad is exceptionally human, yet it's not an extremely strong establishment to fabricate your innovative work on.

On the off chance that you continue moving from that beginning stage, you will in the long run fizzle. Regardless of whether you succeed, you will come up short, since you're not taking the necessary steps you genuinely need to do (side note: and you'll never pick up their affection and endorsement that way, at any rate. You know this as of now). It will be a dreary way.

Yes well done ..
Success is to take advantage of your chances in life,
Regardless of the result
Thank you for sharing your words

COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. we just gotta find the purpose of our life first. what we wanna do is important then we can put all of our effort in that. find purpose you will find success

A very interesting story to enjoy. Lots of life value in your post. An interesting storytelling language makes the reader not want to finish this story. Unbelievably cool. Thank you for sharing @chbartist

Yeah . Rightly said if you are foscusing on your rewwrd then you wont be able to focus on purpose. Marvelous story to convey such a great message. Once you have a purpose in mind then direction is automatically set and you are on.

It's a good time reading you

I love this idea so much. Thank you for your hard work.
I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational

Really enjoyed reading the fable. I find myself looking forward to your posts. I just started following you last week. The tribe of good intent is a very cool thing.

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