What is Absentmindedness and How Can We Live in the Present?

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Hi, Steemians!

You are standing on a beautiful beach on a decent summer day. The warmth of the sun against your skin gives you a delightful feeling.

Holding your partner’s hand as they embrace the scenery is wonderfully joyous. You can almost hear her breathe. The whole experience is mesmerizing.

But you are not there. Your body is there. Your eyes, your ears, your hands, and your feet embody you in that place. But your mind is not there. Your mind is racing back and forth between the past and the future, worrying and feeling empty.

You are not taking delight in what is in front of you, because you are going through the ordeal known as absentmindedness.

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The feeling of nostalgy is a falsehood that your mind conjures for you to lose your touch of the present. We often feel like our best days were a specific period of time in our past.

But this is wrong and I can prove it to you with one argument. When you go through your memories of the past, are they perfect?

Can you absolutely remember every detail of everything that you felt or happened to you every day?

Obviously not.

Our mind can only remember chunks of information and images and can never have the whole picture. We remember only a small segment of our sensations and not everything that we felt when we were there.

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Nostalgia is the memory of days long past which go through a filter and come out as something delightful.

The same could be said about your terrible memories. When you were going through a bad time, everything you experienced and felt wasn’t necessarily terrible, but the passage of time has made you filter out all the good.

Our minds deceive us into seeing something generally, and not with detail. This is basically because we are forgetful. We can only maintain bits and pieces of information scattered through many years of living.

By this definition, your best days could be the ones you are experiencing right now.

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Some people worry about the future. They may be experiencing something delightful right now, but their minds are preoccupied by the worry of something that they will have to do in six months.

Both of these mindsets, the nostalgia of the past and the worry of the future, result in a mental state called absentmindedness.

When you are absent-minded, you pay no heed to what you are experiencing right now, and as a result you cannot be grateful for things you have.

Let us skip forward to a couple of years from now. The delightful experience that you are having right now but paying no attention to will ultimately prove to be nostalgic for you in a few years’ time.

All your good days and your bad days will come and pass, and eventually you are left with the same nagging sensation of nostalgia and worry.

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Fight absentmindedness by suppressing the unadulterated worry of the future. Do not think about something that you cannot do anything about.

Fight absentmindedness by understanding that your best days are probably right now. It is up to you to decide what to do with them or how to fully experience them and be grateful for everything that you have.

At the end, one could claim that an absent-minded person has not lived at all.

So, you are not merely fighting a mental state, but a whole lifestyle which is false and erroneous at its core.




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Oh yeah.
Sometimes remembering the past or thinking the future is inevitable.
We're disrupted by these thoughts in our present lives.
Are the past and future thoughts helpful for our present life's journey?
If these thoughts pop-up in our minds what shall we do?

Excellent publication, I think many people without thinking, we go through a mental strain ... we must learn not to stagnate in past things that have hurt us, it is better to remember the good times and know that we make them stronger ... So live and enjoy the present moment. We are what we think.
a hug @chbartist

It would be a waste of time not to enjoy the moment, of course there are days that we can be distracted or worried but not all the time. We have to enjoy each day of our lives to the fullest.

The future is the worst of all abstractions. The future never comes the way you expect it. Is it not more correct to say that it never comes at all? If you wait for A, and comes B, then can we say that what was expected has come? All that really exists, exists within the present. And we must remember this and live here and now.


My dear friend, that problem of continuously expecting really makes me sad sometimes. I like to say that expectations kills happiness.

A good, correct message. The future worries us, and the past holds us. That is why the present eludes us. We must live in the present

Consciousness of the present leads to psychological growth without escaping into the past or future. Experiencing the present at any moment where you experience satisfaction from the fullness of life, this is life with the open heart of this present.

Being preoccupied does not really mean absent mindedness. It could imply that you are engrossed, and in this way, preoccupied. It could imply that you are effectively diverted by musings, individuals and outer occasions, because of absence of core interest. It could likewise imply that you are drained and depleted following full time work. @chbartist @coolguy222

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Thank you Sir, for this reminder!, Most people are excuse me to say are affected with this can of disease "absent minded," They do things without even aware of it.

Absent minded it's common human behaviour but I think always confusion around in Daily day to day in life activity that's a Singh hot dementia.

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Fight absentmindedness by suppressing the unadulterated worry of the future. Do not think about something that you cannot do anything about.

Well said dear @chbartist in these lines. It's simple that we can't do anything then should not think about that too to have a peaceful life.

Posted using Partiko Android

Well said, absentmindedness is a disease, it damages mental power, working strength, isolation from society, you're helping lot of people sharing your valuable argument, thanks.

Muy profundo tu post, ahora bien en cuanto a los recuerdos ¿por que los recuerdos tristes tienen mas detalles que los felices ? Por eso quizas siempre en algun recuerdo nace la falsa nostalgia.

@chbartist very great article
we must pay attention to thing at the moment to live life happily and stree free.IMG_20190210_122925_349.jpg

Instead on being absentmindedness ... One will try to close ones eyes and think about the goals you wanted to achieve... Believe and feel it... With it, you are attracting positive energy... Absentmindedness will only attract negative energy.

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Well said, absentmindedness is a disease, it damages mental power, working strength, isolation from society....you are really good.

It's really important to know this! It is incredible how the mind can make us see situations in such a simple and non-objective way! The awakening of the cosciencia can help us see things in a much more practical way in which we do not overlook the details that have been really important, since nothing is completely bad, nor completely good. The mind can be manipulated, we must try to manipulate it in our favor.

Sometimes this happened to me. Thank you for reminding me of this erroneous behavior. I will fight insistently against absentmindedness, that suppresses the enjoyment of the present. Or as you say:

At the end, one could claim that an absent-minded person has not lived at all.

I loved your article. The first time I hear what mental distension is, I did not really know the existence of this condition, it is overwhelming since many people are imprisoned in their own minds and can not enjoy each day, which is a wonderful gift given to us. . With all my heart, I hope that people who read this article and live in this way, are confronted and at the same time encouraged not to give up, to fight every day and pay attention to the small details, to enjoy every moment they have with your loved ones, because those special moments are unique, so concentrate and if you feel you can not do it, just seek help, this is a good time to start over.


I think every day we get that chance to start afresh - even every minute really. I completely agree that the small details are the important ones. Most big moments are made up of the smaller ones that came before and could not be done all at once anyways. I see people that are not even in their own minds, but instead are watching media or playing games. This post is a good reminder to look inside and grow from there.

What you say about concentration is so true. Many people unfortunately cannot do that now.

Excellent, I have read your article, it is very informative and helpful for me.I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it
i will pray you get more success and live long happiness. again thanks

Hi friend @chbartist I think absent mindness is actually some time in confusing satution anyone finding self uncomfortable but continued that's not a good shine.
That is you are very nice and common subject you are sharing here I like your post.

I like lives in always in present.

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Nostalgia is the memory of days long past which go through a filter and come out as something delightful. I'm amazed with the content!

excellent article @chbartist we must be careful with today as it will be the memories of tomorrow, Every day you have to enjoy it and make it a great time.

Greetings from Venezuela.

If the mind is in the past it is seldom because of nostalgica...
'Not being there' is a way to survive ... heart, mind and soul have nothing with time. Only if the (misery of the) past is truly forgotten (I should say it has a place somewhere and it is not possible to force people into it by giving them tablets or talking to a shrink) you can enjoy what you have now.

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Dear @chbartist, Thank you for this beautiful article and i would like to add that a present moment is very important for our life. Because the past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to our selves in the present moment,we cannot be in touch with life.

Hey, hope you are having a nice day!

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Very well said @chbartist......
Its really true to everyone's life we never make ourselves completely present at any place with full enjoyment. Until life is going, we always engaged in the worries of past and future.....

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Muy buen post!

The situation of mindfulness really make you relax and create a situation of bliss. As compared to living in the past or thinking about the future.