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There is probably no way that everything in your life will turn out as you originally planned. Almost always no matter how careful you might plan your life, things happen that will make you change. It’s hard to a reason why we might need to struggle. But every single time we’ve overcome big challenges, we’ve always emerged stronger and wiser.


A long time ago I learned also to accept, that no matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried to succeed at something, there was always going to be people who will criticize me. I’ve considered plenty of times, that having critics, might be an indication of relevance, as difficult as it might seem to deal with all the negativity.

This year also has been full of challenges, and I’m sure not to be the only one who thinks this way. The downtrend of cryptocurrencies is a weight that many participants of Steem have had to endure. Many gave up, many lost faith, but many more are choosing to remain engaged and focused on a future that is sure to come.

When I say this, when I talk about an inevitable future, I’m not really trying to use magic sounding words to achieve a special effect. It’s really an observation of our current trend, the way society is moving forward, even the way technology is changing the way we understand value and work.

You might have considered for a second what will become of the more traditional jobs with the coming of automation. You might even have seen already how the change is happening now, and it’s not something that will happen in the distant future. One has to ask, What will that mean for the world? What will that mean for the Economies? What will that mean for us as individuals?

It’s because of these thoughts that I constantly find myself seeing the move into cryptocurrencies as an obvious and healthy response. A world that does not require assembly jobs, truck drivers, and the economic systems built around them, will require a way to keep everyone engaged and happy. It will have to find a balance between the ideas of hard work and merit, and the ideas of life quality and value.

I even remember reading an article back in December, right before the year was about to turn. It described a future where more than 800 millions jobs would be replaced by machines. And the year it predicted it to be so, was a little over a decade from now. We can choose to ignore it, we can think it’s just some reporter trying to write an interesting article. But, is that not what’s happening right now?

I took this picture after one of those long nights in the studio. The sun had begun to come up and some of these thoughts were in my head again. I guess it feels like we are watching a dawn, the beginning of something great, something very hard to describe.

Those who are here today, those who are learning about the technologies that are sure to shape our economic system are truly blessed. Even if the difficulties, specially on recent times make it hard to believe it to be so.

Wishing everyone all the best as always..


change is the only constant!

indeed it is, too many people expect to succeed doing nothing.



One of the main causes for INTERNAL CONFLICT is an imbalance between the need of CERTAINTY and the need of UNCERTAINTY - yes, we have them both, that's why watching a movie 2-3 times will become UNPLEASANT.

Just think about it - If you were to gain supernatural powers and foresee EVERYTHING that will happen, you will probably get AMAZINGLY RICH. At first, that seems like a wonderful happening - the end of is the end of that specific CONFLICT, because once you're done with it, a NEW CONFLICT will arise.

However, I am asking you - Would you really like to live a life without CONFLICT?

Every single INTERNAL CONFLICT is BENEFICIAL to you because CONFLICT leads to PROGRESS and GROWTH.

Some people realize this, some people don't, and that's what makes the entire difference between happy and unhappy individuals.

My advice: Embrace every single CONFLICT and assess it OBJECTIVELY while truly looking at the BIGGER PICTURE.

All your feelings are NECESSARY for your GROWTH - therefore, when you oppose, you are saying "No, I don't want to GROW right now"

As N. R. Narayana Murthy brilliantly quoted, "Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is that painful as staying stuck where you do not belong."

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woh!!! great man its a painting or photography?

I guess it's photography!

people dont have patience

I agree with your comment. It's true. As the song says "Life is a constant change"

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This is only part of our lives, but this is our life.

holy cow that is the holy grail of wisdom lol....NOT!


It is bit old to say "Hard work is the key of success" ............. Now you have to say smart work is the key of success ........

smart work is also important

Now a days hard work is replaced with smart work.

yes @jiohighfive very well said but in todays world smart work leads you to success............

Yes, well said We should never give up in life.

give up as you will
and give up as you might
but if you try to take me gold
you won't live through the night!

Not only hard work, Hard work along with smart work is the key to success.

success is devotional love.

Well said...

and what about luck?

luck is what I believe to be karma...another words...if you did some bad deeds in your previous incarnation you will have bad luck in this everything you do matters...remember that...especially when no one is watching.

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Hmmm, I know plenty of people who never succeed and they work their asses off literally for nothing. So, I don't think that statement is always true. Plus, if you really look into the life stories of a lot of really famous people, you will learn that their "rags to riches" tales are often fabricated, as their families own the media and can tell the story however they wish.

Yes sir..we should do hard work

hear hear, ain't no short cuts to that

nto only hard work,,,,but patience as well is a key to success....where from you @jiohighfive

its right we need someone explain for us how this system become , i hope we be best :)

Producing high quality content will also earn you unexpected rewards =)

well said...but not suits on every situation.
If you look at any labour guy or ragepicker who does lot of hardwork whole day just to earn some money
which can help him to buy food.

No pain no gain ✓

Struggle is absolutely essential for human development. Even if you do not seek struggle, struggle will seek and find you. Use it to your advantage to develop. Do not follow the urge to avoid it. In avoiding struggle, you will avoid the opportunity to grow.

I read somewhere that life is like old-school film. You need in the dark places in order to develop.

Great post. I agree with what you are saying here. Most of us are easily blinded by the low prices but it is obvious you have a longer term vision of what is actually coming. This is the best time to load up on what tokens we can afford to buy as we will see exponential growth from here.

yeah its true I think many people get discouraged and stop posting when prices are low, but that is when you should continue maybe even push harder

Mind blowing motivation from your article.. I never felt dishearted or disappointed after entering into crypto and this new world of blockchain. Now a days oppurtunities are knocking our doors to welcome them and make something innovative out of this. I also think how to change my future using blockchain technology.Because traditional investments or jobs are not that motivating for me right now.So blockchain is appealing my personal interest to do someyhing innovative. Thank @chbartist for your great motivational post.I will surely impliment this in my life

All the best @bibekchandra

You are absolutely right Sir Our life full of challenges and he challenges us at every movement of life and your story is also very inspirational. But Sir I planned my future carefully and I work hard for it, however, I got the failure every time for an example you can see my profile I am trying to reach good audience with good content but I failed just because of I can't afford money for promotion but When I think for giving up the story of Edison comes in my mind how he got success in his life after a lot of failures.

Thank you for sharing with us :-)

Who does not like to see the natural scene. Everyone wants to visit the beautiful places of the world. We have become mechanical to see ourselves the buildings of the brick-cement-stone buildings around us. Difficulty in nesting the house. So maybe our mechanical city, where there is a lot of opportunities, as well as our sightseeing. Because we are naturally comfortable. Now we do not go to enjoy the wonderful landscapes at any place of trouble, where we have to face many problems. And that is why we go beyond our sights, some of the wonderful places in the world.

hi5 so many times, so many things/event planned, some does go went but alot of times unexpected stuffs/situation happen and out of our circle of influence it train my resourcefulness to handle it. i remembered we had a product launch with all the media waiting but 2 days before it japan had it worst earthquake. But honestly, during those times it's stressful!!

Even if the difficulties, specially on recent times make it hard to believe it to be so.
remind me of jack ma quote - “Today is difficult, tomorrow is much more difficult, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most die tomorrow evening”

@chbartist thank for your articles ! =)

Many times I also feel bad for my failure, I tried to work hard to get a good position in my life..
But i learnt a lot of things during my failure that there is more ways to get success..
When I read the books about Mandela, Lincon, Gandhi ji even I read about Sylvester stolen known as "Rambo" everyone work hard to get success and they faced many failure before get success..
Recently I read about Malala Yusufjai story few months back..
So conclusion is that success comes after struggles .

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I think as long as we see a purpose of our lives,we have where to go. When you don't know why you are doing things,it becomes an issue

Hope you understand what I mean by sharing is caring.

sorry to say but knowing the Purpose life is not the easiest task. if you know this then life becomes to smooth. but most of us dies without knowing this. am I wrong??

Being selfaware of this takes patience and discipline, as I've come to think.

It is always true that we cant please everybody whatever good we do, there are always someone will oppose it but in spite for it, lets not be discourage but to continue for us to succeed. We should turn it into a challenge every negative criticism that will be thrown to us. Keep hoping...

I think BITCOIN needs 1-2 years to recover the price probably after the proper regulation from every government , NUMBER OF HACKS,DDOS ATTACK, SCAM PROJECT drastically increased that make compulsion to govt to monitor the crypto world.

@bnbtravels yes bro u are right....evrybody is saying bitcoin will boom,,,that i dont think it will boom this year,,,,,i found u the only one who thinks like me bro,,,,where frm u ?

Hello elizahfhaye i read your post are you

My issue is that the people who do support me cannot do so in a financial way. I have lots of fans of my art, sad to say, they are all as poor as I am or worse.

This is why we need something like Manna .... a Free Universal Basic Income for all human beings. With a Universal Basic Income we can all be free to create and do what we love without having to worry about money, it is coming. This is the Change we have all been waiting for.

Yes! A basic income would help all of us better ourselves. Too often, I see people breaking their backs, dredging through life with little to show for it and little free time to improve their own lives or situations. When they do have free time, it is usually spent with family or friends. I imagine if we could free humanity from constant labor, we would have a spiritually more healthy species on our hands.

I will have to check out Manna. Thanks for sharing.

When Manna asks for an email address, is that the one associated with Steemit or one associated with Paypal or what?

NO, i dont think so

Excellent article. This is why we need something like Manna .... a Free Universal Basic Income for all human beings. With a Universal Basic Income we can all be free to create and do what we love without having to worry about money, it is coming. This is the Change we have all been waiting for.


Thanks for this.

We are like seeds with the ability to sprout through the pavement. What might seem like resistance can also become our inspiration to grow and evolve. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photo.


The sky and lights almost bleed into each other
Nice shot

Great post! Upvoted!!

I'am with you brother. When life gets tough you have to be patient and to trust the process. You have also to look at obstacles as a good thing, because going through them will make you grow. Challenges make life interesting and overcoming them makes life meaningful. It all depends from the way you look at things. This year has been very challenging even for me but I never gave up because I knew something good was waiting for me on the other side of the pain. I also learned acceptance and I found it a good way to overcome many situation. There are things that cannot be changed and we need to accept how they are and look at them from a different perspective. Nice picture buddy and thank you for sharing your toughts, I found this post interesting, have a great Sunday, ciao

Right! Not always unfortunately it turns out as there is a wish... Diligence and once again diligence)!!! Thank you, set thinking))). I subscribed in hope for reciprocity)))

Thank you @olesia

sir your words has really motivated me,i cant imagine how hard this field is.i respect you sir ,that you overcome the barrier and succeded in life.

sir i am from india and i have a sad news to present, our government has stopped crypto currency trading.i hope the government will change their decision.

sir i wish you a better future to come ,sir whats your opinion about the crypto currency ban

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the world is changing and i hope its changing for good.
the year has been interesting as you mentioned. i have faith in blockchain and crypto i have invested myself in for next 10 years and i am hopeful i will not be disappointed. in the mean time i am happy making new friends with similar interests.

Yes, that's the SPIRIT. Keep FAITH, crypto will
definately flourish as we have seen every year since birth of Bitcoin. And also keep PATIENCE.

As we have seen, when it gives, it gives more than our expectations.Keep trading here n there in altcoins till then. Some or the other coins rise or fall 20%-50% daily. Trading this way, I have become a good trader now, which I lacked in share market.
Crypto has a great potential in store.

Keep trusting BLOCKCHAIN. Keep making FRIENDS with similar interests. ALL THE BEST.......

hey, I am very impressed by your comment, just as your I have a lot of faith that the world will change everything for Venezuela that we need a change with urgenci the cryptocurrencies are giving a total turn to the economy in the world, just as you expect Do not disappoint me, have many interests in common with you can we make a friendship?

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@sarah249 every thing has to come to an end one day.....dont trst on blockchain ,,,,who knows that something bigger will come in 2019....

blockchain is here to stay, there is no denying that. the technology has been ahead of its time and the world is now coming to terms with it. it cannot be stopped. we have seen much less advanced technologies last alot longer this is just the beginning. blockchain will impact lives of millions ( maybe billions ) on the planet so i dont see blockchain going away anytime soon. Cryptocurrency however is another story it will face challenges but eventually it should also be fine. just my thoughts.

Everything is changed

@chbartist whatever it is right now and whatever it will thing i know. Humanity , happiness and prosperity will always previals...Nice post

Actually achieving happiness is real success

@chbartist if life would have been as we have planned everyone would have been too lazy . Struggle and hardwork is necessary for success .
As it is always said no pains no gains. Am i right sir ?

Some people are lazy some are hard working. Rightly said no pain no gain

Yes, @kishor7070, no pain no gain and I have the impression that the world is very lazy

luck is just a term hard work is the real thing

Excellent post
I am certain there would benew jobs created when the automation overtakes.
Crypto has tremendous feature and mass adoption might take some more time.

The photo is stunning and very relevant

After the storm comes the calm, there is a day after others, we have difficulties, it is only a test to succeed, I maintain the faith that everything will improve

Your thoughts are absolutely correct. The world system is changing for good or for bad depending on your side of the devide. However, one has to stay afloat inorder not to be left on the losing side. " Stay connected". "Stay fruit-full." "Stay focussed and possitive."

Totally right.Even in the darkest time of your life you have to keep the strength you had before.You just have to find an individual way for you.In religist, in family, in friends or maybe in sport...

There is no substitute for hard work behind achieving success in life. If you do not come out of your performance, you will never be able to reach your goal. You have to work hard for your goals.

leaving comfort zone is the key to success

yep very true, everyone has to push themselves to do better and more


Hi akrblogs

Thanks, @chbartist for the beautiful words, life gets challenging every single day but the power of choice is in our hands when other people have lost hope in cryptocurrencies , others are gaining hope. Whatever way we got to be happy because it is a life neccesity

Hi @chabartist, this is my second time, perhaps, if I am not mistaken coming to your blog. What a very wonderful scenery you shot. Ashtonishing! Btw according to my opinion, you have done something special in your life, because people almost always critizice you... Once I heard people says that if nobody critizices you in you life for what have you been doing, meaning you haven't done anything at all. My being here with my comments is the only way for to practise my writing in English. I apologize if it will make you difficult to understand my words.

Thank you for your words @yrachmat and agree with you. The landscape photographed was at the location of my recording studio. You're welcome to come back more times here.

A very plausible explanation. In an increasingly difficult life we ​​need patience, perseverance and never give up. If you see the sluggish world of crypto then we need to take a positive attitude. In the world of steemit that we are struggling at this time many different attitudes as you describe. Some are dormant or even drowned and leave steam. However, there is still some confidence that things will improve. In my opinion, in a world of change we need mental preparedness to deal with it. As difficult as any challenge we will definitely find a way out if we keep trying. always will look a gap to be able to solve the problem. There is always a good start to the day as your photo illustrates the hope of a horizon and it becomes our encouragement in navigating the steemit oceaN

Thank you @chbartist
Thank you Steemit

Warm regard from Indonesia

Il n'y a pas de substitut à un dur travail derrière la réussite dans la vie. Si vous ne sortez pas de votre performance, vous ne serez jamais capable d'atteindre votre objectif. Vous devez travailler dur pour vos objectifs.

I have also learned to accept that some things just don't go with our own ways.. But if something goes to the opposite direction, that doesn't always mean "failure", it's more like a guide for us by Him, in order for us to go to the better path. I appreciate your post a lot, many can relate to this.

Hope you understand what I mean by sharing is caring.

You do things when opportunities come. I have experienced times in my life when I have many ideas coming, and I have a long dry period.
and I am sure you will succeed in this social media,
because a lot of your work is very good and extraordinary,You do things when opportunities come. I have experienced times in my life when I have many ideas coming, and I have a long dry period.
and I am sure you will succeed in this social media,
because a lot of your work is very good and extraordinary,
The contents of this post is very interesting.
I'm sure many people who want to enjoy your post,
always successful greetings
The contents of this post is very interesting.
I'm sure many people who want to enjoy your post,
always successful greetings

Okay friend
hopefully we can be good friends

A nice and open view @chbartist on how the state of crypto at the moment affects a lot of us, especially with the volatility in the markets at the moment. There is a war taking place for your hard earned money, fiat vs crypto are duelling it out and going by your article, crypto may win. A lot may have given up, but I believe most would return if the price of Steem showed a better rise in value and a couple of other issues were cleared up, but all in good time I guess. :-)

@chbartist Sir your words in the post used are really magical when i read i feel i m going in deep and more deep...I dont know how but you had a special quality or can say special talent.. And i would like to learn from you that how you do so.. Please let me know and thanks..God bless you..

I feel we are being misled. Looking into the supposed "rags to riches" tales, that are often shared by many celebrities, most of them turn out to be falsified. Also, their relatives own the media and can tell any story they wish. This "rags to riches" propaganda has been well maintained since the Federal Reserve came into being and keeps us plenty preoccupied with their rigged system of things. Don't believe me? I tried to get on as a Cartoonist with a syndication. They sent me a "rejection" letter. All the letter really said is, "this isn't how you go about doing this". Wouldn't you know it? There was a Masonic compass in the upper right corner. The truth is, my cartoon idea did not support the Masonic agenda, so it was therefore, rejected. Anyone who is accepted creates things that help with the agenda of the few. If you do your own research, you will discover thousands of reasons to be pissed off.

“If nobody hates you, then nobody loves you.”
-Albert Einstein

I have read different quotes that echo the same thoughts - this is very true.

Totally agree with you

I think sometimes we get success & sometimes failure but a person is successful in real terms if he learns by his mistakes and moves ahead not always carry the burden of failures and make them as an excuse, what do you think
@chbartist ?.

In the future Humans will be replaced by Robots!
The Artificial Intelligence is not as good as we think.
In India the Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender anymore :(
What is the future of crypto ? @chbartist

I read there are already peer to peer exchanges being made. The ban is just a setback, it wont stop cryptocurrencies.

@chbartist peer to peer exchanges are good for crypto trading the real issue is Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat how do you think this issue can be resolved for countries that are going towards the ban ?

Absolurtely Right, there's no end to Crypto and future is Blockchain and Crypto. There are other other options apart from banking being involved. Have FAITH and Keep PATIENCE......

Oh! Well
Hope to see the market green again :)

@chbartist we are also trying to uplift artists and your little support is required.

Great article chbartist. I guess there will always be a way for people to express themselfves and new jobs will rise out of the dust of the old world. New opportunity's.

i hope steem become like this image sunrise , to be up :)

struggle makes a man life perfect what you think? @chbartist

that's one way of seeing it! kkk

Give your best every time and never think about the outcome. Do your job and leave the rest. (beautiful view btw)

@chbartist They say change is constant. So, even though crypto had a rough downtrend, as they say, change which is inevitable, crypto is sure to rise up. We just have to put our faith in them and get into decent positions while the time is right now. I am sure in the future, jobs will go, and everyone who criticises crypto will have to accept it then because of the innumerable advantages it gives. Nice insight @chbartist! Keep growing bro! :)

Interesting post my friend, and the picture is awesome.

It isn't a coincidence that the Bible speaks about "The Valley of Death" and not the "Mountain of Death." It is in the valley, where you don't see a way out, where you are surrounded by mountains, that fear comes at you. It is in the valley you are tempted to give up.

But, it is in the valley you need to remember what you saw on the mountain and hold onto it, because that is what will make you able to walk through the valley, and yet again reach the top of the mountain!

exactly @chbartist.. one man can do everything ...what they wants to do...because being is not the part of energy, every man is the source of energy like as universe.

We want really more and that's natural for us humans. We want to be on top. The fact is even how hard we try, there are still many or some or a few who are better than us. The simple way is to accept what and where we are, as long as we always try our very best every day.

Wonderful! Thans for share GREAT Post!

every one giving up-vote because of good reputation. think about new people to give up vote. think ones you are also new person at one time tnq.

Yes give support for new ones

@chbartist very good post, it is true, however much you seek to condition your life for success, the internal and external factors of your environment have an impact on the direction you want, it is a lottery, just as you can win, in the same way you can also lose, but if you do not risk anything for your ideals, you will feel such a great frustration that you would wish better not to have hesitated for a moment to do it, that is what it is about, the experiences lived, if not the world were boring

@chbartist Life is beautiful. But i cann't find it anyway. Have find it?

Nice ..
Great article thanks .. Liberalism like other ideas
Anything more than itself turns against him
Well done Post great..

@chbartist Excellent Article

I am new here and try to read all your articles. all are very relevant to specific domain. struggle and passion both makes a man life meaningful. and picture is very beautiful.


But I think High risk High gains. what you think? @chbartist

Thanks for sharing amazing article :)


The earliest step is to think things over for certain and see now that many changes are happening that want to be sure

Along with struggle we should also have patience in our life to get what we done behind us what we left good that result hopeful in future. Failure does not matter.

Yes... You are right . Life is not so much easy. No Luck we have. Our Present work is decided our luck. If we Work well , our future is bright but if we work bad, our future is dark. So we need to work hard honestly. Then we can go to in successful future.

In Our life struggle is necessary thing.without life of struggle life like blank.when we are doing struggle for take our life goal,and after getting our goal the happiness of our goal was different.