The Madness of Going Against the Current of the River...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

The human society is always bound by reason and governed by a set of rules that determine the general norm of its members by indicating what they should think and how they should behave.

Generalization is always doomed to end in mediocrity, and that is what has happened to our worldwide society nowadays. Though if we were to trace back this problem, we could say that mankind has been afflicted with it ever since the dawn of every community that has ever existed.

In the storm of mediocrity that pulls everyone to its weakening grip and compels them to try and fit in with everybody else, it is not so simple an aspiration to search for originality and uniqueness.

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The mediocrity of the human society can be best compared to the current of a flowing river. The river rages on and on in a simple direction, casting aside those who would not conform to its laws of physics or follow its pattern of behavior.

The problem is, in every human society, there are people who cannot conform, and that is when they stand against the current of the river, resisting the pressure of becoming ordinary like everyone else around them.

Unique fates await unique people. In this case, these personalities tend to react to the world around them in three different ways.

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Some of them stand still against the raging current, witnessing all the other people go on with their lives. These people know that they are different, but do not know what to do with their uniqueness or how to react to a society that doesn’t seem to accept them.

The second type is the hopeful type. These people struggle and fight as hard as they can, and they swim against the current of the ocean.

They even manage to make a few paces, but they are eventually bound by the doom of living a life of struggle and not achieving anything particular with it, since they have not gone far from the place they were standing.

The third type are those who see themselves as revolutionary geniuses.

They know that they are against the current of the river.

They accept that fact and come to terms with their uniqueness.

They contemplate the fact that they don’t belong to certain groups of society.

These people do not stand still, nor do they struggle in the water.

These are the people who fly, and fly high, against the current that is engulfing everybody else.

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If you feel that you are different, if you feel that you have unique ideas and mindsets about how everything should be, do not second guess this gift that is given to you. Anyone can be ordinary.

To be mad enough to dream impossible dreams is what always drives mankind forward. When a truth is first stated, everybody laughs. After a while, they begin to hate the truth and show hostility to those who bear the truth.

Eventually, they begin to understand the truth and embrace it.

This is the same with unique people with a certain madness in their minds.

Do not be afraid of standing against the current of the river of life!


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El adaptarse a un patron no permite la evolucion de la humanidad, la evolucion forma parte fundamental de la vida, las diferencias es lo que nos distingue a unos de otros, creo que luchar depende de nosotros si queremos ser iguales o marcar la diferencia


Steem is surely going up by my moral is not. as there are no readers left , like it feels bad when you think about creating some content and search hard for the subject and create a blog and that turns out to be not read by any one and that feels bad.
Anyways @chbartist you are extremely right about going against the current of the river. and offcourse we need to think out of the box to do something creative.
keep flourishing!


I'm new to the platform and can already understand what you're talking about. I see a high demand for readers yet there are not many.

I feel a part of this is due to the difficult nature of joining Steemit. To leave a comment it either costs money or takes 2 weeks to approve an account, in that time the average normie will have forgotten about what he wanted to say.

But that's not to say that it isn't worth contributing to grow the community, it absolutely is... just expect a serious slow growth until the barrier for entry is much easier for the average user.


it just needs time...remember how difficult it was to connect to the internet in the early 90s?


I completely identify with your view on Steemit readership going down. I was slowly starting to build a following when I first started but ended up off the blockchain for awhile. Since I've been back on here it seems very lackluster. I will admit though that I am forever grateful to this platform and community as I recently started my own blog website and was able to take many of my posts from Steemit to add to my blog.

Or maybe, it's us that have to adapt to the changing tide... hmmm, food for thought?

I have to admit that you're rigth and I really love your post. I think we have to be like the third type of persons, who is different but they don't care what the others think. Every unique person has a different ideas to improve the world. We need to support these good ideas because we can make a difference. It has always been considered mad to dream of the impossible, but you can make your dreams come true if you really want to. You can't let the chance go away. And the most important thing, we don't have to be afraid of to go against the current of the river of life.

Excellent review, my friend, and you should always try to go against the flow of life, only this way you can achieve something and change your life for the better! Thank you @chbartist


Very interesting opinion and you are right, if there is something unique in us, you need to use it for the benefit of yourself and society, even if it goes against the flow of life!

You make me smile with this kind of message @chbartist, since I was a little girl I am this kind of person, it is innate, I think that God marks us since we are in the womb of our mother, empowers us to walk in the supernatural, I know many people can not explain it to him, and God said: "Let's make the human being
in our image and likeness. Let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky; on domestic animals, on wild animals, and on all the reptiles that crawl on the ground. »Genesis 1:26.
I do not know, but since I was born I am a warrior, someone with a different spirit, what people call failure, I call it process, I am like a piece of clay that the potter molds and brings out the best, but if I do not pass that task, I debated and rebuilt myself, being in the oven, it hurts, we are tested like gold, but when we go out, we shine like him. I have no wounds, only scars that make me remember that when I was swimming against the current it could not kill me. I live the word, I make it a reality in my life, I have a violent, unbreakable faith, simply because I know what my purpose is here in the land, and I will not go without fulfilling it.
ISAIAH 43: 2
NKJV When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and if by the rivers, they will not overwhelm you; when you pass through the fire, you will not be burned, nor will the flame burn you.



Love your comment you certainly sound like a warrior, don’t ever loose hope or join the sheep🙏

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Leí todo tu artículo y en el desarrollo del mismo me doy cuenta que lo que dices es realmente cierto.
Lo que no entendí e lo que mencionas sobre la mediocridad. porque no la veo en tu artículo.
Me parece muy bueno tu análisis, es bueno, me gustó.
Es un mensaje que envías y es muy bueno, analizas los diferentes eventos y es muy bueno. pero no veo la mediocridad por allí.
De todos modos me gusto tu análisis, y tu incentivo a apoyar a las personas que necesitan de estos consejos.

with the existence of a very natural nature, where we will be able to see its beauty and feel the cool air that will lead us into freedom of soul and freshness of mind. by seeing the beauty of nature we will be more relaxed in facing this mortal life

This is really inspiring, it feels like i am reading trough a library with all the necesary information bound together. Well done! I really can admire these story's.

just something that i want to add:

There is something really intresting about unrealised dreams, for the people who keep dreaming still, dreams cost nothing and are completely free, the hardest part is to keep them going. Never give up!!

The concept of the river is very accurate and good visual example of life. I really love this post!

The Madness of Going Against the Current of the River)Going along the river is crazy too!The system always absorbs the mind!The heart and fire in the eyes it is given to us by heaven!All the greats were creators and listened to their soul, turning off the mind!Be yourself, not a copy!

Es fundamental para el crecimiento .... son esos seres extraordinarios a los que le debemos los grandes cambios, ellos no tuvieron miedo a no seguir ciertos patrones de conducta, a no encajar en la sociedad, ni al fracaso ni al que diran.

me gusto mucho tu analisis de como enfrentar esa contra corriente del rio.. dios te bendiga

Swimming against the current is what allows the great transformations in the historical cycles of societies. Scientists, artists, philosophers, among others, who manage to think outside the box to deliver their creative effort for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.
The best metaphor to talk about swimming against the current, we can see it in the salmon and its reproductive process. After swimming days against the current, its reproductive process (spawning) takes place. Something similar happens with the human creative process, it is fought against the status quo, against the paradigms, against the dogmas; until finally, new inventions emerge, new ways of understanding and seeing life.

Doing something out of the box is good but we should also go with the flow. Sometimes its waste of time go against the flow. Have a great weekend dear @chbartist

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The path least taken is full of moments when others are doing the opposite but resilience and perseverance are stronger than the naysayers. When passionate about one’s goals, never look back!

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If you want to achieve a dream and you have a gift that can make it a reality, you must fight with everything and against everyone, without that means deviating from the laws of God and of man in order to achieve it.

The people who have talent, whatever the activity they develop, will always look for ways to find the paths that will allow them to achieve the goal they set for themselves.

Talent, by itself, is important, but if we do not add work, study, dedication, effort and commitment, it will not be worth anything.

fight for our dreams and, break the stereotypes of society, that will make us succeed.


Reading your post I immediately thought: Yes, that's right.
This came to my mind with the image of Salvador Dalí, who at every moment of his existence presented himself as an authentic person and, although with his drawings and eccentric personality he went against the current of society, society had no choice but to accept his genius.

Sometimes mediocrity is caused by an erroneous and deficient education. Parents and the school must identify and reinforce the skills and vocation of a child and then motivate them to be excellent. As Albert Einstein said:

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.


If we want to succeed in life, we must be different people, if we want to fulfill a dream, we must do everything we can, to achieve it, so, that means getting out of the daily routine and having to fight against the current.

Successful people and, who seek to achieve a dream, have as you say that touch of madness or gift, which allows them to go beyond what other people would arrive, that makes them more efficient and, to achieve, in less time the objective established.

The best type of course is the third type but there will be times when you have to stand still or swim against the raging current because you have no choice to get out of it. So you will have to live this moments with minimal damage.
Flying against the current is not available to everyone and anytime.

When i used to go my mother's land ,it was a river , it was very neat and clean . we could see easily in the water Fish , Stones and all that whatever was in that but after some years i saw it was fully rubbish , water was yellowish , no vision in there . Stream also vanished the reason behind was pollution . The man only think about yourself not for others.

I've been swimming against the current for a long time. Many times having different beliefs to those of all the people around you, makes you look like you are an extraterrestrial.


I understand completely what you mean, when they think you belong in a nut house.

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Yes you are right about mindset if you want achieve your dreams that's not impossible do not afraid and let in started.

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Faith in the mind crouage our life those Who trying is not last after the all his hardworking is not worthless.
That's great truth I trust.

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Its like everyone is working on 9-5 job and receives money.
And I work any time for the poor without receiving money.

Its like everyone is eating 5-8 times a day.
And I eat 2-5 times a day.

Its like everyone is eating processed and manufactured foods.
And I eat natural and organic foods.

Its like everyone is enjoying in the beach.
And I play with my kids at home.

Its like everyone is ignoring this message.
And I just love them anyways.

Saludos @chbartist! Estoy completamente de acuerdo con tu planteamiento.

Es difícil y agotador luchar contra la corriente pero; si estamos consientes que somos diferentes; se debería desarrollar técnicas que permitan desarrollarnos y avanzar en el ecosistema donde nos encontremos, por lo que; si la corriente del agua esta en contra, entonces aprendamos a volar!

Feliz día!

Hola @tramelibre un gusto saludarte! Soy nueva en Steemit y me alegra mucho saber que publicas en español, en realidad me sentia intimidada de publicar en mi idioma puesto a que la gran mayoría publican en inglés.


Saludos @beangelin! Bienvenida a steemit!

Te gustaria agregar algo sobre el tema de esta publicación, eres bienvenida a participar! Nós encantaría saber tu opinión!

I think that everyone can think different, the key is remove the afraid of his life.

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La fuerza inconmensurable de las aguas de los ríos y océanos del mundo ha servido a lo largo de la historia como instrumento de inspiración para diversos pensadores, poetas, teóricos y filósofos, quienes evocan en la profundidad y dinamismo de los caudales el concepto de un presente continuo e inmaterial en donde se origina la vida misma.hay que recordar que los rios hondos corren en silencio y los arroyos son ruidosos saludos.

Great articles. finding time is very difficult to read your post. but i always try to read ypur articles.

Excellent article, extraordinary person can do extraordinary things, it's not so easy to do that, the one who achieves that only knows how much sufferings he/she had to bear for that. Thanks for sharing your valued opinions.

Always super inspirational! Love reading your posts for some positive motivation. Always an upvote from me, and why not, resteeming as well!

Those of us who know we are different mostly learn to accept that we will never survive successfully in the mainstream. I personally accept my place now and while I did follow many crazy dreams when I was younger, ridiculed by others for doing my own thing, I was able to make things happen due to determination and passion. Now I’m older I try to do what I love (play music) everyday while struggling to make a living. I love that I was born different and don’t care that I do not have the material security that most people spend their lives chasing. love the skin you are in 🙏

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Very true, we all have something that makes us special, many know how to take advantage and others who just follow the flow and get used to the routine, this happens because of the fear of defeat and fail to get up.

Nothing ventured nothing gained...

It's like ups and downs in life.

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@chbartist i think now community is not working but why we should keep it up .

@chbartist, Yes, we have to believe to fly with our uniqueness. Stay blessed. 👍

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Great post @chbartist. The title is quite interesting. This post totally reminds me of one of the late Steve jobs advert caption which is "THINK DIFFERENT". The truth is, the non conforming groups of people in our societies are people who actually effect positive global change. I will reflect on this consistently.

If we do not afraid of standing against the current of the river there will be more chances for achieving sucess.
Great post @chbartist, I Enjoy reading.

Interesting opinion. Going against what everyone is usually doing has always been a way of life for generations without there is no change.

I feel the 3 types stated here can also be the flow towards the goal of standing out.

Revolutionary geniuses known today know at some point they are different (1st type) standing still, witnessing what’s going on but they move beyond that stage to the next, (the 2nd type/stage), this is where they are battle tested.

From there, they become the people we all know them to be (the third type).

The goal is to keep pushing beyond the barriers of those types, moving on to what’s next.
@chbartist, awesome post as always, kindly add me to your community.

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All your posts are really inspiring,
but also very comfrontating at the same time.
Althoug that has not to be bad,
in the end it will pay off and it will be better to something with it and figure it out now, other than later.

i think you have to flow with the current and u should already know how and where you have resist against the current before reaching at that point then it will be easy for you to stand for what you want.

Such a great article if we want to achieve something then we have to stand against the current of the river. It is necessary to do something extraordinary to get success. It is all about our courage to do something extraordinary with faith in our ability.

Well written post and insightful metaphor. I can personally relate and recommend everyone sticks true to themselves and do their own thing instead of being molded by society.

@chbartist we should learn to go against the river to test our true potential.
mediocrity should not be the life.

Tha madness? I'd rather die than be a part of the madness of this fucking society!

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Thanks for sharing this, I appreciate your post. Love it

Only by swimming into and against the current can we discover what it is on the other side - that thing we are all being ushered away from.

Awesome story buddy!

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I like!!

nice click.

great article as always!

Just ask the questions like is this in the best interest for my family.

I read your whole post and want to tell youu that The Madness of Going Against the flow of the River is the good even excellent way to achieve success in. If one thinks to be or to do something new, then one must go against the flow of river. One will try to go against the flow of river if he is unique or say different.
I am greatly inspired by your this post.
Thanks for providing us such beautiful posts related to our life.
Hope that you will bring more posts related to our daily life and facts of life.
Thank You @chbartist

Personally, I think it's sad to see those people who follow a pattern of life who do not dare to be something else. Sometimes it's good to break the rules and "swim against the flow" This allows us to grow as a person, create a unique lifestyle and move forward under our criteria. Go ahead and live your life at the pace you want, let no one tell you how to live it.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious @chbartist Sir....

This article is one of its kind and went on to become a smashing hit..

Inspiration.... Inspiration..... Sheer inspiration is what one gets after reading your blog posts!

You write.... We inspire......And create

..... a new world filled with positivity, optimism, transparency, sharing available resources, supporting and lending a helping hand to those in need.....

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Thanks you

Hi. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you good luck and have a good day, and of course you can also get a big jackpot :)

hermosa reflexión nada más cierto saludos @chbartist