The Illusory Power of Rock-Bottom and How to Avoid Hurting Yourself...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Humans are emotional creatures that cling onto their sensations more than they ever cling onto their thoughts and logical arguments.

We often find ourselves amused and entertained by melodramatic scenarios. Even most of our acclaimed artistic creations are a product of dramatic thinking. Our emotions play a key role in how we see life and how we make our decisions.

Certifiable scientific evidence might not compel you to make an important decision, but emotions will do that for you in a matter of minutes. But not always does this dramatization work in our best interest!

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A lot of people romanticize their mentality and their willingness to set a beginning for their endeavors. In this culture, we have come to believe that rock-bottom can help us get up on our feet and give us the strength to walk the entire journey undisturbed by distractions and characteristic shortcomings.

I am here to tell you that rock-bottom is just a myth that constantly pushes us to make the same mistakes again and relive our harmful past experience. As I have told you before, the result of us not listening to our experience is that we are doomed to relive it over and over again.

The illusory myth of rock-bottom is the same sort of mistake; the idea that the harder you fall, and the deeper you dive, the stronger you will emerge. That is a lie we keep telling our own mind because the truth is hard.

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The truth is that we are too afraid of starting to do something with resolve and determination. We believe that strength must come from an unnatural source or a well of inspiration hidden beneath our deepest depths of feeling and existence.

That is why we fantasize about the idea of a perfect beginning that follows a rock-bottom.

It is true that a lot of people have found their voice after hitting the darkest moments of their life, but longing for that moment is as fallacious as it is ludicrous, since by doing that you are only tricking yourself into believing something that is fictitious and cannot be pressured into existence by mere desire.

By hurting yourself over and over again and falling into the dark pit of despair by doing the things that strip you of your ideals and push you away from your values in the hope of hitting a rock-bottom will leave you with an empty soul and a wasted time.

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If you want something done, do it yourself. Do not wait for you perfect moment. Do not wait for an accidental and supernatural source of strength and willpower.

You already have everything you need.

Take steps today, and avoid the pitfall of the romanticized rock-bottom.




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I am trying to follow your intention, and I hope each upvote helps the receipient.

life is the name of ups and down but successful always struggle continuous likes river so don't always work work and work

This makes sense to me. Everyone thinks that if you ever hit rock bottom, then they will begin to see your life more clearly...but falling that far makes for a tough recovery. It probably works for some people, but not for most. Instead put all your effort and time into passions or businesses, And then remember to savor the rewards or freedom that results from this. Find things that bring you joy and a sense of purpose. Don't wait to take action basically. Waiting is a dying man's game.

You are absolutely right it is very tough to rise from rock bottom. We have to act continuously so we can make recovery before the bottom.

If you want something done, do it yourself. Do not wait for you perfect moment. Do not wait for an accidental and supernatural source of strength and willpower.You already have everything you need
You're absolutely correct dear @chbartist that there is no specific right time instead anytime is the best time and whenever we want to do something, we must start it without wasting time. As a human we have great determinations and motivating capabilities which will take us a very long way.

Thanks for the post @chbartist but I also noticed that people over here are loosing enthusiasm, though you recently posted about enthusiasm. Why I am saying is that because in now I can see only 5 to 6 votes on each comments while total comments are so many. In few recent posts, I could see 30 to 35 comments but votes are very less as compare to comments. There could be two reasons, one- people loosing their motivation and need to motivate them again or 2- there are more new people who are not aware about this voting practice we have been following since long to support community.
You may have a different point of view about it but whatever I felt, i shared with you. Needless to say that you have way more knowledge than me but I just wanted to notify you. I hope you would have also noticed about it. Thanks for your support as always. 🙏🙏

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I completely agree to this point of view we should not wait for certain perfect moment to come and fix wings to our dreams.
You curate your blogs with such creativity and owning such positive philosophy and mind set is a blessing in itself.
Keep flourishing.

Good afternoon

I have always had the idea, that the decisions that are made in life, should never be taken when we are sad, or the ecstasy of happiness, since they end up being emotional decisions, that do not guarantee at all the achievement of the objectives that you have set.

People who set goals and, follow a route and for different reasons, do not reach the goal and insist again on that route, are definitely doomed to failure.

We must innovate, try different options, plan our activities and, if in the development of the activities, we do not reach our objectives, we re-plan and look for other options, we can not remain stuck in a single plan that for different reasons may not be executed

With Planning, astusia, effort and work we can achieve all our goals.

Regards ...

great words! definitely agree, the perfect time and perfect opportunity doesn't exist! You have to do it yourself and every moment is the perfect moment!

Nothing is free or easy in this world and if you find it that way, you will pay another way. Rock bottom is tough but also provides you with the experience of perseverance and grit which are key factors to success in the long run.

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Sir, you are saying doing something without wait good idea for self confidence.
Good and motivated post I think you are great you give us lost of good motivated post .

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Thank you for this great post it took long time from you to share with us

Your post is the best my mentor .

Nice blog thanks for sharing

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We say that humans we are the only animals stumble twice with the same Stone. That's because we cling more to the illusion that we're braver in what we do not learn of our own experiences. We can dream awake but looking forward and feet on Earth.


Well said sir we don't have to wait to for specific time to do something. We have to be time consious so we can achieve everything. Most of the people think falling to the rock bottom gives us speedy recovery but falling that much low is very tough to rise. It is helpful in only rare cases. All we know about KFC journey. This is the good example of rising from rock bottom line. But it is not working on everything else.

The fact's true that a lot of us actually found the true strength of their voice after hitting the rock bottom....And as you said, we should in fact learn to put these mentalities aside & congregate our focus on our purpose...the thing is, we so easily become slaves to our thoughts that sometimes it gets very hard to congregate our focus to our real purposes..But time will be the healer I suppose...hope we'll finally learn to control our perception to reach the destination of our dreams....

Saludos Chbartist y gente de steemit! En la vida tenemos que tomar decisiones, la cuales se basaran en nuestros conocimientos y en nuestras experiencia, en este sentido es importante en la decisión, evaluar y valorar lo que se invierte y lo que se gana, es decir, debemos desarrollar un plan con estrategias, que permita la "mejor y gusta ganancia" tanto de forma individual como colectiva.

No debemos tomar las decisiones en función a sentimientos o dramatismo, ya que podriamos estar cometiendo errores, con perdidas que lamentaremos.

Feliz día!

This post brought to my mind a writing by Carl Jung and is the following:

Those who learn nothing from the unpleasant facts of life force the cosmic consciousness to reproduce them as many times as necessary to learn what the drama of what happened teaches. What you deny subdues you; what you accept transforms you.

Of course this thought is very broad and can be analyzed from many points of view (mental, emotional, mystical) but what I want to highlight from it is that, faced with a situation that we consider has been adverse to us to achieve our purposes, we must analyze the cause that produced such a situation, accept it and learn from it so we can consider new strategies of life (or work) that allows us to achieve what we want. The question is that we must be conscious and responsible, assuming our decisions and not just blame the boss, the family or destiny.

I am a weight loss coach helping morbidly obese people to get thin and healthy with natural methods. I continually say, "The cavalry is not coming. You need to bust through your excuses and save yourself." This is not an easy message to send or to receive, but when it takes, it is a miracle.

We have the bad habit of always waiting for the perfect moment ... and sometimes it's too late ... life gives surprises, it's better to take advantage of the time while you can ... the future is uncertain, therefore you have to make the most of it the present!!!

@chbartist, There is an saying as Human Beings are everything. In my opinion, sometimes we stick with some deep emotions which keep us in illusion that it's giving strength to us, but in my opinion inturn it's dividing us from many other potential aspects. So, it's really important to hold the right emotions, emotions which can rise us and which can motivate us to see light of the day passionately and not just darkness. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Sometimes a hurt or pain is needed to wake us up. I guess we have to consider the two sides of the equation. Its like life and death. A general truth that sounds simple and boring words but the mystery of those words are hidden and only revealed to few people with so much experience, knowledge and faith.

I totally agree with you. After I read your post, I realized I always waited for the perfect moment. Life is short, there is no time to wait. Don't hesitate and take action, or we could lose a chance to make better life.
May I ask to be included in the list of contributors to this community?
Thank you for sharing good advice.

yeah you are absolutely right v shouldn't wait for a right moment v should make right moment for our self...

If you want something done, do it yourself. Do not wait for you perfect moment. Do not wait for an accidental and supernatural source of strength and willpower.

i agree with this few sentence.We need not to wait.We need to work according to our heart & mind when needed.

Nobody can find value or joy living inside his head, exclusively focused on the self, and never in the us, seeing only his suffering and not his power. We have to look beyond ourselves, to look below the reflection and to probe the depths of the emotional waters.

Experiences in life teach us a lot of things especially with emotions. It's good then to have them by looking beyond ourselves where we can grow more.

Agree with you!


I have seen both type of people. Who cling onto their emotions and those who suppress the emotions due to logical arguments.

Agreed, nice point made: people tend to make same mistakes again and again. This is because they don't learn from their mistakes.


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Let me say this post is a game changer alert, welldone this post is deep and meaningful and i am definitely going to take the principles and apply it in my life.

Transform Pain Into Power
Pain puts things into perspective.

When you’ve gone through a terrible ordeal in your life, setbacks no longer upset you. Struggles become a daily occurrence, to the point where it becomes the norm.

When you have difficulty moving from point to point, struggle with basic functions and have been ridiculed or bullied for a long time in your life, you expect to have the odds stacked against you. Lack of sleep or a social life seems so inconsequential now.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Incredible @chbartist ...!!!

a wise man say , the deeper you fall at your rock bottom , the higher you ll bounce back

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The points you have made are encouraging and motivating every one to achieve their goal, the way you making posting and your positive approach shows in this post. Its good to follow many points

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Sometimes when life hits the hardest part of ours, it can be a source a great will power to drive ourselves taking a bolder step.

We may stumble down but it's not the rock-bottom where we'll end up but into another ground of growth.

Every step we make is another improvement. Every decision we make is a step towards controlling our path.

Very nice, thanks 😉

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It is quite true, what you propose, many times we act by acting - motivational emotion, which in the end generates a disillusionment

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excelente post!! sin duda muy acertado

Hi @chbartist Sir,

About the author:

Really it is getting very much tough for us because as each day passes by, your blogs are getting more and more exceptional (and clearing our mind blocks as well) and we are unable to find words to praise your work!

About the Content:

  1. "We believe that strength must come from an unnatural source...."

The failures that a man faces in his life makes his mind to get demotivated to such an extent that he is fearing to take risks and think illogically to succeed in his life. This will evolve in his mind without his knowledge.

  1. "That is why we fantasize about the idea of a perfect beginning that follows a rock-bottom...."

As a continuation of the failures, not only he loses his self confidence, but also encourages the thought which was mentioned above and this clearly shows that the man got stuck in a string of failures will not justify his thoughts because his mind has already lost the logical thinking unfortunately.

  1. "The illusory myth of rock-bottom is the same sort of mistake; the idea that the harder you fall, and the deeper you dive, the stronger you will emerge. That is a lie we keep telling our own mind because the truth is hard."

Moreover this maybe possible for those with killer instinct and the ones who don't accept defeat that much easily and are surely a step above the normal human beings. Why because they will put that required effort. But a normal human being with inspire by the sort of things mentioned in the quotes above and starts working towards it, but as he begin to face problems, he will slowly lose sight of his goal. So this mistake lies within ourselves. When we expect exceptional results, we must put in exceptional performance.....

@chbartist Sir, this one is a fantastic masterpiece regarding a very important topic and hats off to you Sir.

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This is absolutely wonderful ! Everything you need is right there in the pocket. Who would have thought. Thank you for continuing to help all this grow :) @bobrabbit

Emotions are reactions, I would say momentanes and it is there where we must stop to act before the impulses that such stimulus can generate

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Useful post for life thank you for share

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