The Dilemma of Value and Why Perfectionism is Overrated...

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Hello Steemians!

How do we define the value of something? Are there a set of predetermined rules that indicate this value, or is it merely a matter of preference and taste? Whatever the case, we should not mistake worth with the indulgence of our obsessive tendencies towards perfection.

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Your approach determines the attitude of the world towards you. When you value your own work, the world recognizes that value and gives you back its equivalent. When you don’t hold your own work valuable, the world reduces its importance to utter unawareness and futility.

You should always value your work. That value might show itself in sacrifice. For example, when you sacrifice your sleep or pastime to work on a project, you put a value on it. Trust me, the world always recognizes that value and appreciates the effort that you have put in to realize your big dreams.

Perfectionism is a tendency that is an epitome of cherishing the value of work, but more often than we would care to admit, this tendency becomes an obstacle in the way of our productivity and efficiency.

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Perfectionists tend to be harsh critics of their own work, often struggling to improve on what they are capable of doing in order to achieve something ‘perfect’ or at least something that comes close to resembling perfection.

Psychologists recognize perfectionists in two categories; normal and neurotic. Normal perfectionism is the aspiration to pursue perfection without spoiling one’s self-esteem, whereas neurotic perfectionism is the pursuit of unrealistic and unattainable goals that will only push the person to depression and other mental disorders.

While it is alright and respectable to seek perfection, this trait can turn into a wicked tool that brings about obsessive tendencies for things you have to accomplish within a certain timeframe.

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For one thing, perfectionism makes you less efficient. For example, you finish writing an article for your university, but you keep going through it over and over again for possible improvements. This will take a lot of time, and if this process is obsessive, your work will not be improved at all, but rather tweaked in unlikely and absurd ways.

Procrastination has always been a good companion of perfectionism. In our endeavor to do something as perfectly as possible, we procrastinate and procrastinate, always looking for the ‘moment’ to arrive, little do we know that ‘moments’ are fleeting while we senselessly waste them over the illusion of achieving perfection through a fictitious muse.

One of the other reasons that we should frown upon perfectionism is the fact that it will leave us hung up on pointless details. For perfectionism, in essence, is adding more and more details to your work.

These details will overshadow your vision in observing the bigger picture, thus rendering the whole process of perfectionism ironically redundant.

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Perfectionism is overrated. Aspiring to do something with precision and perfection in mind is not necessarily a detrimental mindset, but when that aspiration turns into an obsession to do something in a particular way.

This tendency will turn into an obstacle that effectively blocks your road to realizing your dreams.

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I think the value of everything comes from supply and demand :) Knowing to what degree of perfection is needed is a challenge. It relates to all aspects of life, finding the right balance of time vs perfection is the key to success.

agree. perfectionist comes with time

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perfectionist requires time. Im agree perfectionist is not effective way to make something done good because perfectionist will take more time than other to make thing perfect. But if we look in good side , these perfectionist will become perfect one day, thats mean along the way , he ll learn how to reduce time to make thing perfect . In the same time he or she make all effort become his habit. Once these thing become habits , the downtime of doing something will reduce and this will increase the effective of job.

We didnt get good job or well done in only one shoot. It do requires times to make thing as you habit . Some say practise make perfect , but for me perfect practise make perfect instead of wrong practise .

When you value increasing with your habit and effective, world will give you a great value .

There is different between rich and poor where ,poor but not everyone will be paid with their value of time . How much time they spend , the world only pay him or her with time that he use during work. But , rich people being value with result . Thats why perfectionist value will increase over time because he and she keep practising until things become perfect ..


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While I have always considered myself a perfectionist, I always try to remind myself that what is perfect in my eyes, may not necessarily be perfect in the eyes of another, and I try to reach a balance to where I can step back and say "okay, that's as good as it's gonna get" before I step off the cliff and ruin everything.


thump up

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I actually try to never be perfect as it does not allow for feedback and improvement. In fact, many times I purposely make work incomplete, particularly with formatting, in order to keep my team on top of providing feedback on how to improve.

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good point of view

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@chbartist, There is no preset or absolute Value Standards and if anyone wants to describe value then in my opinion for sure they will going to reply with the connection towards something means, sometimes, 1000 words cannot create value, but one word reply as Blessings can create warm value for many. So, aspect of value is different for everyone.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Most of the excesses are not good, there must always be a balance, what is important and what I have always learned is doing things with excellence, if every time we do something for the first time, maybe we say the next one will be better, but all this in balance and emotional harmony. We have to do the best of our work, of our life, at acceptable levels.

balance . Yeps , somehow i think you are right . Some people who have perfectionist value in life or in their job do things not perfect in purpose . What i mean here is the value or effect after doing thing not perfect in purpose. The learning process by other which make thing balance in their way . Even them (perfectionist ) will learn from other too

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The very right thing has been said, there are two types of things in it. The first thing is that we keep dragging something in an unnecessary way, even if it keeps dragging, even then it does not have the advantage. Some people believe this. Even when people think that by continuous efforts we get success, then both are correct in their place.

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Perfectionism also comes with legalism. Neurotic perfectionism puts you in jeopardy. It will put you in a quagmire of vanity when you haven't done the thing you want to do as you think it ought to be. Give allowance of shortcomings to your work and improve it as time goes by.

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when things become habit

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There is a very motivational post. Sir, you are absolutely right that we will give importance to our work as seriously as possible, with that sincerity, that work will make us successful. And we always succeed in life.

@chbartist Today when I was reading your blog then I get remember one thing that " Your name and your value must be only your it doesn't Matter how small is " as you say one day your perfection will make you great. Only we need to keep continuity on our work. Never mind what world think about you ? Just stay tuned and always be happy. 👌

You know, one thing is for sure, nobody can be perfect no matter how one try. Despite being a veteran artist, I have never for once see myself as a perfectionish or even near. I only see my self as someone who is learning and would improve. With that in mind, I maintain my esteem which enables me to learn and get better with every new piece.

totally agree with nobody is perfect

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Great Article, and nice to see that you are (just like me) doing things with music. Sometimes a time consuming effort, where u might tend to try to reach perfection, and after 300 takes realize that the first take, even though it was not perfect at all, captured the moment ...

I’ll subscribed/followed, looking forward into reading more, and i almost forgot to thank @crypto.piotr for sharing this.

Your words have so much depth and full of observation. And what a good write up.

"Your approach determines the attitude of the world towards you."-----I learnt it very later, by giving a high cost in my life. I used to complain about my job, how hateful I am to it, how disgraceful it is etc to my peers. I saw after years that they don't valuing me for what I am doing, they sort of started to disrespect me.

And they used to call me whenever needed, but don't show up when I need them. I questioned them, and they replied that as they are doing more valuable work (not as dump as mine) so they can't take leave or did not manage the time.
It made me realize what you stated above. Then I start to change myself and motivate myself to my workplace and stop complaining about it.

What you are calling about perfectionist- I think I'm the first one. My attitude is under control but sometime if really affects my work output.
I will remember your words.
Thanks for letting me realize the thing.

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Perfectionism, by itself, is not inherently a bad thing, you're right. What makes it a bad thing is when you put the perfection over something else, such as finishing a project late because it wasn't "perfect", or even to some extremes where some much more neurotic perfectionists I've met have had overly grandiose ideas about themselves, and thought that every idea they had was correct and perfection and that people should be beholden to them and their ideas, because anything else is "wrong and imperfect".
Moral of the story, if you know someone who claims to be, or acts like, a perfectionist, don't scold them for it, unless they're taking it too far. At which point maybe a slight slap on the wrist may be required to get them to realize they're being really nasty, not only to themselves but to others in some cases.

I try to finish things with perfectionism but sometimes i get success and sometimes don't. So I can say that I am not perfect all the time but sometimes I do. I don't mind saying this but i value my work a lot and no natter whether it's good or bad. Actually for me it's just work and I don't categorise it according to good or bad. I believe that I can't give my best to it unless I value for it. Have a great Monday @chbartist

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All extremes are negative for all of us. Too much perfectionism is negative because it brings us only frustration and depression, and on the other extreme, too much laziness and inaction can slow us down and make us lose a lot of important things for our projects and goals.

Everybody like things well done. Try to do the best possible is good, try to do
the impossible for remaining perfect is almost disease.

You said something, a key, people perfectionists have problems of self-esteem (want constantemene recognition of other) and these people end up being inefficient and unproductive.
Please, May you include me in your list? so I help you with my upvotes in this community Best regards.

YEs friend! Thanks. I included. See the last post. Regards

Thank you friend

Today I would only like to congratulate you upon this amazing growing list of a small and a loyal community you are building upon this platform. Loved to be its part. Keep growing buddy!

Excellent article @chbartist
Perfection is accepted to a point where it doesn’t affect you or others around you

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Bigger meaning in few words. Very nice

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Bigger meaning in few words. Very nice

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Thanks for sharing @crypto.piotr. His last email has this at the top of the feed. Attention to detail is vital yet too much perfectionism can be like tossing a wrench in an engine. & be honored to join the list.

Keep working & sharing, Mr. @chbartist We all support your social program.

Genius & great.

Haha it seems you made this post for me.
Especially tthe procrastination part, i've been work on an article for some hours back and still waiting for the perfect time to publish it and I just happen to stumble on this post.

Perfectionism in my mind gets in the way of creating anything at all, and that's worse than uploading mediocre content.

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I mostly disagree, but it also depends what you think of mediocre content. Because what’s mediocre to you, might be another ones daVinci. For me personally true mediocre content has the ability to ruin your previous work.

I am talking about the mental barriers to creating content. "Perfectionism** in my mind** gets in the way of creating anything at all". That is, zero content being produced. It's neither daVinci, or crap because it doesn't exist at all.

While every attempt should be be made to make the best content possible, it isn't always feasible.
Perfectionism leads to procrastination. So, in my mind, I have to get to the point where "this is good enough" in order to launch the content I do.

Mediocre, to me in the quote above, means that which is halfway between perfect and crap.
Do I spend hours trying to find the right photo to accompany a blog entry?
Or will the first one that comes to mind be good enough?
The answer is the one that actually gets the content launched.

I can always improve on previous work with the next piece.

You may find a book called 'The War Of Art' (not The Art Of War) to be of interest.

This just opened my eyes to my own personal tendencies when it comes to "work" I need to do.

Bro @chbartist noone else can imagine these kinds of bloggs.only you why i love your bloggs...

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As true as it gets

perfectionism makes you less efficient

It also hurts your feelings, perfection being abstract, subjective and therefore unattainable.
What does the perfect horse/tree/essay/novel looks like?
Allegedly it possesses all the qualities granted by its nature, as Aristotle would say. But, What is the nature of a horse/tree/essay/novel?
It's sleepery. If we ask 100 people to draw the perfect tree, we will get 100 different trees (although if we are unlucky enough to gather 100 neurotic perfectionists we may never get any tree). :)

Perfection is a verdict on the quality of an action, decision or things. But before you judge anything it is better to ask yourself by whose standards do I consider this work to be the best or the worst?
I believe when you do anything with your heart, with honest, originality and with the best of your knowledge, talent and ability then its perfect enough.

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Hi, do you have a way of getting in touch with you?

i suggest if you have your own community discord .. i love to subscribe them

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Ultimately, I had to join the 'good enuf' crowd; because, perfectionism is a vain effort to be something/someone no one can successfully be. It is really of satan on many levels. I've learned to say that if God is pleased with my efforts, then no matter the results....all is well.

As noted, perfectionism is the friend of procrastination which is a very costly stumbling block, as nothing gets done.


As they say "let good not become the enemy of best"


Thank you for this post @chbartist, I identify with it, certainly perfectionism leads to postponement and this at the same time to the anxiety to finish and depression for not having finished it.

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