The Creative Bubble and How You Can Get Yourself Out of It...

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

The amount of our creativity is decided by many factors in a complicated system of cause and effects, most of them related to our brain and thought process.

Some people see creativity as a product of different chain reactions in our brain, but for some people, creativity is a supernatural muse that bestows them with original and intriguing ideas about how they should work on a particular project or artistic vision.

Whatever your assumption about creativity, we can certainly say that the force of creativity is not always with us. Sometimes, we just can’t bring your head around to come up with interesting ideas that could push our work forward.

What is the cause of that and what do we do in situations like this?

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Creativity is not humbled by your mere desire to create something at command. It takes dedication and patience. But that does not mean you should sit idly by if you are missing your creative force.

There are some methods and ways with which you can ignite the flame of your inner creativity again. But first, let us discuss what causes the demise of creativity.

We experience life as periods of time in which we are in a certain level of subconsciousness with a general idea of how we should see life. These are what we call thought bubbles. Thought Bubbles tend to limit our vision to that particular period of time with all its present elements.

It is as if our mind rejects any novelty that could come from outside that thought bubble. Anything is inexplicable, and everything new is dealt with aggressiveness from our brain.

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Lack of creativity might simply be because of getting stuck in a thought bubble. That thought bubble could extend for days, leaving you with no creative energy to work with. In situations like this, what you need to do is get out of the comfort zone of your bubble and try out new tasks to break your routine.

Routine is a powerful friend of thought bubbles. When you are stuck with a daily routine that you just can’t shake, your creativity will start to fade as a result of your mind rejecting novelty because it simply doesn’t need anything new to function!

So, what can we do in situations like this?

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The first and foremost idea is to break these routines and do something different. Take a look at your daily schedule and notice the things that you are always doing in the same order at the same time.

Try to challenge the cycle of those things and bring novelty into them.

This doesn’t mean that you are going to ruin your plans. If you are feeling a lack of creative energy, you will have to break out of your routines, but you should not lose your habits in the meantime. Consistency with your plans and your goals should always come first.

For instance, going for a walk is a decent choice when it comes to doing something out of the ordinary with your day to inspire creativity again. Walks have particularly proven to be a great catalyst for a lot of people’s creativity.

Reading new books might be another idea to increase your knowledge and boost your creativity as a result of newfound wisdom.

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Whatever you do, the most important thing is to remember that you have to shake the thought bubbles in order to achieve creativity again. If you are not willing to change something tedious about your life, you cannot expect novelty to show its face.

Be patient. Losing your creativity every now and then is not a concerning problem. Note that by using the method as mentioned above, you will learn how to get back your creative energy without wasting a lot of time.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


@nuthman I think you could be interested in reading this article🤓

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Thanks! I will read it.. after I finish my stupid taxes...

Ahah don't pay taxes🤣

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Our comfort zone is a space where our behaviors and activities fit a pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It’s a place of mental security that provides us with regular happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress.

Everywhere you turn, someone is telling you how awful your comfort zone is. It’s often demonized and likened to a prison from which you must break free.

The problem with this negative labeling is that it can also have a seriously negative affect on your self-esteem. Who can feel good about choosing to live in a prison? The guilt of doing so can backfire and cause even more inaction, rather than action.

If you put a positive label on your comfort zone, however, then you’ll never leave it and I think we all know that all your growth and magic occurs well outside your bubble.

The truth is that your comfort zone is neither good nor bad. Instead, see it for what it is – a natural state that we need to occasionally revisit to become less stressed and to process our experiences and the benefits of leaving it.

Consider your comfort zone as a temporary respite, not a permanent residence.

Amazing @chbartist ...!!!

I'm going to try that, because honestly I'm not very creative, hahaha. Thanks for the recommendation.

Oh yeah!
What a great point @chbartist!

I guess its like our body. Sometimes what we put in our mouth is some kinda routine also day by day and still we feel like we're still having discomforts in our body, we couldn't get into a perfect shape and well being, and most likely we get sick maybe every year or every month because we're putting the same thing in our mouth over and over again. I guess we have to reset our body on a regular basis to get rid of toxins. Maybe fasting or other diets needs to be considered.


Beyond that, of the different methods or strategies that we use to develop creativity, the most important thing is that our mind allows us to be creative, to make our thoughts become coherent and allows us to create different things day after day.

Sometimes, I see, for example, in this platform different publications, that after reading and analyzing them I end up asking myself: How do you do so many interesting things? How can I do to achieve this? The answer I assume is correct, is that the people who develop these post, of course, have a great intellectual capacity and have also managed to unlock their minds to the point that has allowed them to generate or develop intellectual creativity.

Just as you have to develop your intellectual capacity, it is also necessary, study, work, dedication and perseverance, are the keys not only to be creative, but also to succeed in life in any activity that we develop.

Regards ..

Beliefs that only special, talented people are creative (and you have to be born that way) diminish our confidence in our creative abilities. The notion that geniuses such as Shakespeare and Mozart were gifted is a myth, according to a study at Exeter University. Researchers examined outstanding performances in the arts, mathematics, and sports, to find out if “the widespread belief that to reach high levels of ability a person must possess an innate potential called talent.”

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I tend to seek my creativity by going outdoors and dealing with my yard. If often feels like a therapy session after which Inam renewed with energy!

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Hi @chbartist

To be in the best creative state, outside the bubble, we must be free with time and energy, we must not be having so many things to do, we should be engaging with art and other positive stuff like exercise and reading books.

When we are tied up or get ourselves entangled in too many things to manage, we lose our creativity. That's how children are losing their creativity these days. Being loaded with so much study and exam pressure put on them by the school system, they are not able to excercise their creativity which can be naturally seen in children who have not started school yet.


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Creativity is necessary like water to plant. It leads us to achieve our Target or goal. Creative people always find a way to do work with consistency.

Oh, I just read about thought bubbles: the thing that always blurred my thinking process. Most of the time I experienced it, even how hard I try to think, nothing comes to my mind.
This is the reason that when any creative ideas came to my mind, I write it on my "creative ideas" notebook for future references.

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Hey!That's exactly what I needed. I never even thought that my "daily routine" is killing my creativity. Thanks for informing me.

Your words are an inspiration and I can see from the comments that there are #steemers already that have found solace in your words and realised that their creativity was stifled by their lifestyle ruts, gosh don’t we all have them. Any way I decided before Christmas to learn to play the fiddle. I already play mandolin and am picking up clawhammer banjo. After 4 weeks of daily fiddle practice it has improved my other instrument skills and has certainly had an affect on my other creativity skills in other areas. I believe that the new neural pathways that are opened up when you try something new, make a big difference right across your whole life. Let’s all learn new skills in 2019🙏

This's just a by-product of creativity...Excellent piece @chbartist! Creativity is not all about being a professional in a particular field, but we sort of have inspiration from above and that's what makes us creative wherever we go.... I'm jealous about the list of contributors mentioned above....Keep it up!

A big thanks to you @chbartist! Yeah is good to be creative because you would always have an alternative way of taking care of something. Like I always say; There is know excuse for inability to be creative!
keep on steeming, have fun and enjoy your holiday.

Saludos chbartisy! En base a la publicación, la rutina lleva a la persona a un estado de "agotamiento creativo", el cual no permite el fluir de las ideas. Un ejemplo es cuando en el trabajo nos quedamos estancados en un problema.

Cuando las ideas no fluyen, debemos tomar un descanso, dejar que el cerebro se relaje, y en ese momento de "relajación" aparece en nuestro pensamientos la solución al problema. ¡Cuantos no han pasado por esta experiencia!.

Feliz día!

It is a great true that routine encloses us in a thought bubble, nullifies our creativity.

Personally, I am excited and motivated my creativity when in my job I am assigned to new and challenging projects that link me to think outside the box and push me to innovation.

Other recommendations to stimulate creativity, listen to motivating music, like gas exposed in previous post, paint and draw, meet with happy, optimistic and creative people; the videojuegods and dance. Each of these activities are related to our style of learning and intelligence. Another way is to become the habit of writing what we think and feel; It is an exercise that stimulates the brain to have new ideas.

Best regards

creativity is a lot of things like being able to create something out of nothing.

agree! making masterpieces out of scraps!

hi @chbartist Sir,

Hats off to your creative thoughts for guiding us to get out of the "creative bubble"

Thank you very much for breaking it with your creativity!!!

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It is true, to have creative and ingenious ideas, we must get out of our routines, especially if these do not produce in our lives a dynamic that fills us with joy, peace.
The metaphor of bubbles seems right to me. I love your post They contribute a lot to improve my lifestyle...

Thank You @chbartist For Sharing the golden tips to ignite the inner creativity. This will really help many people who read this post carefully.
I will try my best to use your suggested tips to ignite my creativity.

Well said sir

hiee @chbartist, You are writing superb post, i just read your post like the fairytales and making the pictures of whatever 'm reading .
The method you have written above is very much beneficial as because 'm already following this.. i got fedup with my daily schedule "office to home, home to office"
my inner creativing of writing is just killing , by which i always feel frusted and unhappy , so i decide
Get out and experience new things, new events, new places, new activities, new people.
Finally now 'm happy in the world of steemit, enhancing my creativity here.
Altlast a big thanks for giving as such spectacular articles.

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For me, living a life of experience is the best way to boost creativity. You can draw on that experience, good bad and ugly to create with. As seen in the new Black Mirror film psychedelics can also help people see the bigger picture

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this is what came to mind when i read this.. there are instances when creativity springs forth in moments of adversity. i remember mcgyver, whose quick-thinking and creativity simply shines when he gets stuck in a room or just in moments of despair.

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