Success Story #5: The Man Who Cast a Long Shadow

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Hi, Steemians!

In our series of articles about successful people, we take a look at the lives and the endeavors of the bravest people who have ever graced this world with their existence.
Today we will tell the tale of a man who, despite extraordinary circumstances that would prevent him from seeing the face of success in a prejudiced world, fought back and achieved unanimous and worldwide popularity and admiration.
This person is Peter Dinklage, born on June 11, 1969 to a common salesman and a school teacher. You may know him as one of the talented actors of his generation, but most people know him as the legendary protagonist of HBO’s adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones.

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It is always a pitiful thought that humanity takes so long to move past its prejudiced viewpoints and obsolete ideas about the world. Throughout history, short stature has been a signature of singularity and uniqueness, and almost every culture has seen fit to indulge in their dark prejudice of hurting such unique people, both emotionally and physically.
Although this sort of intolerance is almost extinct in the current landscape of society, there are still communities who impose such prejudice to people who are afflicted with uniqueness of any kind.
Peter Dinklage was born with achondroplasia, which is a disorder relating to dwarfism. He is now known as one of the most talented and influential people around the globe, but his fame and success did not come easy.

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Aside from his obvious physical limits, Peter Dinklage had a tough time at the start of his career. After graduating from college, Peter came to New York with one of his friends to follow his dreams of becoming an actor. They rented out an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
The apartment would tremble as trains passed above them, and there was no heating whatsoever. A colony of rats infested their structure, and Peter eventually had to buy a cat to get rid of them. His friend eventually gave in, and moved to Seattle to pursue a different career. Peter, on the other hand, could never surrender.
He grew to hate his height problem, as the first thing everyone noticed about Peter was not his brilliant acting skills, but his appearance. Getting over his issue with achondroplasia took long and lasting years, but eventually, he accepted himself for who he was.

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Peter eventually had to find a job in a statistics firm to pay the costs of living. To this day, he has no idea what he did at the firm, and claims that he would put numbers and words in computers all day long and smoke cigarettes with his coworkers in their free time.
All the while, Peter kept dreaming of becoming a proper actor. He would refuse cliched and humiliating roles which involved people with physical disabilities. One of the reasons for his eventual success was the value that he put on himself as an actor, despite his numerous disadvantageous in the cruel and selective landscape of Hollywood.
Peter inevitably scored his first significant role in the 1995 film called Living in Oblivion, and continued his streak of fine acting in several other films until he became properly known for his talent and resolve.

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He later became the obvious choice for the role of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, and received widespread acclaim and popularity for playing the cunning lion of the seven kingdoms.
“Raise the rest of your life to meet you. Don’t search for defining moments because they will never come. The moments that define you have already happened, and they will already happen again. Don’t wait until they tell you are ready.” He says in one of his speeches.
With many critical achievements, nominations and awards, Peter Dinklage is now known as one of the finest actors of our generation.




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Good afternoon

unfortunately, we live in a society where physical appearance, fun, elegance, etc., are part of the stereotype of "ideal person" that, erroneously, has many people.

People should not be judged because they have one or another physical character, people should be judged by their intellectual, spiritual and emotional abilities. If I go a little further towards people, they should not be judged, if not accepted as they are.

The story of this great little man is a sign that wanting is power, and that with effort, dedication, hard work and study, all the things we propose can be achieved.

Regards ...

This is a clear example that when you want you can. Peter Dinklage never gave up hope and, despite the adverse situations he went through, he always focused on his desire to be an actor and work on big productions until he did. And the truth is that you have to have courage and courage to impose yourself in the world of cinema, where physical appearance is what counts most.

Hi friend. The disability or physical defects are not a limit to achieve success. We each came to the world with a bag full of talent that we must implement.

I am an example of that, as most of the albinos, I have a problem of low vision. I have it difficult in some activities, but never stopped me to achieve my life goals.

Congratulations, it's a great post

En la vida no existe el que "merece mas" la vida no le hace ojos a eso, solo existe aquel que logro conquistar su sueño, y este pequeño hombre conquisto lo que buscaba con trabajo duro y dedicación.

I really love his acting. I don't know about his hardwork. He is really a hard worker. To become successful we have to faith in our ability and never get detrned by the failure. So we can achieve everything what we are dreaming to become in our life . It's true Hardwork pays off sometime.

I recently saw Pixels with Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage, but I have not seen Game of Thrones yet. I think I'll watch it.
Thanks for your post

@chbartist, Success never gives the Entrance Opportunity so easily and people who put everything for the success and keep putting day and night efforts to reach their goals, today or tomorrow the door of their deserving position will be opened because hard work and never giving up attitude cannot fail. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Muy bella actitud no dejarse acomplejar por la estatura; en la mente cualidad abstracta de los humanos es donde està la diferencia, muchas personas con tamaños muy impresionante, cuentan con una mente muy reducida que apenas logran cumplir lo elemental.@lujosag

Saludos chbartist! Excelente relato sobre la bibliográfia de Peter Dinklage; siendo esta persona un ejemplo a tomar de perseverancia frente a las adversidades impuestas por una sociedad con idealismos excluyentes.

En la vida, por circunstancias extrañas, cuando la persona esta segura de sus capacidades, así como de sus objetivos; en su camino se le colocaran todos los obstáculo necesarios para que aprenda, valore y mejore sus capacidades humanas, alcanzando las metas trazadas, ganando todos los méritos por esfuerzo propio.

Peter Dinklage es un ejemplo de que, con trabajo duro, preparación y perseverancia se puede llegar a la cúspide del éxito, a pesar de los estereotipos o ideales sociales.

Feliz día!

Wow great write up @chbartist
I am inspired, this has been one of my major issue and the worst of it all is that ones you meet people you knew before, they notice your small stature and make a comment on that before they even say hi. It's hard though but am pulling through. we are all born perfect and we should accept our selfs the way we are.

This man (Peter) is such a great source of inspiration for us. He demonstrated that our physical deformities and size cannot be hurdles in our way of success. He was determined to change his life. Nothing can match determination and perseverance.
His life was difficult and full of sorrows. It also taught us that we must not judge people according to their physical appearance. In fact, we must be free of every prejudices and wrong perceptions. We cannot be true human if we don't get rid of these bad habits.

@chbartist Tale of peter is most inspired me , I saw Game of thrones and role of Tyrion . I enjoyed that web series . Actually when we think deeply then we realize it that we have many uncovered personality , They need only a good plate form to express himself , and sometimes people give up it , and who never give up PETER DINKLAGE one of them .


Thanks for sharing useful information about Peter Dinklage, he is my favorite character in game of thrones series he remain main character in every season of GOT series. I love this small guy acting and talent.

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Thanks sir for attention.
Nice very good article about successful life I appreciate your job.

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Thank you for your important note. I need a positive environment. I'm glad. this is first article i read, after not posting anything for weeks. Together we can create better world.

Peter Dinkage. My favorite character from GOT. Love his choice of words. Thanks for sharing with us

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Hello, I feel proud of the work you did, it shows the world that it is possible to achieve dreams and not lose hope no matter how hard the circumstances, that's very noble of you. I want to share this link: . I hope it is to your liking. Thank you.

The power of a focused mind plus a talent and hard work is just unspeakable. It can create what the eye is not prepared to see, it can change your history nope! It can change your future story.
I heard these words somewhere that people don't care how much tempest you encountered, what care about is this did you bring in the ship. This is so true about life, challenges will always be there, poverty will always be there. You may have come from a rough background, we do not deny that, but you have bother the power and the opportunity turn things around. If you choose to focus on what you have with work hard and patience you will achieve something of worth for yourself.
Do not blame anybody but take responsibility accept the challenge get to work.

Dont wait . If you there are no way or path to your dream , make one for yourselves.

It not easy , but its possible .

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This is nice write up, a lesson never to give up on your dream.
Never allow someone opinion to determine your life.

We generally been interested by the attitude of the high achievers, in any field their order, their disappointments, the assurance in their eyes even with challenges, their center, and the significance of their needs.
These are everything we can duplicate in the event that we contemplate how they live their lives. In any case, so as to achieve our objectives the manner in which they did, we should initially build up the propensities for fruitful individuals.
A reason provides guidance to a man's life. Without it, you wind up living by another person's gauges, or simply pursue the group and never satisfy your maximum capacity.
In addition, you include controls inside you hanging tight to be opened. Any vision you make in your inner consciousness today can be the existence you live.

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It's a real shame that society places such an emphasis on physical appearance. Many great people throughout history have been subjected to discrimination based upon how they look, and not what they can do.

I haven't really seen much of Peter Dinklage's work, but he must be a talented actor. I can imagine that, for him, trying to break into Hollywood during the eighties and nineties would have been much more difficult than it would be today.

I consider he doesn´t have a disability or physical defects, because hi has an extraordinary talent.

if some people speak badly of others it is because they do not have the talent that other people possess.

The talent already comes in the blood of each person, and nobody has the permission to judge someone else.

Something very important is that he does not care what other people thought about him, because he did not find any obstacle that would stop him to achieve his own success .. !!

Amazing @chbartist ...!!

Great example of life, these stories motivate you to get ahead and be better every day, never stop fighting for your dreams, thank you friend for sharing this good content

Thank You for a great article about great people. By reading this article I came to know, no pain no gain.

I never knew this person before, I am not in a habit of watching web series or not even familiar with such content....but I like reading your blogs because they are always informative.

Great example of overcoming situations we do not and cannot control to achieve our goals. It was great to see his story given how I enjoy his roles! Barriers are mostly setup by ourselves by accepting external forces; we need to sidestep them and move forward with effort and hardwork to demonstrate our individual capabilities!

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Lessons from your article should be taken, physical problems should not be a bar for achieving a desired goal, thank you very much for presenting a nice article.

Wow. if some one develop the ability to listen his/her own intuition. great things can be achieved. I believe that.

Acceptance is one of the many virtues we need to achieve. There are things we can't change that needs to be accepted fully whether we like it or not and move on the things we can change.
Thus, we will grow better and better everyday until we reach our purpose and destination.

I'm checking the names in your post now, they have some cool content! Upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you so much to give us some of your time very good blog and ita took long time from you many thanks for sharing with us. best regards :)

This is fun, your work is so inspiring!

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He is motivated that why he climbed the ladder of success

I think he is on steemit,his name is @dimimp wonderful man, I have not benefited from him but my close friends have. God bless him

I think he is on steemit,his name is @dimimp wonderful man, I have not benefited from him but my close friends have. God bless him

That isn't him, thats a Nigerians account

That's him!

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Este texto es un claro ejemplo que la única que detiene al hombre es la mente y su pensamiento, somo capaz de lograr lo que queramos con esfuerzos y sacrificios.

Nicely written! Peter Dinklage is a fine actor and worthy of your notice.
Thank you.

PS - feel free to add me to your list.

Your project is interesting and very good. Every man wants to be a successful life.

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Very nice post and really like it.

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Peter Dinklage is not a once-in-a-generation guy. He is someone we see almost everyday in life. What differentiates him from others is undiminshing hard work and his acceptance of himself. He who is cool enough to be contented with himself, can do wonders. Can I get added in your list?

Very inspiring.

He is the man, whom we should think when feel we cannot achieve some thing because we lack some thing.

An informative story

Great post @chbartist about a wonderful actor who has really made Game of Thrones the special series that so many people love, he being many of the watcher’s favourite. Nice to learn some background information about Peter and zip really love the tile you chose for this post.
Every time I read one of your posts, I choose a few random people from your list and check out their blogs. I have discovered some interesting and warm #steemians this way.your posts are resteemed a lot I notice, one reason I guess I come across them off, you are a great asset to the community. 🙏

"I am the God of tits and wine!" I really like how he play Tyrion Lannister in Game of thrones and tbh he is my favorite character in GOT.

Thank you very much for sharing good things.

@chbartist ,
It is one of the Millions that gave confidence to those who have illness and disability to keep moving forward and to live normally in this world.
Many normal people hinders people with disability and sickness to work normally or to live peacefully. Discriminations was mostly received by sick and disabled persons in the people that surrounds them.

"Sick People are mostly the normal one than Normal people who make a sin and sickly act."

Looking forward for your support

Yours truly,

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I never knew this person before, I am not in a habit of watching web series or not even familiar with such content....but I like reading your blogs because they are always informative.

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