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RE: My First Big Mistake - Being Careful With Missteps, Knowing Your Lack of Experience.

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We need to help people in Venezuela. Please be sensible and watch what is unfortunately happening to the people of that country. Please see this post and an upvote on it or listen to what I did if you can. . @pxmcd @onestring

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 07.32.30.png


You are so sweet, thank you so much! :(( I just read your post and i'm taking notes haha!!! You are always gonna be successful because you are humble and a great person. So happy that still exist people like you<3

Espero que usted pueda tener una vida mejor de aquí en adelante

Thank you so much for helping! Blessings

the truth I hope that everything goes well and since I am from venezuela also the situation that we are all living, I wish you good luck and success!

I gave some love to her post. :)

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