Learning to Appreciate The Grind - Almost Always Less Is More...

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Almost without exception every single one of us has to struggle in life. We know all too well that nothing that we have ever achieved of meaning has been easy, and understand that the way we learned to appreciate its value was because of the sacrifices made.

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One could say its not that intuitive. We want to be happy, we want to live a life of peace, but the way that we understand value and appreciation is with contrast.

Try to think about this for a second, if you had no reference of cold, How could you know what heat means? If you had no reference for colors, if you were blind, How could you tell blue from green? In many ways the experiences we collect work as contrasts to help us understand.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”
Theodore Roosevelt

As a mental exercise picture yourself right now having everything you want. All your problems taken care of, your debt, everything. Try to reach inside your mind and ask yourself if that sensation of relief, or joy is becoming reality or your tricked perception is just as effective. Can you see what I mean? For a split second your ability to leave your current situation and have that contrast made you smile.

Some might say that appreciating the bad times sounds a little ridiculous. Why would they be called bad if there was anything good about them? But if we accept them, and try to learn from those experiences, not only will we become more effective but hopefully more grateful.

There is a famous quote I constantly like to remember when thinking about this:

“It's part of life to have obstacles. It's about overcoming obstacles; that's the key to happiness.” - Herbie Hancock

I can’t seem to find a single flaw with that line of thinking because I’ve come to accept that there is no such thing as an easy life. Even those who we think have one, have their own struggles to deal with as well.

This is exactly why when I’m feeling a little down, I try to remember this truth I learned so many years ago. I try to think about the fact that everything worth achieving always had a cost to be paid and carry on. Maybe the magic trick here is just learning to appreciate the grind as they say…

Almost always less is more and life is really that simple, we just tend to complicate ourselves.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend



Cool to see you quote Herbie. He's one of my favorite jazz composers and musicians. My favorite quote by him is

A jazz musician is not a jazz musician when he or she is eating dinner or when he or she is with his parents or spouse or neighbors. He’s above all a human being . . . the true artform is being a human being.

And being a human involves the perception of obstacles and the gradual dissipation of them by increased awareness. With no friction, life would be bland and meaningless. With too much activity, life is hell. Finding that balance is so important - and often so elusive.

I love reading your article, we have to learn a lot in this writing. There is no value in the world, thank you

In the hard times is when we must take advantage of the lessons of the past, what you say is worthy of admiration since many are overwhelmed and sometimes the solution comes by a simple reflection, I liked this article very much, thank you for sharing it!


@ chbartist yes i,m agree with you and you are right struggle is the name of life. But Life is always give you opportunity. aAvoid making the mistake of wasting our time. And time on urgent and unimportant tasks, a person must complete prioritize a daily.I am very much happy to see that others doing the same and this would become the culture on the steem ecosystem.
Thank you for everything you do to improve this already great platform. Much appreciation from me!

Avoid making the mistake of wasting our time

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Organized point of view, the point about life is we should reconsider every single direction taht our mind is going to guide us in major decisions but in daily routines, there is no need doing that. As i always said: MIND IS THE KING...
take a look at my last article too...


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I'm very appreciated that you took time and explaining, I do respect it and updated my previews comment.

Mistakes happen and you can't avoid all of them but the thing matters is to learn from mistakes to perform better in future. It is a fact that life is full of experiments and today each and every development humans achieved is by learning from mistakes and by preparing better next time.

If you start from SCRATCH then you will work 3 YEARS without MONEY and fame. ONLY preparation to fly.

nice thinking

Just what was on my mind and you've put it here already... Thanks

you are an inspiration for me you posts help me a lot in my day to day life. thank you

Yes, Mr. @chbartist, You are absolutely right because the struggle is the second name of life without struggle we can't enjoy our success effectively. We all have to think about self and do something for us to that we can live happy without exception we have to struggle in our life because if we don't know where we want to go then how can be reach there. I appreciate your effort because You are motivating people through your blog that really a great job that's why I can't stop myself to resteem your post.
Thank you so much for sharing with us :-)

Thank you so @amar15. Success...

@chbartist is doing a great job creating struggle for steemians like you.

Yes, You are absolutely right and I appreciate his effort.
Thank you @mightyblueberry :-)

Hey @chbartist great post. I agree with you on everything here and would like to elaborate on a couple of your points for your readers. I like the question you pose, "Why would they be called bad if there was anything good about them?. A point I would like to make in agreement with you is this, bad and good are subjective concepts. For example, imagine a billionaire losing $10,000. Most likely they wouldn't give it a second thought. It may not be ideal in their mind but they most likely wouldn't look at it as a bad thing. However, if an average man with a wife, two kids, mortgage, car payment, etc. were to lose $10,000 they most likely would perceive it as being devastating. And all because of their particular view on it which changes for everyone. I think its important for both your readers and mine to remember that concepts like good or bad, concepts that are subjective, that aren't the same for everyone, really hold no weight or value other than what we give them. So a major step in changing ones life for the better is simply to monitor what you give weight/importance/value to.

I also wanted to touch on another thing you said which I very much agree with. You mentioned a quote by Herbie Hancock (a great one by the way) and added that you've come to accept that there is no such thing as an easy life. Early in my military career, in order to help persevere certain training I was going through at the time, I knew I needed to tell myself something to keep pushing me through the pain and adversity. So I came up with the mantra (feel free to use this as well) An easy life is an empty life. That mantra kept me going through numerous times in my life as a reminder that there is nothing to learn when travelling the safe road and that everything I had in my life that I loved and cared for was earned through hard work. Anyway, thanks for a great post. You got my upvote and I'll be following you immediately to read more of what you post. Take care and be well.

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Hello @chbartist, I'm surprised that one of your labels is Venezuela.
I am Venezuelan, and we are in this country struggling to get out of our economic crisis, personal, this has caused us problems and, in turn, the departure of so many families. And then, here I always say yes, we begin to cry, to regret, we do not solve anything.
If we are in a strong crisis, but personally I say it in my family, thank God, we have a house, and some blessings that now benefit us in this crisis that we do not have to pay the rent, nor live on the street, then in each crisis, we must see the strengths, here I grew up, I studied, I formed my family, here, I have until now, my way of generating income plus Steemit, who entered our lives to not enrich us, but managed to solve problems with additional income.
Life is beautiful, it is one and you must bless it and thank it every day.
I like your reading, keep it up, blessings for you.

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Another great thought from your side. I also think that your bad times help you realise the value of good time.
If someboy has not gone through the bad time he will not respect the time and also will not value that.
People want to have success but its better to remember the cost that we have paid to achieve that.
Nice Post.images.jpg

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great stuff

It's good find obstacles that make you grow better and stronger and ofc happier XD


Yes...its true...we all complicated our lives......

Nice post.

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If you want to get success or everything then you should not stop try to struggling.
Without the struggle there is nothing in the world for you.
Then if you get success , then the world is enough against you struggle.
So keep struggling, you will get success one day.

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Tough days make tough investors~~

Rightly said , nothing comes easy , everything comes with time and dedication. , I can relate to the above because I have e practically gone through all in my life and I am still going through it , learning never stops , we have move on and face all challenges

In the tough circumstances is the point at which we should exploit the exercises of the past, what you say is deserving of esteem since many are overpowered and now and again the arrangement drops by a basic reflection, I enjoyed this article in particular, thank you for sharing it!

Very Well Written @chbartist
A big thanks for the Motivating post.
Have a good time.

La vida está en constante movimiento, desde su principio físico básico hasta el más espiritual. La energía que no se mueve, no existe por lo tanto en esa posición estática, no hay vida, solo quietud.
La vida es una contradicción permanente, entre lo que somos (desde los átomos), lo que nos rodea y lo que aprendemos a diario. Y la felicidad no se encuentra en lucha contra el caos, ni en quedarnos estáticos simplemente contemplando. Creo que se trata de aceptarlo y fluir con él. Entender que las dificultades son parte de la vida, y en lugar de armar el aspaviento por los que "nos tocó pasar", seguir fluyendo y resolver un obstáculo a la vez. Todo está entramado, y cuando lo entiendes, somos capaces de disfrutar las dificultades con la misma plenitud que los recursos abiertos. Porque ambas forman parte de una TODO.
El post está muy bueno, pero no tomemos por cierto que sólo podemos ser virtuosos si pasamos MUCHAS dificultades... lamentablemente, los grandes de la historia han vivido su don en permanente contradicción con su caos interior (es decir, las musas contra los demonios) pero no siempre tiene que ser así, porque podemos hacer que las dificultades saquen lo mejor de nosotros y entender que la "lucha" es sólo la vida, siendo ella misma. FLUIR, no es pasividad, sino entendimiento para asumir cada tarea por vez. Eso creo... Felicidades por el post!

Yes sir @chbartist, it is really a good feeling to reach the pinnacle of life when you reached it with struggles. There's no reason for celebration if there's no struggles in reaching our dreams for sweet is the success when we overcome the bitterness of life. Thank you sir for sharing your lessons of life...

Another great thought my friend .I fully agree that nothing of value comes without struggle and nature has its own examples to prove it. The diamonds get their hardness and sparkle only after having withstood the intense pressure upon them for many years at a stretch.

Thanks for the awesome read!

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@irfan786 I appreciate your comment but I would like you to know that the inflês is not my native language, however I speak 4 languages and life is always an apprenticeship. People also make grammatical errors in their comments but I do not care about this because I'm sure many of them are not writing on their native stringers. What is most important is that the intention, the attitudes, and the message are understood.

I'm not search for Shakespeare (s) on steemit. I'm search for honest people

But, thank you again!

Regards and all the best!


I took a moment to translate it, and it was worth every second that it lasts reading, it is very deep and full of truth, many times, we let small things collapse our big world ... very affective thank you very much. Greetings from Venezuela.

I remember how I feel after a conquest. I would usually imagine how all the pain and how I have doubted each step until that very moment of accomplishment, and I will smile. This has given me pleasures several times and I tend to be motivated to encounter more in future endeavours. I am the type that can't even stay without work ... I just want to work, I feel alive working and through this, I find new interesting meaning to life

Yes sir , you are right without hard working even we can't grow on steem platform mostly people came here to only earn money but they don't want work that hard and eventually they fail . your msg inspired to work even more harder

I like it myfrend

He is not your friend. He is depriving you of opportunities through his excessive vote buying.

I totally agree with you on this

I can’t seem to find a single flaw with that line of thinking because I’ve come to accept that there is no such thing as an easy life.

And what I always say is that life is not hard, what you go through in achieving your goals and dreams is what is necessary to attain the life you wish to.

I completely agree with your thoughts..!!
Tough time never last but tough people do..!!
There is theory of change and another theory of permanence..!! We need something to measure change some constant ...!!
Same with life obstacles are permanent. It's definition changes ...!! Few fights for bread fee for money and land ...!!
But only those who succeeded who fought all odds, obstacle and got glory, rest kept finding excuses and dreaming.
Keep posting on diverse topics :-)

Excellent post @chbartist, it's really like that, many times we complain about everything bad in our life, but if we knew it's just a workout, I always believe that after the storm the sun rises, I accept my failures to enjoy my triumphs.

@chbartist Si, casi siempre menos es mas... y nos vamos dando cuenta al pasar de los años, y seguimos creyendo que todo lo malo suma para bueno :) pero no siempre tenemos esa certeza, ya que en los momentos malos nos sentimos devastados y abatidos con la vida, por un fracaso... pero la idea esta en nunca rendirse y siempre mirar hacia Adelante... "Fracasar no te hace una fracasado, rendirte si" Me gusto mucho tu publicación y me dejo pensando mucho, por el motivo de que no me siento sentía tan positivo como ahora... Gracias, tu publicación me dio un aliento de motivación no dejes de publicar..

Excelente articulo, aunque apreciar la rutina tambien va mas depende el tipo de personas, hay unas que no soportan la rutina, quieren y viven constantes cambios, situaciones nuevas, desafiantes, y hay otras que los cambios los prefieren de a poco, pausadamente, y disfrutan la tranquilidad y la sencilles del momento...

“If you're struggling today, remember that life is worth living and believe that the best is yet to come. Remember that you are loved, you matter, and never forget that there is always hope.”
― Germany Kent

People must realize that there is a difference between tasks of importance and urgent tasks, where some urgent tasks are less important than the previous one. In order to manage time and use it effectively, and avoid making the mistake of wasting time on urgent and unimportant tasks, a person must prioritize a daily, weekly or monthly list

Exactly @roselover. All the best!

Good Day chbartist,
Your piece is truly inspiring and motivating. As we all see, the world is changing every now and then.. ..and it involves everything!!! As the world change we ourselves change especially on how we adapt and accept things in life ( lifestyle, dealing with stress and problem, point of view, coping up challenges,dealing on competition in life, etc.)... If one will have the openness to accept all these things in life and willing to bear all things and do effort despite of the challenges , then one will harvest the sweet fruit and beauty of life .... Like what you said: life is really that simple, we just tend to complicate ourselves.....

So lets be simple and go with the flow.....

Yes my friend its true..

Thank for your valueble post!

A few months ago, i lost my business and i was very depressed. I just gave up. Somehow i managed to pick myself up, it was hard at first because i had lost confidence in myself. Then i read a quote that goes like this, "past performance is not a guarantee of future result". I realised that i had to learn from my bad experience and move on
I believe that if you dont have bad experiences, your life is incomplete. It is how you respond to those experiences that makes all the difference.

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Thank you for sharing. I've had some huge challenges lately and have felt very tested. I keep thinking back to a time years ago when I lost everything but gained the most spiritual connectedness of my life. I keep asking myself why I haven't been able to achieve that again. I think I'm getting there. I've been bound by the wrong things for a while. I'm releasing some things and starting over with fresh eyes. I feel like the path is beginning to appear again in front of me, & your post is another guide mark on that path. I hope you also feel better soon. Have a blessed day.

life is the struggle of @chbartist, from this post many things can be done. thank you @chbartist for sharing something useful in living life

NICE POST @chbartist ,you are absolutely correct .Without struggle we can't attain any heights in our life.We must overcome the obstacles that come to our life.Your words are really motivating me.Write more posts like this.BEST WISHES

You're right, many times we do not appreciate the routine, but when we do not have it ... we realize how important it was. I learned that, when a great friend, who had a routine life, came one day from the supermarket and went to bed ... when she woke up she could not get up anymore ... she could not walk anymore, and then she missed her routine. He could no longer go to the supermarket or do the things he did every day and that he never valued. They detected a tumor and unfortunately no longer found between us .... That made me think of how little we appreciate what we have and especially the routine we have to go every day to work, school, shopping, cooking, and although they are small, they are very valuable if the time comes when you can not do them anymore... We value all the things that God allows us to live because, however small and insignificant they are, they are very valuable.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :) you're welcome!

I'm totally agree with you In life, people are exposed to a number of problems and challenges, and it is only when such obstacles are tackled will a person be able to be successful. Success can never be earned by staying idle and this implies that it is important to put an effort to increase the chances of becoming successful in life. Hard work has always been encouraged starting from the time when a person is still young. Parents are used to telling their children to avoid in order to do well in school. Studies have also shown that hardworking students tend to excel in both their academics as well as extracurricular activities. Therefore, struggling is one of the most important components that differentiate between a successful person and a failure.
Hardwork is the key of success.

Perfectly written.... One can relate to the post... And yes there is no easy life.... Life is a grind and we should enjoy the grind to be happy..

Completely get on your side @chbartist about the fact LIFE IS A STRUGGLE.

We must pay attentsion to our goals rather than on unimportant tasks to succeed.

@chbartist thanks for this wonderful thoughts, I'm new here and reading this brings joy. Yes, you're right, we're bound to face obstacles in life, even on a daily basis but how we manage a particular situation we're in really matters, because it might affect us postively or negatively. Let's take it a day at a time. Thanks once again.

El mismo hecho de venir a este mundo, significa que nos enfrentaremos a retos, a fin de cumplir con el rol que nos espera en nuestras vidas, debemos tener constancia, para lograr nuestras metas. esfuerzo, constancia, acción y éxito

gracias @chbartist (CHB - Artist ) por tomar parte de tu tiempo para leer y apoyar . saludos

yeah, i agree with you.. Life is simple...we just tend to complicate ourselves. seems simple, but it's hard to do in this modern age

@chbartist your blogs always keep energised me. Well said by you in my view time never comes back. Basically I am learning from you small steps can do full journey. Thanks.

a struggle is playing the role of salt in our life as without salt there is no test in food, like that without a struggle life is nothing. struggle teaches us to live, not to surviwe.

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The pursuit of happiness is completely bogus, what you say is empty and devoid of meaning, might as well just go to church or watch a Saturday morning cartoon. Barf. Death to vote bots, disgusting

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He's a desperate man, if he really believed less is more he would not use vote bots, I guess greed is the exception

@chbartist probably yes life is full of struggle pain and gain in each phase .
It teaches us many lesson

@chbartist....i think without effort there is no man but deadbody

It is good to see you reduced your buying of rewards from the ridiculous to the merely silly, but we still feel this posting is way overrewarded.

I was checking the same, it is like throwing money in the bin. I suspect @chbartist is working on some sort of plan.

Es la realidad de la vida, no hay otras opciones, simplemente demos gracias a Dios todopoderoso por ser privilegiados de estar en esta vida maravillosa y seguir adelante.

Yes I am agree with you, @chbartist Every struggle in your life shape in to the person you are today, we learn from our mistakes and try to improve not to do the same mistakes again. and work hard to achieve our goals.

I think once an individual starts thinking of other’s struggles first more before they think of their own is a good thing. Nothing is ever easy as you said :).

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The truth is that life is not easy, it has touched me hard, but who does not, some more than others, but every life has its obstacles, the difference is how each person passes over them. good post

Without the struggle, it isn't fun... Yes, there might be times when the grind gets really tough but those are the times that define our characters. It's these hurdles in life that have been placed there to see if we are worthy of the glory of being called an Entrepreneur

You have absolutely right reason friend. I've always liked to work to get what I want. And many times I have obtained this without any kind of sweat I feel ... incomplete. there is no true happiness. Great post Very well written. I never get tired of reading them.

@chbartist probably yes life is full of struggle pain and gain in each phase .
It teaches us many lesson

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Thanks @chbartist for this elucidation which has been my thought all these while!!

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Agreed 100 percent

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Sir, you are my mentor and my [email protected] thank you so much

Do you aspire to be a scammer or are you that stupid?

Why did you tell this?

You can make more of your life my friend. The world is full of opportunities.

Yes i agree with you life is full of challenge if not except this challenge then you can't succeed.

We really have to leave that comfort zone life if at all we want to be somewhere in life

Yes @chbartist it's true that no one can get success without struggle in life...

I have a feeling you are going to struggle in your life. Thank @chbartist.

Yes bro... Struggle.. struggle... struggle... But I am sure I will get the success one day...

some people dont get to see the other side of the contrast

it's incredibly supportive thank you for this nice post. a very positive signpost. Thanks, I want more !

@chbartist Yes its true we all complicated our ......

Very good posts, hopefully a successful brother is always

Nice post for life

reality of life good job Sir

Some people say you wouldn't know the good without the bad to compare it to... Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

@chbartist Hey, you are doing right and nice work , keep it up ......

Nothing in life is more valued as soon as sacrifice is made to obtain it. The more it costs us something, it will be more relevant and it will be something we will take care of for the work that cost us. And in that same measure will teach us that life is not easy, and we can day after day fight for what we so much desire by supporting ourselves in previous experiences

I'm with ya. I've lately come to a saying.

"Hard is good. Hard is just fine, because Hard is possible. It's trying to live easy that kills you."

It's good to write.

Under the quote "less is more" ... actually it is like in music "less notes played, more beautiful lines/phrases created"

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @chbartist once again


you are right, everything is in perspective, what for you can be monotonous and boring, for another it can be a desired dream

This I what the life is isn't it

I was completely lost in thoughts with no hope. I thank you to give me some strength. Please keep on writing like this it changes someone's life.

I love reading your article, we have to learn a lot in this writing. There is no value in the world, thank you

Awesome post bro 👍👍👍👍