Knowing the True Difference Between Emergency and Important Tasks...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Today I want to talk to you about an inspiring quote that I saw a while back when I was doing research on willpower.
It basically went like this:

‘Today, I shall do what everyone is unwilling to do, so that tomorrow I can do what everyone is not able to do.’

We should always be wary of the difference between our emergency tasks and important tasks.

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Willpower is the cornerstone of success and it is the pillar that holds up all the realms of motivational content in a cohesive manner.

Our will to do something today that everyone feels negligent towards is what gives us power to do something that everyone may not be able to do tomorrow.

If you work today while everybody is safe sleep, you can do things tomorrow that they might not have the chance to do, because their negligence will eventually strip them of your opportunities.

Not everyone understands the importance and direness of the situation that they might find themselves in.

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Let us demonstrate our argument with a simple example. If you do not sow in the appropriate time of the year, then you cannot reap when everybody is expecting their harvest.

You have no harvest, because your vigilant self has failed to warn you of the consequences that you will have to face if you fail to live up the standards that society has determined for you.

Those who exercise their willpower to do what they must do will save them from the storm of tomorrow. By taking comfort in the procrastination of today, you will destroy all your tomorrows.

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It is the same with our emergency tasks and our important tasks. When your friend faces an incident and must be delivered to the hospital, you rush out and do everything that needs to be done on time, because your friend’s well-being is at stake.

Or when your rent is due, you will do everything in your power in the least amount of time to deal with your dire and urgent situation. But our minds fail to understand that important tasks will be the urgent situations of tomorrow.

For example, learning a new language might be an important task when you think about your goals and dreams, but it is not an urgent one.

That is why you do not feel the need to get on with it.

Little do you know that, in time, this important task will turn into an emergency task because you have failed to compensate for time.

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So, at first glance, important tasks might not be as dire as emergency tasks, but you need to treat them the same way.

Get on with your goals and your dreams, because if you do not, you will eventually find yourself in a dire situation when you need some things but did not allocate the right amount of time to gain them.

Indeed, there is no true difference between our important tasks and our emergency tasks, it is merely our deceptive mind which is at play here, tricking us into believing that our goals and our milestones may not be so important as to prompt action and steps to achieve them!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Another excellent post and conversation. Truly making the most out of each moment counts. If you sit around and do little with your time, guaranteed your success results will be little too. Try to live each moment to it's fullest, you only live once in this body. Thanks for another wonderful read, hope you have lots to smile about today!

Good motivation and excellent examples from life. You are right for everything in its own time, if you have any business, you shouldn’t put it off until tomorrow, because tomorrow may be late

Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, there is no big difference between urgent and important tasks, since they are essentially the same and we all must clearly understand what is better to do them today, otherwise it will be just late tomorrow and this should give us additional motivation to act!

I completely agree with you @chbartist that important tasks and emergency tasks are very important for us equally, because our future will depend on their fulfillment today. This should be an important factor and motivation for us to achieve our goals in life and make our dreams come true!

Important task give us a deadline time period and person related but emergency task and have immediate situation or circumstances.
Both are must but emergency more than first considering.

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Labour brings wealth, lazy brings sorrow, idle brain brings devil, willpower is the cornerstone of being wealthy by performing hard labour, considering every small job is important, suddenly appear important jobs can be called urgent jobs. Thanks for your excellent post.

@chbartist this post is so inspiring. Attimes, I feel like doing something and I know if I do it, it will be for the best but I end up dismissing it! since it's not an emergency. It's not just easy to do things as one thinks it. I will always try to put your inspiring quote in mind. Thank you for sharing

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It's like this message is directed to me!!
Procrastination is indeed a thief of time. Every dream is important.
Its the same point I'm trying to proove in my post recently. The world is highly competitive ...a few successes is not enough to relax, rather more work needs to be done to ensure that the success stays. It is hard to achieve success but it's even harder to maintain success!
Thank you for this inspiring post sir and I'm glad you see things as they really are.

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There's a very true saying that goes like this:

Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Today we must make the most of it because we do not know if tomorrow we will be presented with an eventuality that will prevent us from carrying out the activity we have pending and with it we will be delayed in achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.

Hello @chbartist!

I like this point of view of important tasks. If we do not do today's important tasks, they will become the emergencies of tomorrow. And the fewer emergencies we have, the better quality of life we ​​will have.

This suggests that among all the things we must do to live better is to organize ourselves well in the day. And it organizes our life so that we always go in the direction we want to go always.

That's right there is nothing worse than unfinished business. You can not postpone until later, what needs to be done today. Thanks for the motivating post

Saludos @chbartist! Tal como lo indicas, el cumplimiento de nuestras metas puede verse afectado por necesidades del entorno, así como desinterés que nos puede generar nuestros pensamientos para mantenernos en nuestra zona de confort.

Por lo anterior debemos mantener el enfoque en cumplir con lo objetivos planteados, en alcanzar cada meta trazada, de esta manera nos mantendremos en el camino hacia el éxito.

Feliz día!

It is all about truly prioritizing to become efficient with your time and ensure that bandwidth remains sufficient to continue the path forward. I often fond myself handling easy and quick issues before “emergencies” so that they cannot interrupt when finally working on priorities.

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Exactly, as you mention, you must sow in the indicated place so that, at the right moment, you can pick up the harvest. You have to work to obtain the expected results because if you do not work according to that, it will be difficult to achieve it.

Dear @chbartist sir
This is a situation where urgent help is needed. The epidemic situation is considered to be a situation where life, health, property or environment has to face urgent danger. In the situation of deficit, prevent the situation from deteriorating. Immediate measures should be taken. In some situations, the immediate danger can not be stopped and only later can be met by giving assistance. However, Hole right conditions, it is only another form of higher translation sidelines IMPORTANT work emergency in that reaches more damage in both circumstances you do not do this to be completed by the time we work.
Thank you

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It's a very great post. You are absolutely right that we should always use our Will Power properly and you also said very well that we should not always save it or else ,Otherwise we will not be able to find ourselves in a good position in the future.
There is an old saying that when you do tomorrow do it today, do it today,do it Now. it will happen in the whole world.

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I completely agree to your point of view even, we need to maintain a balance between important and emergency work, through that only we can maintain consistency.
Keep up with amazing content.

Hello @chbartist. Tasks urgent are inversely proportional to the important tasks. We should not allow laziness or negligence increase the emergency room in the future by postpone what should be performed in the present moment. The consequences of these behaviors are: increased stress and use solutions improvised and ineffective. There is a motto we repeated every day to dominate our will. "NEVER PUT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY "

entiendo todo el esfuerzo que estas haciendo ya que tengo una vida llena de responsabilidades y poco tiempo como lo describes en tu publicación. Me encanto lo que escribiste amigo valió la pena leerlo. Saludos y lo mejor para ti.

Really, how difficult it is sometimes not to do the right things at the right time. Sometimes we postpone what we should do and we take care of other less important tasks, without realizing we are wasting one of the resources that we will never be able to recover as time is. As you mention, if you do not sow in the right season, you will hardly be able to reap the fruits in the winter of your life.

Minor differences between emergency and important emergency that's immediate truth of life but important not immediate important give us time and period according to situation.

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another long, interesting post .... I admire people who write such posts with such passion ... the subject provokes comments, raises many interesting and important matters ... strong will is something important, but it is also important to plan all this and work together. ... you can not do everything by yourself, you have to count on the help of this other side ... it's easier ... Regards and thank you again, I read it carefully and it interested me

"So, at first glance, important tasks might not be as dire as emergency tasks, but you need to treat them the same way." I agree, and sometimes important and emergency rolls into one!

@chbartist absolutely correct!
We must do the hustle today because tomorrow never exists.
Keep posting this kind of stuff.

Excellent Post @chbartist To read your post is important tasks, and when I saw in my feeds it is an important task to read for me.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge through beautiful words.

"Those who exercise their willpower to do what they must do will save them from the storm of tomorrow." Yes, too true, i keep pushing everything off to tomorrow until there is way too much.

Such a beautiful blog. it seems clearly that u putted all your efforts in this blog. Appreciated (:

There's no emergency when important tasks are already done.

Those who exercise their willpower to do what they must do will save them from the storm of tomorrow. By taking comfort in the procrastination of today, you will destroy all your tomorrows.

Let tomorrow be worried of itself. Our work to do is today not tomorrow, why worry and think of tomorrow?
We can't do tomorrow but only today.

When thoughts of worry come into our minds, ignore them because they're adding more worries in our lives. If we think deeply worry is useless.

A thorough and detailed article about importance and emergency. Indeed a very meaningful subject and its separated through a very thin line. Basically its we who can decide about it. Thanks @chbartist for the nice post.

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It's like a chess game ! ... It's like Chess games. It requires common sense otherwise... Checkmate. ...

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I feel like we are on the same page. I write about mindset a lot myself so this is very interesting feed for me! Definitley +1 follower!

Very informative, and useful, upvoted and resteemed!

The difference is simple, Has to and Have to.

excellent post, keep up the good work..

such a amazing and information able. i really inspire you thinking such a nice person. i will pray that you live long happiness and get more and more success.

#chbartist what Knowing the True Difference Between Emergency and Important Tasks...

It is the issue of priorities and what you value the most. There is no such thing as an Emergency task in your Wildly Important Goals, and I believe it takes process no cutting corners.

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It is necessary to have a strong will to achieve its goal and I consider this as important.

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This quote comes to my mind after reading this post:

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

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Happy Friday. Very nice outline. I'd say that getting ones priorities in order can help a great deal in navigating life.

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Learning to distinguish between different tasks and the varying degrees of necessity is an essential life skill, one that can make your life more manageable.

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I think we always should be ready for action. And be able to set priorities on time!

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@chbartist our mind is the greatest gift and weapon in the universe and you made my point clear in a mindblowing way, would you write on a motivational topic in future?

Excellent review. Thanks for motivating us!

Compassion and yes i want to be into the list

Success is the consequence of failure. The biggest challenge in life is to keep trying to become better

Such a timely reminder. :) We certainly have seasons and it is important to make sure that we do so at the right ones.

Am personally coming out of a season of rest, and it is apt for me to get back into a little more action, motion and traction. ;)


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