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In writing, we give validity to the most celestial essence of our creation. Creating, in the light of creation itself, is the greatest feat in the life of man, and nothing can be as enlightening as the creative process behind writing.
Writing is a divine tool. For as long as we can remember, people have used this tool to give meaning to existence, life, and the society in which they cohabit.

Times immeasurable, writing has been the sole comrade of mankind through their pain and suffering. It is through writing that the wisdom of the past and the accumulation of knowledge survives and thrives to ever greater depths unbeknownst to the older generations.

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With that being said, it is strange that only a very small percent of the world’s population writes down their goals and their dreams. Maybe that is why we have so few people that actually succeed in their endeavors.
The path to success and realization of dreams requires action, not words. This statement is completely true. But when you write down your goals, they are always in front of you.

You merely have to take a look at the paper and you will imagine them just as vividly as you did when you were dreaming about them. Even the very best of us need these reminders, for the deceptive mind is always at work to dissuade you from the path that you have set upon with a fiery passion. The deceptive mind takes that passion and locks it away in a chest that becomes intangible and incorporeal to you.

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When things are in your mind, they are in a particular form of reality, but when you write them down, they are forever bound by the ink and the paper, which gives them a much more comprehensible and relatable reality that you could always look up.

It is in the habit of the most successful and accomplished of people to write down their goals, the things that they want to do, and the things that they have to do within a certain amount of time. Writing is a great practice to flesh out your inner desires and chart a path to go after them.

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Here are some things to consider if you decide to write down your chains of thought. Write your ideas with clarity and positivity. They don’t necessarily have to be realistic. Have the courage to reflect a positive and wishful outlook. When you picture yourself achieving a certain dream, that image has many aspects that are a joy to think about. So, when you are writing, try to be as detailed as possible. Do not just write down the thing you want to achieve; try to describe it with all its features and qualifications.

Do not use future tense in writings of this kind, for it will subconsciously fool your mind into believing that it is something in the future and it should stay in the future. Last but not least, try to expose yourself to these writings as much as you can. The effect that this will have on your mindset is going to be beyond your wildest dreams.
Take hold of a pen, put down a paper, start writing the things that have been troubling your mind, and see how these words will carry you where you need to go.


I apologize for not being able to respond to everyone who writes meaningful comments and actively participating in this community but you who are here will always have my upvote as a way of thanking and everyone knows that and I have the goal to help everyone achieve an upgrade in life of all of you every day and form a community that wants to program your Positive Mindset and help each other and so we will be a unique community where the main foundations are the respect, the generosity that can serve for many people. The world needs more and more like this, believe me. And for this I ask the effort of all of you to invite new people to this blog and this can be done through the rest and inviting friends who want to be part of this with all of us.

I have been working very hard on this blog since the beginning. I have a very busy life but I am giving my best and believe me I have shared experiences that I have been coaching thousands of people and I know that the change of the Mindset should be daily. I am already grateful to see you giving upvotes to each other and you can see this with the fact that many already have 8, 9, 10 upvotes. But I'm sure that with the effort of all of us we will see a community with, 40, 50, 80 upvotes and for that everyone should get engaged so we can make it come true. I believe and we can! Resteem...

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This is more than all mental programming, in this case it is about writing in detail the objectives we want to achieve to remember them and be clear with that. I think this last part is too important, because being clear with our goals and desires will help us avoid disappointments in life.

I could not comment again and vote because I had run out of R.C to continue voting, so I saw that I had to stop to give my account the opportunity to recharge, and I did. Apart from that I have had problems with the inmate of my house. But I still want to continue participating in these publications to participate in these debates.

Writing is a gift ... when you put your desires on a piece of paper, you are progmando your mind to work according to them ... in this way, it is also convenient to write down the strategies that we consider can be useful to achieve that desire.

Writing is not only action, it's also feeling. The one who writes takes out a piece of himself and makes it public, conceives it for the world. When we write, like thought, the universe reads us and listens to us! Maybe words go on the air, but if they are written, they remain. That would be a good way not only to end the year, but also to start the next one: writing our objectives from the present and giving thanks for everything that is going to be received. Greetings, @chbartist

It is through writing that the wisdom of the past and the accumulation of knowledge survives and thrives to ever greater depths unbeknownst to the older generations.

This is so true. So many cultures disappear because they did not have writing systems. So many stories and languages lost.
Writing short, mid and long-term goals is a good technique. I have done it some times, unfortunatelly not consistently.
This is a good time to start writing down more than my shopping list or the list of errands or broken things that need repair.
I think that i can use the mirrors as reminding boards. Thank you, @chbartist for the reminder. You all have a great day.

Dear @chbartist sir!\nWriting is the biggest medium for expressing our feelings to reach our point of view. Sometimes we are unable to correctly present the words in an oral form because of the lack of confidence, therefore we resort to writing because while writing, there is no one to analyze our expressions, while verbally The process of saying, people's eyes as a process is based on our thoughts, which is why we can not give our best efforts.

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I enjoy writing roadmaps of my goals to take them by phases in order to have milestones and accomplishments along the path. It helps pursue longer term goals while motovating for shorter term goals.

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I always write down the tasks which i need to finish and keep in my work desk so that I can see it. I even write the target date or time to finish that tasks. I personally find this practise very useful to finish tasks on time. Some of my friends at work, make joke of me saying that can't I remember the tasks. I always reply them that my memory is very good and I remember all I need to do. But if see this task list in front of me when I am working then it goes in mu subconscious mind and that make me finish all the tasks on time. I never mind whatever they say and not most of them are now familiar with my habit. Thanks @chbartist for such a nice article. I am with you to prepare the community with 50 upvote each. It may take some time but surely will happen and that we all would cherish the momentum. Have a great day.

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i believe we have being teach to write down our aim and goal. It was a declaration that i want to have that. But as always , along the way we getting older it seem the goal on what we write faded . And to make ourself comfortable we always lower our goal and hit it and that we become happy.

Many people afraid to have extravaganza goal because they afraid they ll not reach them even to get these goal is free. But only some know there is price to pay for those goal . To write it down , it was free but to reach them , they are always price to pay .

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I identify a lot with your comment.

thanks .. when i read many come out in my mind so i think i just write what on my mind

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Yes @chbartist Sir, you are Correct to the Core. Why because, when we have those Goals just in our mind, we may tend to forget them at times, given the situation we are in. So, the pressure of the problem may leave our mind blank and by writing and pasting it in a place visible to us clearly, we can make sure that we are inching towards our goal, slowly and steadily. Secondly consider this thing. For example, consider we have ACCOMPLISHED one goal. If we look at what we have written, say a few days/few months/few years back, our mind will get that "much needed encouragement" to progress forward to achieve the rest of the goals. HENCE PENNING DOWN WILL FINISH OFF OUR IMPENDING GOALS!

Our words, whether just spoken or written reflects our character and personality. It reveals our values, convictions, and principles.
Our lives are a living epistle read by people. Not all people can see and know us but they can know something about us through our writings. It's good that we can write something that guides and inspires the next generation. Everyone's dream that we can touch a heart by the story of our lives.

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Writing must be truth and impactful.which can inspire others

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with your kind words, you have united all of us into a community, your words have pushed a lot of us to acting in our various desires.
Keep up the good work
regards friend.

Friends, magic is in your writing, you enlighten the environment on which you write articles, as always, your article is very good even today.

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My relative says: ' we write so we know what we are thinking.' The discipline of writing helps us get clarity on our thoughts, as well as gives us the ability to remember what we were thinking. It is a discipline and a delight! I am going to be writing on Steemit soon, and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts about life and productivity, as well as my journeys as I travel.

Writing is an art,some people have courge to write about their experience and share with write down your desires and dreams that is just for you,and when you write down your experience that will be guidance for others.

Thanks for your excellent experience sharing wirh us. regards.

Scrivo sempre i compiti che ho bisogno di finire e conservare nella mia scrivania in modo che io possa vederlo. Scrivo anche la data o l'ora di destinazione per completare queste attività. Personalmente ritengo che questa pratica sia molto utile per terminare le attività in tempo. Alcuni dei miei amici lavorano, mi prendono in giro e non riesco a ricordare i compiti. Io rispondo sempre loro che la mia memoria è molto buona e ricordo tutto ciò che devo fare. Ma se vedo questa lista di compiti di fronte a me mentre lavoro, allora entra nella mente subconscia e questo mi fa completare tutti i compiti in quel momento. Non mi importa niente di quello che dicono e molti di loro ora hanno familiarità con la mia abitudine.

Quest'anno studierò questa lingua, la adoro. È stato bello leggere qualcosa in italiano.
Farò il tuo seguace

Hace años que no tomo un cuaderno y un lapiz para planificar, pero seguire este post a ver a donde me lleva.
For years I have not taken a notebook and a pencil to plan, but I'll follow this post to see where it takes me. (I write in Spanish and traduzco with a Google translator.)

Thank you for sharing this! Agree with you 100%, as far as writing down your goals, you are spot on - be a bit unrealistic if you like, if you only write down stuff that has been on your plate before then take a wild guess where you will end up...? Keep 'em coming, I love reading your pieces.

Hello @cbartist, I recently wrote something about this, setting our goals and objectives for the new year, and the one that is over, we must always manage our ideas about what we have and do, this is to have an organized life, when we do it consciously, When writing we can see sometimes how much you have achieved in your daily agenda, and that encourages us to achieve more.

That's true. This year I started to write a journal, where I write my thoughts and goals or ideas for a projects. So far, this has been the most productive year of my life since I graduated college. I joined steemit and later started to contribute quite regularly. I self-published a coloring book for adults, and later a picture book, by which I fulfilled one of my life-long dreams of creating a book.

Even tough I have far more ideas than is possible to immediately execute, writing them down helped me to organize my thoughts and to choose what to focus on now and what to plan for later. More often than not, those plans change as I go, too (my original plan was to only create a picture book for very small children, but when I started to play around and creating patterns, I decided to collect them into a coloring book, which I managed to publish first), but the act of writing down my ideas makes me accountable to myself and also enables me to read my notes later, when I may have forgotten what I thought about.

Right now I am thinking about how to better organize my writings, and looking into bullet journalling methods. I haven't decided if I am going to give it a go (bullet journalling), because I am quite lazy when it comes to creating monthly and weekly and other spreads, but we'll see.

Yea, you're right. In every book about personal development is something about it, and I think that, this is really works.

Hello @missladybug, is called an organizational plan of ideas and projects, I like it!

@chbartist Yes you are damn right .we have to join small community to progress and it will beneficial for all .no should be attitude to join it .
Reading is a joy. Reading opens our mind to new learning,new ideas,and new perspectives. In the sense , reading is mostly about self-growth and building a growth mindset.

“when you focus on a growth mindset, you embrace all the things that have felt threatening; challenge,struggle ,criticism, and setbacks. when you embrace the tough stuff, you open yourself up to fully realize your potential and all that you can be. Instead on depending on luck or “natural” talent,you focus on developing your skills and abilities, and learning from your efforts”

You are right. Your thoughts are very impressive

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That's an incredible idea of jotting down our thoughts, perspective, wishes and dreams.
keep up with such amazing content.

This sounds like the law of attraction. Writing things down definitely helps me remember and expand on my thoughts. I always look forward to your inspirational posts.

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Thanks for sharing your splendid thoughts. So, when writing your goals, they should be written in present tense? and not future tense as you say.

I have followed and shared your entry, sir, @chbartist I hope the accuracy of my account can increase from your help, thank you.

My goals and dreams are not written on paper nor stone...... It is no wonder they are always blown away. :)

Nothing can be so interesting than telling storbouies at your life - from struggle to success, from nobody to somebody.

I am a new user in Steemit with lifestyle content, art and inspirational stories, I think your writing is really useful. @wasito

Love it! Since I was little I started to write all my thoughts in journals, it always makes me feel good because helps me to clear up my mind and then I can continue working hard for my dreams.

I too love to write & this is my first post I tried to express my feel what i experienced today.

Beautiful peice of work by you @chbartist

Para los músicos el corazón habla a través de las melodías en nuestro caso lo hace con nuestras letras. Expresó mis conocimientos con la escritura.

This is most awesome. I'm so inspired by this. Thank you so much! Writing is everything.

Just seeing this... It seems I love it. I agree with your thought on writing down our goals. From the day I started doing this, I discovered a lot of things has changed. I highly agree with you.

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Excelente. me va muy bien escuchando, creo que refuerza la comprensión de lo leído.
Aunque no entiendo el ingles.;) :)

Excellent. I'm very good at listening, I think it reinforces the understanding of what was read.
Although I do not understand English;) :)

Beautifully put, @chbartist. I've always been a writer; something I particularly respect and admire about this art form is how even when we write with intention for our readers, everyone comes away from it with a different perspective - in this way, our words are truly a catalyst for imagination.

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i like those succulents in the photo

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Broken heart always write a truth of life.

I had tried to write down my goals in the past but later would get lazy and convince myself saying it is registered in my mind,however I have either not achieved the goals or would have postponed to a later date. But Now I realize the importance of writing my goals after reading the post. I would sincerely follow from now. Thanks for bringing in the change within me!!

An empty pint of milk sits on a slide, fall leaves blowing.

Even a bad writing is important in history as long as its original (your own perspective) a future generation can learn something from that too.

Amazing post and one that resonates with me, as I'm sure it does with a majority of readers. I loved the fact that you talked about the most important aspect of a goal - the dream that goes with it. Goals and dreams go hand in hand. I've always been very organized and in the habit of writing down my goals. But my goals don't always push me to do my best; whereas, the purpose behind that goal - never fails to motivate me.

I need to reach from A to Z, but why? That WHY has immense power. Thank you for an enjoyable post.