Identifying Dishonest People! Part 1 - When You Identify One, Run Away From Them...

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Hello Steemians

On this post I wanted to share something with you all that might help you get rid of many obstacles when you are trying to build your business.

I’m going to write some ways that you can identify dishonest people, simply because you must avoid them all costs, every single time you find them in your life.

Those who have been following along with my storytelling know that I’ve had to major upsets in my life, and it took a lot of effort for me to get back up from them.

Because it’s the weekend, I figured this post would be a little more lose in form and maybe at the end I will end up sharing a joke that actually represents what I’m trying to say. You can never win an argument with someone who is dishonest.

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When I was about 25 years old, I had a client in my agency that did a lot of campaigns for the news. I had been working for almost a year at this time. Up until these events he had never ordered something too impressive, so I considered him a medium size client.

One day he asked me for a big project, he was getting ready to do a Real Estate ads and the budget for this particular campaign was about 300 thousand dollars.

I had to ask him: “Where would you be getting this sum of money for this campaign?”

He explained to me that the builder for these new constructions was going to deal with the costs of these campaigns, so I agreed and we got to working.

Im not sure how it works in other places, but here an agencies can emit credit for about 45 days on average, the work can be charged to the agency itself, or directly to client who ordered the work. In this particular case I spoke with the TV networks and explained that all the costs would be taken care of by my client, after all it was a big sum 300 thousand dollars.

When the campaign started airing, my client and I were sitting down, having a meeting and he started to share some personal things with me, some things his father had taught him.

Let me tell you CHB, my father taught me something very important for my life, he used to say to me all the time “My son, you must learn something very crucial for you life, every day there is an idiot and a clever guy on the road, so you know who you need to be? The smart man, so that you can smack the idiot”

When he said that to me and laughed and continued: “So CHB, because I learned that, I will never go wrong”

It was at that moment that a red light went off in my head, and I thought to myself: “Could it be that he thinks that I’m the idiot of these negotiations?”

So of course, I was seeing the way he was talking and his demeanour and I knew then he probably saw everyone around him like an idiot. He had won a lot of trust from me, enough for me to put my guard down and try to take advantage.

After 45 days that the campaign had started a letter arrives to my desk, it's a big network with a big invoice for me.

Immediately I told the emissary I would not be receiving that envelope, and I was very firm with my tone. I told him not to worry, that by the time he was back at the station I would have sorted this out with the finance department.

I knew what had happened, but I call the station to verify and yes, my client had called them and told him the agency was going to pickup all the costs. But I had the documents proving that the contract said otherwise, and this would be enough to fix the problem.

On the very next day my client calls me complaining that what kind of invoice was this, and that the station was collecting from him, for him I was trying to do “a crazy game” with him, but believe, he tried to play victim.

How great is this? The wolf ends up being a sheep.

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The first thing I told him is to lower his tone with me, that he knew very well what he was trying to do with me. And that I had been cautious and everything we dealt with was documented anyways.

He knew at that moment that being angry was not going to help the situation and quickly switched back to being nice, an act.

I continued: “My friend, I have two things to tell you. First you are a terrible liar, you think I would forget you told me the bill was going to be paid by the builder, and second, you told me yourself that everyday there is an idiot and a smart guy on the road, and that you are always the smart guy taking advantage of the idiot? Well you encountered someone who is honest and does not tolerate these things, if you want go play your games, see how you deal with the builder now… after the phone hung up, I thought that would be the end of it”

Many months later some rumors came to of different people this person had scammed out of money or work.
So this is the message I want to leave you with today.

Pay a lot of attention to the behavior of those who you do business with, their demeanour. For example, I’ve heard people say things like “money is faceless”, and what that person is trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if he takes that money from an old man that needs it, or from a baby, so that person to me is telling me that I cannot trust them.

Oh yes, I forgot I was going to tell you guys a joke, I spoke about it at the beginning of this blog, but since it's a really good lesson and long, I will leave it for the next post.

I’m confident that many of you are going to be more alert to this and learn to identify someone who is not honest. If you have some stories to share, leave them in the comments so that others can learn too.

I would be grateful if you understood the importance of resteem these posts to build a community with a positive mindset. This is my greatest goal here and you who accompany me know! This is my greatest truth and I do with my heart. Many of these information that are useful to you may be important to other people who need information for your personal growth and that is the most important thing to achieve any goal in your life and remember: Give a upvote between you who take the time to comment and discuss constructively. This has happened here and I am very glad to see you helping each other.

Much Regards



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Dear sir!
Man is the best creation of God. God has given an amazing art of trying to understand human thinking, good evil but man's ambition and greed makes him dishonest.It is very difficult to identify these kinds of dishonest man.
If we consider its positive aspects, have we ever wondered why these dishonest people are in the world?No person is bad or dishonest from birth, circumstances and necessities make man dishonest.Often all of us have had to face such situations.
Regards.Have a nice Sunday.✍️✍️

I understand your thinking I just wonder if people are dishonest from birth or is the education they receive at home until the 6 or 10 years. I believe it is at this stage that a person's character is formed, or perhaps science proves in the future that it is genetic. BTW what you said is a fact. We will always have to deal with these people in the world and the most important thing is to create a shield to detect these people before the damage they can cause. Regards

@chbartist The presence of values ​​of social behavior in life is an undeniable reality, every human being is placed a barrier to categorize others as intellectual inferiors (considering idiot to others). Our society prepares us by sending us negative and positive messages, but this is the protest to absorb one or the other; disparage the legitimate right to carry honesty and honesty (values), indicates the value of each individual in our environment or scope of work. Honesty and respect for the dignity of each human being are features and rank of an intelligent society. We can no longer accept the crude comparisons "manipulation" or individualistic conceptions of human relationships; Men or women can no longer be seen as isolated units, linked only to the extent that, through deception, manipulation and malicious intent are profitable for the benefit of those who believe themselves superior, we can not label: what the cited individual, Labeling means, limit the will of evolution of each being considering the social group, (company or business). Recognizing your esteem and not allowing yourself to be negatively affected by that red light that you detected is the recognition of your real existence, of the need to demonstrate that breaking down barriers placed by individuals who believe they are more consistent with perfection demonstrates the existing balance of being human. Taking your example in the read, I must say that we must internalize that egocentrism, individualism,
Monkey idealism are in open bankruptcy. Not only in its original unhealthy aspect and that focuses on man, but also in its inner aspect that is strengthened in the absorbing and negative unity of other social forms of human life and finally "HOW TO DO ECO OF SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT PUT IN PRACTICE "CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK

I would like to congratulate you for your participation here with a very deep, thoughtful commentary and also with considerations I share and I am grateful to see words from someone who sees the sick world we are living in and that is why I have tried at all my posts take a positive for people to reflect fairly on what you most emphasized, respect. Respect is the fundamental basis for everything to work. I would like to see you here again. Regards


Dishonest people always consider themselves the smartest people in the room, to them everyone wastes time and doesn't think fast enough.
They believe only them see certain opportunities.

Yes. Keep alert! Regards!

Hi @chbartist ,i hope that you are fine.
I agree with you that we need to avoid dishonest people. We should avoid black sheeps who are hidden in the form of friends. They slowly cut our roots and take advantage. We need to be careful as you told us. I don't like this type of characterless people. They are the worst people deceiving the honest people.
Moreover i really really appreciate your concern with people in building a strong community. I'm against of self voting. Im in favour of giving votes to those people who leave meaningful comment.
Have a good day

Exactly my friend! You and others already know what our goal is here! Let's move on! Thanks for your words and your comment!

The reality in your posts and the effort that you put to guide us here cannot be overlooked the fact that you shared your story of when you took a loss alone has greatly inspired me to not be scared to act as failures are part of growing. Concerning dishonest people we all encounter them and no matter how aware we are these things happen because life happens what we owe ourselves is staying true, not budging or changing because these people aren't worth us changing out character for their despicable personalities. Thank you for your guidance always.

Thank you very much for your kind words, my friend. About your excellent comment I have nothing to add because it is actually very well written. Regards

@chbartist I'm totally agree with you we have to figure out these types of people and make distance from them because they are really very dangerous to us. These types of people could do everything to get their profit.

As your title is Identifying Dishonest People! When You Identify One, Run Away From Them we have to do exactly that when we find dishonest person we have to make distance from them .

Now days in this negative world it is too difficult to find honest person. Whatever field is it it is too difficult to find a good person. If we talk about Bussiness or Relationship we always find a person where we can trust and believe. It is only 20% chance to get a loyal person. So we have to be careful in all aspects of life.

In these days people just accompany you just because of their mood or need. These people just see you like an opportunity to get some profit.

These people looks on you like "HOW A GYM OWNER LOOK A FAT GUY"LOL.

They only want profit from you.


Thanks for this Awesome article .

I know my friend and that's why we always have to keep our eyes open. But we can not lose hope that there are good people. Here on steemit for example I have found many people who appear to be of good character and have had a good education of their parents and time will reveal their character because time is always the lord of reason and truth. Regards

Yes right Time always reveal people's colour. Time is a great teacher.

Life is a battlefield in which dishonest people always try to take advantage from innocent people. It is very important to recognize such people and be aware of them. These unscrupulous people don't care if someone gets ruined because of their acts.
Some employees in my office has a bad habit to beg for money from others. They seldom return others money back. I was deceived by such a person once. So, I decided not to give them any amount in future. I give them a little amount when they ask for the bigger amount. Once, they had received the petty amount, they never come back to return it and henceforth my big amount is saved from them.

Yes, Great words @akdx. Success

i am an introvert so i really have a hard time associating with people let alone trust them. I've had alot of bad experiences. I was recently duped by my own friend- twice. When i was younger i tried to see the best in people but im afraid i may not be as loving as i used to.
That doesn't mean i hate people. Im more careful around them, i avoid too many of them and trust all and none.
Upvoted and resteemed also had to screen shot this post. Great post!

I understand what you mean. We are going to create a shield in our journey but do not forget that at some point in your life you should start to really trust some people 100% because you will see that there are few but excellent people who will walk by your side until the end of our journey. Do not lose hope in people, just stay alert! Regards

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