I've Always Been With Steemit and All of You and My Solidified Commitment - Want to Know Why? Read This Post Why Maybe It Can Be a Guide For Many People In Our Great Community.

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Today I would like to share with you all something very special about today. Since I joined steem I was always very clear on my desire to share my life experience with everyone, not as the owner of the truth, but simply knowing that many things I have experienced could help others find their own north. On top of that I was always clear that I would try to write in a simple way, so that they could be understood by anyone who would find them. I am a songwriter, and I could write in metaphors or poetry, but that was never the way I wrote when using steemit, for the reasons I just described.

I understand that to a small minority my content can seem weak, maybe because for this minority the information I’m sharing is already known, but I insist that those criticisms come from them not understanding that 99% of people don’t have the sometimes basic information, and that to reprogram the mindset it’s necessary. Also age is a consideration, there are plenty of young people who still lack the experience and learning about these things can save them a lot of problems in the future, learning from someone who made all the errors for them.

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My Feelings Today

I feel a lot of pride when I think about the community we are building, and the foundational ideas for growth we are sharing: Respect, generosity and the free sharing of knowledge and experiences that can help people reach a new level in their lives, to conquer their dreams through this mindset reprogramming. The idea of building a positive minded community, starting on this very blog.

I think plenty of my readers already understand these concepts, because I see them in the comment sections of these posts, I see people who are helping each other out, sometimes great comments with 10 upvotes. Those who follow this blog, know that my goal is to reach a point when the best commenters, get upwards of 50 votes for their efforts, and this is one of the ways I believe the community is getting stronger, and the mindset I speak about will take roots. This can spread all through steem and it’s different platforms.

Something Very Special

Today I have something very special to share with you all, something that proves that I mean the words I share, and those who will join our community of success.

I just reached the level of orca whale on steem, and that is not news I’m sharing to inflate my ego. I decided to invest on steem and it’s platforms and I would like to talk about my reasoning behind it, but also express my gratitude to those who have guided me towards making that decision.
I was convinced to join this platform because of one friend, who has made an excellent job with his project called @helpie. I’ve been good friends with @meno for almost a decade now.

When I met @meno he was lived a life like everyone else. He was an employee, working hard, not earning enough, and could not find a way to free himself from that enslaving mindset society imposes. I could see on @meno a very intelligent man, and recognized his potential, we became very close friends and I became a mentor, I saw the changes taking place over a year and I know that he would never go back to being the employee he once was, he reached his freedom and works hard today, but from the comfort of his own home.

When @meno showed me steemit I was very skeptical, even though I had already been involved with cryptocurrencies for some time. I did not feel confident about it, and having a busy life did not help. I was not just about to buy STEEM, become a heavy investor, a whale and not understand the potential, not do anything with it.

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Trust Speaks Volumes

And the trust I have for my friend @meno made me first try out steem to begin with, with the idea of sharing my life experiences of this blog.

However when I first started I was criticized a lot, some people believed I was a fake profile, using the image of an artist, and of course that was a big deal for many months. Some people believed that there was no way an artist would be willing to share humbly his life story on a blog, because the stigma is that they are supposed to be unreachable.

But I’ve never saw it this way, my attitude has always been:

“My Success Is Your Success” as an entrepreneur I did have an opportunity to coach people into thinking this way. Why be so closed, so selfish and not share our life with others? There is a space for everything in our life, and sharing is not reducing one’s success.

“There is always room for those who want to reach success, but the detail is that the space exists, but only for those who want to work towards it, not just say they want it”

Wanting success is not necessarily linked to only money, the definition is personal, but for those who want to reach for their success I reiterate:

“There is room for everyone who is willing to do, what needs to be done!”

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When I started writing these posts, simple posts, and found the promotion tool of bots, with the idea of reaching as many people as I could. More problems came and I was even blacklisted at some point in time from some services.

However every time I was attacked, I never insulted anyone back, I always tried to clear up the misunderstandings like adults with respect, in other words, if you attack me, I will give you kindness in return.

On steemit there is a strong caring community, but respect always needs to be present, its the top of the priorities when it comes to conduct and culture. All the positive attitudes you can think of fall under this umbrella, the umbrella of respect and if everyone understands this one day, the world would be a better place. It’s up to us to practice this every single day.

Here on the steem platforms we have the opportunity to leave legacy to the world, and that has become one of my objectives too.

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I would like to thank those who have helped me since I started my steem journey: Of course in first place my friend @meno, who actually visited me personally a few times this year, @transisto, my friend @upmewhale a very kind and honest person , @zaku who has a very generous project, @brazilians, @therealwolf that even in difficult times we had private conversations and we always resolve things as adults and respectfully and he is a good person, @gtg who is an incredible person and always with an enviable education, @pechichemena my great friend and songwriter partner, my friend @jonathan.wright , @casagrande a very nice person, @berniesanders he has my respect, @aggroed, @steemchiller and everyone who has accompanied me on this steemian journey. Please forgive me if I’m forgetting someone, but in all honesty I’m grateful to everyone.

To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity

Please forgive the long text, but I want to bring something to the table. We are in the middle of a great opportunity, one that I think we can’t let pass by.

The other day I received a comment in one of my posts where someone asked me for some steem. I enjoy helping, when I can and do often, but always verify the accounts that ask me for help. When I checked the profile of this person, I saw that they had not posted in four months.

Please forgive me, but even generosity has its limits, because I do believe in merit, and I have to stop myself from helping at times like this.

I think some people confuse the platforms built on steem as some sort of charity system.

But please people understand! We have to practice generosity with one another, but we also need to take care of the blockchain that makes this possible, especially if we claim to believe in it.

You can’t forget that behind steemit, there is cryptocurrency called steem, and if you do your part to help steem, you are also helping yourself.

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How can you do this, you ask?

“You can purchase and/or accumulate steem, within your capacity of course and work on your blogs, interact with people, in very much the way we have done so on this blog”

What I’m trying to say is that we are within a window of opportunity, and making an effort to buy and hold steem will surely pay off in the long run.

We can’t simply expect to take from the platform at all times and give nothing to it, it’s your business, you need to think about investing in it.

I’m not talking about anyone doing anything crazy to buy steem tokens, I’m talking about doing our part. Draw out a plan, if you can buy, buy 1,2,3,10,50 whatever you can, the more people do this, the brighter the future for this very blockchain. Who knows how much it could become one day.

Think about changing the fear mindset, and think about seizing the opportunity, it’s the time to be brave.

I will always be honest with you all, and I want to be clear about what I’m trying to say here:

It makes no sense for people to expect to live off using steemit depending solely on the upvotes of other people, it’s also up to you to grow your influence, build your brand and business, especially if you claim you believe in it.

Another thing to consider even in the short term is what would happen if more of us get involved doing this. Think about what would happen if 1000 people would buy 1000 steem tokens right now. That would lockup 1 million tokens, and would surely help the markets recover.

If you are thinking: Well, I can only buy 2 steem tokens! That’s fine too.

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In the short term who knows what will happen, today the price dropped even lower than when I purchased a big amount, but I’m not worried. I’m giving you an example however of how you walk the talk, we can all win together here. It’s actually quite simple, you believe, or you don’t I made up my mind and I’m going to continue believing, even if the price drops to ten cents, because I see the development happening on this blockchain and I can see where this is going now. I would only stop believing if the development would stop, if the ones who are building stopped believing themselves, but that is the opposite of what I’m seeing. It’s in these trying times that we find out who are our true allies.

But when I speak about difficult times, I should clarify they are tumultuous for those who are committed, but for those who stay on the sidelines it’s not, it’s actually the best of times. The price of steem being so low and cryptocurrency in general, bitcoin under 4k. A second chance for many investors.

You could take a negative attitude too, but why?

I see it like an opportunity because my mindset comes from years of experience. Everyone however should have at this point in time the spirit of community, and realize we are all navigating in the same boat. I just want to see the brave ones step up, its by being brave when everyone else is fearful that we win this, this was my attitude when I was building my companies, and that is how I built a team around me able to appreciate the grind.

But let’s not forget:

“When we are willing to give, we are ready to receive”

This is the thought I want to leave you with:

“If you are pretending to work or invest on your steemian journey, then it will pretend to pay you for your efforts. But if you put in the work, if you invest, the platform will surely reward you for your efforts”

I would also ask my readers to consider voting for @helpie as a witness. You can do so
Vote for Helpie Click Here

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments, and continue to do what we have been doing here: support those who are putting in the work with thoughtful comments.




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I am part of the Steemit community for 8 months now and I am trying to become a dolphin by year end. I joined Steem when it was near 10$ usd so buy a dolphin position was not an option, but I have posted frequently and have 2955 posts and I have made 4000 upvotes. I believe in the platform and I hope it flourishes. I write original content and I resteem and promote new steemians with articles about lesser known Steemians. I would appreciate it if you would read my blogs, they are short and hopefully informative . I am investing in the platform and plan to be here longterm.

Thank you for your consideration.

Here is a sample of my writing:

Why I invested in Steem

I am new to crypto but have already invested in over 30 coins, which has provided me a very intense amount of real world education about crypto. There’s nothing like having skin in the game to make you attentive and an avid learner. I learned through the school of hard knocks that crypto currencies come and go, seemingly with lifespans of fruit flies which are measured in days. You are on the money that coins with no use case were my biggest mistakes, coins with ghost developers or “hit-n-run” developers who make coins, mine coins, sell all their coins and then vanish...
There are so many abandoned coins that there are websights dedicated to listing them. There are also coins which specialize in uniting communities of abandoned coins in their community. There are high ROI Masternode coins which start with high ROI and high coin values until 2-3 hundred masternodes exist then the developers and early investors sell all their coins and abandon the projects. Then the coin price plummets and the coin community is left “holding the bag” of worthless coins. There are far to many coins where the developers are unknown or operate under aliases. The coin github sites are empty.


These are the reasons why I am here investing in Steem. I will make a bold statement. The majority of the cryptocurrency market is like being poor, living in a 3rd world country, it sucks. Being in the Steem coin community is like being middle class in the first world like USA. We have problems like cell phone batteries that give 12 hours of life instead of 13-14 as advertised. But we are not afraid of being eaten by wolves or tigers as we go about our everyday activities. Being here after being a newbie in the crypto jungle I feel like Steem is amazing. Steem has not just one use case, but several. Steem has not one developer but several hundred! Steem has a huge active community, Steem has DAPPs, Steem has so many positive attributes missing from your every day coins that it is like a beacon of light in the darkness. I know that sounds dramatic, but the differences between Steem and your average Alt-coin are dramatic. I have lived life in the crypto jungle and this “the Steem Community” is an oasis, Steem is a highly advanced cryptocurrency civilization.



Congratulations on your success and on becoming an Orca!

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You wrote your heart out @chbartist.
Not many people have the gratitude in this dane age.
Great to have you in this community

This is one of the best messages I've read here in steemit, a message that conveys humility, understanding, solidarity and above all a spirit of justice, you remind me when I started in steemit, as time passed I stayed because I found a purpose here , today, that I manage the community of @sc-v, based on the message of Christ, I have realized that it is time for union, the effort of all what we do here, each one of us can add value to this great community, we have all learned something, we have been teachers, advisors, in this great way. This message you have written has only one meaning: "Love of neighbor", what you said about accepting criticism without judging but responding in a kind manner, is an example that we should all follow. This is an encouraging, inspiring reflection that It leaves us a teaching to all of us who can read. Today we have started a campaign called "Turn on a light", it is about bringing an ephesus to someone who needs it anywhere. I believe that this message is a light that leaves its mark in the most secret place of those who read you "the heart". I hope at some point to be able to share in SteemChurch, things like this. And my support vote for @helpie, I hope that it serves so that continue promoting unity, and the common good.Thanks for sharing @chbartist.

Ephesians 5: 9
(because the fruit of light {consists} of all goodness, justice and truth)


The Deliverance Message of Christ Is Very Necessary In This Community of Variants; Many Who Have Never Encounter It In Their Physical Locations Due To A Reason Or The Other.

I Think A Good Job For Christ You Do Here Keep It Up Bro! I Have Upvoted And Followed To Be Close To You!!

Amen brother, everything is translated in the desire to sow love and solidarity in our fellowmen.we have a good example like @chbartist.

Thank you for your words @darlenys01

According to you @darlenys01, the important thing is humility to address people without any pretension, continue supporting and growing.

This is how she is a friend, what is important is the sincerity and humility of our hearts, always ready to help others.

Going to buy a little more but so far locked 6k euro in this and crash wiped out 5k of its value already :( I hope it will go up because see true belivers in this platform even in this hard times. I wish I could spend it on steem now but the fear is greater when the pain of another mistake is still fresh.

Liked your idea about investing in steem. We all know that cryptocurrency marker 80% down as compare to same time last year. As you mentioned you're very much confident on steemit so you have made huge investments and in the longer run it can help a lot to grow ij the platform. You rightly said that we can't just expect to receive from the platform instead we have to work for it as well so that it can grow and who community can take the benefits.
I also like your positive attitude that you won't worry about investment even if it touches 10 cents in value and this mindset will help the people. I have voted @helpie as witness. Have a great day @chbartist

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Hi @chbartist

Anybody who enters steemit, like myself, have just one single thought that is of earning, earning and earning from Upvotes and nothing more than that. If we are getting something from a source, we should not only think about getting from it, but also to give something in return. What a magnanimous thought Sir!

HELP OTHERS TO HELP OURSELVES.....as simple as that.

Sure Sir, we liked your idea of investing in Steemit and will surely do it very soon Sir. Your post is a sure eye-opener and your investment is our money-opener! Hats Off Sir!

Very Receptive And Readiness To Learn Will Enable you Climb The Ladder Of Greatness In Steemitville Very Fast!!
You Are Welcome To The "Place"!!

Thank you very much for your "Hearty Welcome", Sir

steemit helps me a lot when starting to blog, it recognizes my freedom the write freely whatever I think and to share to the community.

steemit is the social blockchain technology wherein mining not on hardware side on technology but the inner side of our brain and most of all our feelings.

steemit change my financial aspect of life last, my steemit income helps my family a lot.

thanks steemit, more power

The first time I saw your post, I knew I just had to follow you. I am new to steemit and even though I had heard a lot about cryptocurrency,I never paid attention to it until I got here. Your post motivates. So I focus my attention on building my blog.
I like how you share your personal experience a lot, like you said 'the youths are able to learn that way' . In my country, the rich ones hoard informations about their past. When they are invited to conferences to speak to the youths, they end up reiterating 'it's God's blessing'. (As if God drop a large chunk of money on their laps to keep spending). They never talk about the work they put in all through the years.
Keep being you and thanks for sharing. Also congratulations on your orca!

This is a nice writeup, however I have a question.

I would love to hear if you recommend the maximized use of for-profit bid-bots for achieving success on this platform, or the extent of a role you feel they've played in your new milestone. It seems like a decent portion of your Steem has gradually built up from this activity. The message seems slightly conflicting since that's consistently paying to skim from the pool instead of investing in/engaging across it as you're recommending.

Thanks for providing part of your journey here as it is an inspection for those of us who have started in these more unstable times. However, I have experienced and seen the incredible things being built here and also believe that it is the foundation of great things to come. I also absolutely love to read @meno and appreciate his sincerity and willingness to help the community when he himself often needs help as well. I hope his latest idea of going back home inspires him to achieves his objectives and supports his continued growth here in the ecosystem.

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Congrats sir for your huge achievement in steemit.
It's been quite a long time since I joined this platform but haven't posted blog yet but a few images. For the past two months, I'm confused about what to blog. But this blog of yours gives me now a clear direction of what I have to write. I want also to develop my own branding, unique style of writing. Thanks for your inspirational and motivational writings, sir. What I've learned and believe to be successful is that you must have to touch the hearts of people. Not just informing them but helping them to achieve their dreams.

Ups and Downs are the part of life, so is here. If we will give up then all the hard work and dedication will be worthless. moreover hope is the one which caves out the way to success, as said what will be the taste of success if it was easy to get, Isn't it?
Also keep on inspiring and motivating us!

firstly , thanks God there is someone who has a mindset like you. To be honest , i didnt know anything about steemit . It just happen to me that some of my friend has start in steemit and introduce it to me. Actually after introduce it to me i didnt register it directly . I decide to register after my friend has been approve ( i think its about 1 month for us to being approve here)

Then i start travelling again and just posting about my journey . I also have been promoted to become mennow , i think yesterday . Then i start do research through google what is steemit (after 3 month haha) . Then all the information , future coming in me about steemit. And i think this is the right time , i mean hey the steem value at its low . I have steem at 2 eth value .

thanks steemit for this opportunity

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Dear @ chbartist sir!\nWe all are convinced of your multi talented qualities, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur as mentioned in your profile as well as seen some glimpse through your articles. I appreciate your simple writing which is helpful to understand for all steemains specially young people who still lack the experience and learning about these thing .There is no immediate benefit of the initiative to help each other in the community yet, but in the future, when the reputation and voting power of commentators in the community will increase , then all the people of the community will have the advantage. This is a far-reaching thought Which will work to make our future bright, because by then we will become familiar with each other well.Of course, good communication with people is very much learned, but how much we apply in our practical life to their experiences and knowledge depends on us.\nIn a way, those who criticize or draw flaws inside us, give more strength to our will.I think if we are engaged in our work honestly and with hard work and posting and sharing good articles, then we will not necessarily need charity.Now instead of bidding, I use my small amount to buy and sell on the exchange.\nHonestly, if anyone who has read your entire blog carefully, there is a lot to learn for him. Only we have need to implement it.

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I'm soo pumped on the GREAT AWAKENING on the planet, I'm inspired to better my writing skills and vision of the future me.. It is a honor and privileged to have found this platform. Every day I look forward to reading people's post all around the world and bettering my reality because of it.. So much compassion here, and vision, inspiration. I have been in a re-wiring/re-working of my energy grid/consciousness for sometime. This post really hit me in the heart, thank you for your insights and sharing your journey and Congrats on the Orca level! Sidenote: I just started an Instagram account and now using the amazing #share2steem app, I think these types of apps give steem great exposure. I'm noticing how friends are asking me about this platform and what is crypto and are reading my posts that would never be able to find it and I've had one friend create an account this last month :) .

I'm glad to be a part of this community.
I'm also impressed about your mindset that how you are helping people by sharing your life experiences.
I'm planning to buy some steem because we together can change the situation.
I agree with you that we should play our part to strengthen steem platform.
The best way to show our love with platform is to engage more and more with people. In this way we can find beautiful people.

Once again thanks my friend for your love and support.

A great hug from @coolguy222

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Thanks for your post, it’s both inspirational and reassuring. I’m still only learning how to paddle around in this pond, but already I can see it is a solid community, and a platform full of potential.

I salute your passion and cherish your feelings and I have learned a lot from you.
And I hope that the day will come soon when the community will get its position with the help of all of us.

Greetings of the day @chbartist

I have gone through the post all things which you discussed in this blog are genuine. You are sharing your life experience which is cool because I personally learnt allot from your blogs.

Your all posts are based on reality there is no story tales. This is very helpful and useful all the way of our life. You are writing about your life experience but it would help other they don't have to experience what you already experienced. I read your life experience which is full with ups and downs. Although, our life is a roller coaster there are so many ups and downs but we have to be prepared for it always.

One of the your blog is on dishonest person. When I read that I felt you were right. These people are really very dengerious. I also had exprience with these types of bullshit people.

Your work is great. Your efforts are paying, our community is growing day by day we can see lot's of meaningful comments are there in every blog. We can also see the no of vots on that comments which is a very good sign.

I personally a big fan of your writing skills and also a continuous reader. Sometimes it's difficult to interact in commnt section of a blog due to bussy schedule. But I always read your blog when I got time.

Thanks for sharing these types of blogs .

A continuous reader


Freind @ChbArtist It is that life is like that. for everyone. If a person is doing karma to achieve any goal, he will have to face obstacles. Some people consider these obstacles as a challenge and face them, but some see them as a struggle. People can change, conditions can be more favorable, but this does not mean that the challenges will be over. The obstacles will always remain. I have come to know that when people talk about conflict, they are talking about most of the challenges. Whether we perceive an opportunity or obstacle, it depends on our mentality and personal preferences......

Very nice post @chbartist

It can definitely be difficult for people to see the value of STEEM go down. Even SBD dropped a decent amount away from the USD.

But I agree that too much functionality exists for Steem for anyone to give up on the concept. A lot of people equate the blockchain with Steemit, and while Steemit is cool, I actually think this idea is holding Steem back. Nothing else has the same potential to be the internet money like Steem. It provides us with the ability to use it in ways other cryptocurrencies do not.

A few key characteristics of Steem that make it more viable for use than others is delegation. The ability to delegate goes way farther than just empowering bid bots.

I can visualize app after app serving as clubs that you join by delegating a certain amount of SP, and once delegated you get to enjoy the services within their ecosystem. I truly think delegation is a special feature of Steem that would be quite difficult to implement in any of the other major blockchains.

This post still generated $560 in Steem. Even if you were to trade this for $US it would still be more than what someone gets on welfare. Or you could make someone an instant Minnow.

Or that is a tonne of Steem Monsters booster packs.

There is still money to be made here, clearly.

But yeah, I powered up to Minnow because I can now afford to do so.

I just need to make myself more widely known and more of an asset to the community.

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is a very motivating and inspiring publication, we need more steemer as you deserve respect my friend, thank you for your support.

tenor (1).gif

Excellent reflection. Reading your post makes sense the steemit philosophy and why we are here sharing knowledge. I'm new in this platform but I believe that I can reach success helping others and keeping the essential of the initiative. Thanks for share your life and your growth. My last post is https://steemit.com/health/@royer94/homo-sapiens-vs-staphylococcus-aureus-mdr-a-war-of-strategies .... if you can support me I will very grateful.

I appreciate you taking the time to add original content to the platform. Decentralized blockchain based social media is the future of the internet and will be one of the major catalyst in enabling mass adoption of currencies like Bitcoin and Steem. Keep up the good work, following as always.

That is splendid performance @chbartist, you have been consistent on every word that you say, that makes you a great person, those are the reality on the ground, I am hundred percent agree with you.

I am a artist but seeing as I have never sold any work, im not really am I lol. ive given up trying to get out there as its not possible but I see investing in steem as a potential for the future and if I have to self fund showing off my art by renting a shop outlet I will, if steem increases in value of course.

The truth is there some caring people but not enough to help all the creative people out there, so its down to luck plus if you have the talent of course which is in the eyes of many beholders. The luck here is finding steem so early in its life but maybe is nieve to put so much hope into something when it could not work out after all but I am hopeful but maybe thats because its my last hope.

"My success is your Success". This summarises everything. It shows that you are not just after your own success alone but you also want the success of others as well.

The beginning of anything is always hard. Like you said you faced countless of doubt and rejection. These also happened to me and I think they are part of life experiences. They strenthen us and mould us to who we really should be.

Thank you for sharing.

Many congratulations @ chbartist for reaching level of orca whale. We have slightly difficult time but I am sure we will bounce back soon. Wish you best in future.

Amazing blogg @chbartist bro yes we will be the no.1 community in steemit soon...

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You always do a very good job, you have a beautiful soul, thinking about your friends and in steemit. Congratulations

thank you for sharing your experience friend, it is interesting to know the desire you have to work for this community and to teach us to continue in our daily work.

Going through your long post making me understand your time and efforts to get success. congratulation for reaching orca whale level. Your thought about growing together is really appreciating. And lastly thanks for your suggestions.

A long statement, your desire, hope, experience, advice and inviting people, all these are indicating your generosity towards humanity. God bless you my friend.

you are a wonderful writter and a so nice man. I like your worke. good job bro.......

I must say congratulations on your new status. I joined Steemit just last month and I'm glad I found your blog. I'm just beginning to understand the importance of purchasing and supporting the system. Thanks for the insights.

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Excellent post again @chbartist very inspiring as usual. I am relatively new to @steemit and look forward to the awareness my writing and art can bring me on this platform. Really like the idea of Steem stabilizing and appreciating to it's potential. The orca is well deserved my friend keep it up

Friend, I am very happy with your achievement, you have really been a lot of inspiration and help in each of your publications. You have helped each person who visits your publications to have a positive mind, sharing your experiences and giving very professional advice, thanks and CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

@chbartist excellent post, steemit is a bit difficult when you are new to it, your content is rarely visited, among other things, it is true what you say you have to invest so be it little by little jejej. I congratulate you!! and I applaud your humility

Today I can say I have no regrets following you on this platform. Indeed, you are a living inspiration and I have learnt so much from you within a very short time. I have the intention of educating people and making meaningful impacts to lives out there. I'm actually New on Steemit And I'm happy to be in this community and I look Forward to understanding better how Steemit operates and also investing as well.
I urge you to keep up the good work coz youths today need this knowledge and I pray God bless you and continue to help you to help others.

Can I just say that there is a huge difference between knowing basic information and understanding it. Many people know about what you talk about, but a few understand it and put it into practice.

For that we need someone to constantly remind them, which exactly what your doing and so I applaud you sir and your efforts on trying to help.

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Hey @chbartist really great read. I just joined steemit and also want to build something, helping people where I can possibly can! You were one of the first persons I followed because you are a real inspiration to me. 3 days ago I wrote a blogpost which highlights the points you made here: https://steemit.com/steem/@mcnestler/introducing-the-idea-of-a-steemit-consulting-community-simple-help-for-everyone-s-problem
Keep up the good work man, love to see you around!
Cheers M

Wow! Great article leaving and I felt the spiritual energy in your post! #namaste

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@chbartist.... i really heard about you alot... what a fantastic post.. !!\nyou've outdone yourself this time.\nThis is probably the best , step by step guide.. I've ever seen on how to build a succesfull blog.. Loved this post...🤗 you share your awsum experience in such a simple and concise way..... I recently joined steemit but i always read your each and every post...... learning from your blog alot... 👍🤞

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Thanks for the awesomely written, uplifting post :) its really good to see people being positive. The past few days ive read a few really down and upset post from some people, others even angry and ready to lay blame, and being new to steem im doing my best to not let it affect my new funk for the platform. Posts like this are the kind a lot of people need to be reading, so they can keep up their faith in the community, and so newcomers keep faith too!

Congrats on becoming an Orca!!!

Thank You for the all you have been doing for the community and for the Block chain.

When i started just 2 months ago, invested all that i can and bought about 150 steem, with the hope that:

Who knows how much it could become one day.

Thank You again.
Dayyan Khan

I could say that, after joining Steemit, my primary interest was generate earnings by creating post with the purpose of paying debts on bitcoin loans i have requested and fixing many other messing-up things . However, here i have learned too much about how to create good content and how express my opinion about different poin of views.

    Right here -and also, right now as everyday -, i feel myself motivated about growing as professional on writting despite there is too much things to do on the road. As today, i see the Steemit community as a school for good Bloggers to make difference on other huger platforms such as Reddit and Blogger. Is not enough praying all nights before go sleep and wait a miracle and studying the bible without understanding its meanings. Acting wisely and putting the lord first above all things will make you suceed. It worked sometimes to me untill i've realized i have made something wrong.

    Yo llevo poco tiempo en la plataforma pero creo que es un artiįculo muy bonito. Ya que hablan de tus sentimientos en las difentes etapas. Y la verdad que me has ayudado mucho. Muchas gracias.

    As someone relatively new here, it does seem like a big scary world. Posts like yours motivate me to have faith in this platform because there are so many wonderful users like you who support others and share their life experiences with others. All I can say is keep up with the amazing content and I am looking forward for more.

    I'm learning that we can choose to be mindful, appreciative and giving in many situations during most days and the rewards do not seem to be mostly in the distant future. The biggest one seems to be the feeling of satisfaction and that is an instantaneous thing. I don't know how to use Steemit for my own financial winning and I don't know if I even care right now. But I do like logging onto here and reading positive posts that nudge me in the right direction in my general mindset. I will try to start up-voting more to actually express the feeling of gratitude that I experience. It's a win-win. Maybe that's what Steemit could be about in a deeper perspective somehow. Have a nice day Orca Whale :) from a little goldfish.

    Very interesting and thoughtful, I'm just getting to know this fantastic world of steemit, among curious but of that natural behavior I've been involved and from now on I'm sure to grow. Thanks for such a motivating message!

    Hello, @chbartist, excellent, I recently wrote a publication in Spanish that is my main community, about that, we should not conform, we should seize the opportunity, this is a businessman, we are small entrepreneurs, we should have that mentality, personally For me , what we do here is a small savings plan and those that strengthen the community. The price is now low and many are worried, but we must work to make this obstacle fall and reap our fruits in a short time. The limits are only in the mind!
    congratulations for your climb to orca whale, hurray, hurray!

    Hi, I need you to help me understand how everything works. You could help me because I do not have anyone to guide me, I want to collaborate and win. Thank you very much in advance

    Hello @fusroj, welcome to the fish tank, the main thing is to write about what you like, you must do it daily, and in the indicated tags, that is if you write about food put the items related to it and your community, if it is English or Spanish.

    i have been truthfully inspired i choose to take this seriously and get paid seriously thanks chbartist

    @chbartist Great post and i do believe the same, I do purchase as much @steem as i can, small amounts at a time, but I also try to post as often as i can trying to always make it a tad bit interesting, I also try to comment and chat as much as I can whenever I have the time to do so.

    I DO believe in the platform and think t is indeed bigger than its monetary value. The community is a great one and for the most part is an uplifting one, which is very refreshing and needed at this time.

    I think your advice is very important to use this page, because as it says, it is a page of help and mental and emotional growth, since different types of ideas are exchanged with different people, from different countries. Everyone talks a little and everyone can express their way. I'm from Venezuela and, although I'm new to this page, I want to learn from her and from those who use her for her growth.

    i post a pic or a tale or a video every day and cant get anywhere.
    way to go

    Hi, @rwestvideo, I'm going to review your content and I'll give you some tips, I recommend you read the publications on trends.

    A search of the term Steemit has led me to this post. I am fingers-crossed hopefully returning to writing here any day now.

    I love the community I was part of here on Steemit. I love what the process of writing and sharing bring into my life. I am so ready to come back.

    Tonight, I was delving into what to do with my SBDs as I return. This post held my hand as I finalized my decision to reinvest and come back strong and real and loving.

    Thank you for sharing your story, many of my own truths echoed back.

    I intend to follow along. Hugs

    Firstly, congratulations on making Orca! That speaks volumes of your love and commitment on this platform, on top of the journey you've shared and the people you've met.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and continued support in the Steemit community.


    Hello, I'm just starting to use steemit, I'm very new and I want to learn all that I can about all this. I've seen your posts are very helpful and they motivate me a lot. I really admire your positive sharing attitude. My blog is about my life experiences too, so I completely agree with everything you say here.

    Increible post, realmente encantada con todo.

    Congratulations my friend. Hoping on the day you shall also congratulate me here on steemit.

    Nicely written,
    It acted as much needed motivation for me:-) I stopped writing on platform for last one month,because I thought I am not reaching many peoples and its kinda wastage of thought but your article changed my view and today I posted my new post


    Thanks again☺️☺️☺️

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    @chbartist, well this post was way too long for my liking but I understand what you had to say. If we want to use steem to help others then we need to have faith in the system and support it. I am not in a position to buy steem, (wish I was, now is a great time to invest in it,) but I can apply myself to get back to resteeming those I support and to start writing my own post. So the issue has been spending so much time and no one sees the post anyway. So are there "legal bots" one can use? Is there a group to join that help support each other? Upvoted, resteemed and voted for your buddy. :-)

    Hi!!! @chbartist

    I Connect a lot with what you say, I like the way you think and write. I have seen several of your publications and without a doubt they all have a great message, in each one with a beautiful learning. I've been on the platform for a short time and I'm happy to meet people like you here. It is a pleasure to read what you write.

    Thank you very much for that.

    "There is always room for those who want to achieve success, but the detail is that space exists, but only for those who want to work to achieve it, not only say they want it."

    I completely agree with you, when we want to succeed we must do everything that needs to be done to fulfill it. Having passion, discipline and love for what we do is also part of it.
    I want to learn more and more about this platform, so I can have more interaction with people, influence, build a brand. Thanks for your tips. I am very impressed by what you wrote about the Steem tokens and investing in the page, above all, but I will be investigating how to do it.

    Love this you wrote,

    "When we are willing to give, we are ready to receive"

    Thanks friend :)

    Wow! Excuse me if I compare your writings with those of a preacher. That's what your advices and reasonings look like. Your post was very inspiring. From it I see a true Steemit believer. Someone who acts by putting into practice his postulates by using humble and simple words to reach the majority of people and try to guide them, why not?, to monetary success.

    I agree with your thoughts and although I don't have much, I just powered up and brought steem this past weekend with my earnings. Nice motivational message.

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    Great post! Steem is a tricky place but with a lot of great people on it :)

    Very encouraging thoughts...thanks @chbartist, you're always been an inspiration to me.

    well said ! just like a quote i came across a few days ago, tough times will pass, tough ppl stay. Those who persevere and continue to put in the hardwork through tough times will be rewarded.

    Like you mentioned, if everyone chip in just 1%, when alot of ppl do it, it can have a significant impact.

    PS :
    If you’re posting content on instagram, give share2steem a look. It’s a new dapp that EASILY autopost your instagram post to steemit. Get daily upvotes from s2s and other users who activate unique double curations.

    Thank you friend!

    thx for reply ! i m lucky =)

    ive seen better times here :(

    well I am here because I know steem will lambo to the moon! 😂

    Great post.......wonderful.....thanks

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    That whale is terrible.

    thanks mate

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    very well for writing

    muy buen mensaje

    It is good to bring the awareness among steemians that buying or holding steem should not be the only target but it should come along with creating good contents, sharing upvotes, offering quality comments which will in turn help the community to grow as a team! Thanks for this quality blog!

    every like is paid ! thanks steemit

    @chbartist guess we are on same page on this. Good for u

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