No Words! We Are The Best (Winners) - A Single Image Is More Valuable Than Thousand Words ... See the Post. This One Deserves a Champagne ...

in life •  5 months ago

Hello Steemians, you know that I worked with all of you on this campaign and I'm sure I gave my best and you all are part of that achievement.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 05.54.45.png
img src


Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 05.40.06.png
img src


Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 05.53.14.png
img src

The power of the community!

Let's go on together continue to do our best!

Remember: I would be grateful if you understood the importance of resteem these posts to build a community with a positive mindset. This is my greatest goal here and you who accompany me know! This is my greatest truth and I do with my heart. Many of these information that are useful to you may be important to other people who need information for your personal growth and that is the most important thing to achieve any goal in your life and remember: Give a upvote between you who take the time to comment and discuss constructively. This has happened here and I am very glad to see you helping each other.

Congratulations Steemians - Resteem and thank you so......


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Why do you do this? Why all these bid bots for this post?


Very little in profit is actually made in boosting with bots. It basically helps get you exposure...just not sure this post is worth that much exposure. Its kinda old news already. That was announced 4 days ago...and he's posting about this 2 days ago??

I mean, if it's a good quality post I don't mind. Like @sweetsssj or something. But this? Meh.


He must be making some amount of profit from it. There can't be any other reason for such a low effort post.


My thoughts exactly..

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i was about to say the same thing, that's lot of steem tho :f

Good job! However it seems the price of steem doesn't react at all.


And you expected for steem to go up?why?i been in crypto few years,never heard of,or use is netcoins?steem will go up when few whales decide to pump it.

You are world number one gush I am delighted to comment on this


thank you friend


Excellent man.
Nice effort.
Many congrats to the winner.


Friends, its full credit goes to @chbartist sir, in which the entire community is threaded in the form of unity, and with the help of its experience and correct guidance, the community is moved in positive direction.


Actually, the author of this post was only one person promoting the Netcoins vote. He certainly doesn't deserve the full credit.


@mazzle frnd! Actually I am giving full credit to @chbartist sir for making a chain or community in which all commenting bloggers helping eachother.
I know this post author is only one and so many steemains are making voting contest through their blog for selecting ten popular coins.




thats right


Yes friend! Believe me! I'm very glad with all steemians in my blog! Regards!

Genial, maravillosa noticia saber que el triunfo está cerca. seguiremos apoyando a @chbartist en todo lo que sea necesario.
Enhorabuena, se lo merece.

congrats for your effort

WOW great job. You really pushed for it.

Here we can see you are really doing great
We ate the winners....

Finally, steem made it.
That will be the first step towards a bullish movement in the crypto market.

Congrats @chbartist on your success! you made it. That's the power.


Exactly!! Very thoughtful post. That is to say that if we are good for something we can continue improving and perfecting in those aspects. They deserves for this kind of success.


Well said!! If we put effort to do something then we can achieve our target. Have a nice day!

Teamwork and the union of all give strength to the community so that it has a lot of power


united we stand,

divided we fall.

We all have achieved it together.... With the unity it would have never been done! I also vote for 4 times and encouraged my friends in discord to vote.

now karma speeks for ourselves!

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Yeah! Mr. @chbartist! I agree with you. It is the power of community that's exactly what needs to do. And I m with you always. carry on your effort. Best of luck brother.

Yeah Yeah!!! Not only steemit won, but we all won! This is the real power of community and unity.

Im very happy we Steem.. there is great strength in collaborative unity... united we stand..divided we falll..

Unity is the key to success! Enjoying Steemians community very much!

It is beautiful to see how we can unify for a goal! It shows us that we can do everything as long as we are together as a community and as human beings who help each other succeed. Much love to all of you! Know that we have to work together if we want to reach the stars!

yes we win the battle but the war is not yet finish. This was just a begining. To make steem more valuable we have to do more.
But it was really nice to see how we work together😊If we can continue like this we will be sucessfull😉

Its a team winning. We all were united in this campaign and gave our best. This win is dedicated to the whole community.

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Yes, through you now I have made sure that Steem has won. Congratulations to everyone

yes, it is team work that makes the dream work!

Thanks sir @chbartist for sharing your thoughts and happiness.

Indeed, there is power in Unity! Another trending post for you @chbartist! Fellow Steemians, let's Vote In!

Glad to be part of the United Steemians! There is power in the #United #Community!

There is power in unity.Behind every success there is a big reason. And here you all are playing a same reason.

Steem has the largest community which was proven over time.

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wow nice work man
keep the Good work up
Congrats again for all your efforts @chbartist

Steemians are the winner! Glad to be part of the united community! United we stand, we will never fall undivided (paraphrasing)

If you want to go fast go alone.... But if you want to go far, Go together....
Unity is strength.
Thank you sir,

Congrats @chbartist sir the recognition is totally worth it glad to be a part of this community @steem

Congratulations! You deserve it for your perseverance in the work that you have been developing with your publications.


Sir we are winner with our efforts under your post. Thank you sir. we know that united we stand, divine we fall.


Move on my friend! We have hard work. Congrats for your effort!

nice post.. and yes we have to help each other in every situation.. lets show the teamwork..

This is the power of our steem community

I've been dancing all day. The power of Unity!


Yes, Enjoy!!!!

@chbartist congrats from my heart content you won free listing in netcoins I hoping many many good articles from you.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and happiness I resteemed your post


Thank you friend - follow - You are very welcome!

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Done, Re-steemd. I'm really impressed with the performance of Steem in the competition, the lead Verge had seemed impossible to cover but thanks to leaders like you on the platform, we were able to rally.
I must say congratulations to you my friend.


Congrats to you my friend! regards

Unity empowers. The effort of one man can be easily ignored but if there's unity, it can be done! Glad I'm part of it.


Thank you friend!

Oh congratulation all people !!!

The power of the community!



Alot can be achieved with communities working together...


I said always this!

I was upset because last time I saw the INS was ahead of us.But now I feel so good.After all,at least for once we have showed that we can do something good if we are united.I saw everyone was working to push steem forward.

It is indeed a great achievement for all of us.


Yes, we did it. A big congratulations to the Winner Steem. And many many congratulations to all of you who participated to achieve this status.
A great thanks to @chbartist for his great effort

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Thx friend! I believe in my life experience. We can do much more. Believe me!


I want to participate more, tell me @chbartist please if i can do anything else

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Ok, friend! Thank you! I can coach some peoples, but I need see better the community because I need be sure. Who is Who! Understand?


Yes, I totally understand what you mean.

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Nice post!!11!!!!wewewww

hmm our efforts have paid off.

What does Steem being listed on Netcoins do?


Reputation because Netcoins is a biggest placed and is very difficulty to be listed there. This can impact in price of steem to high! The power of community friend!


So far... all its done is bring the price down.

Teknolojiden iyi bir şekilde yararlanıyoruz. Steemit bana bunu gösteriyor. Sizin paylaşımınızı olumlu buldum sevgiler

Unity is strength.


A well-deserved win.

Hello guys
If you can feed me with some upvotes to make my profile more popular


thanks for the information,, @chbartist

I've been seeing this pop up a lot but I'm not very crypto literate. What is the potential impact for the Steem community?

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Thanks For The Nice Post
We Should Help Each Other In Our Life

Nice post 💝💝

Congratulations @chbartist!
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This is amazing, Go STEEM!

Your effort is really appreciated..

Bravo Community !

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Unity is everything. Because unity can grow our power.

United we stood to take Steem to the first place!!!

We worked together, we achieved together in unity!


@chbartist 100% positive

Congrtas for the winner!

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I vote for those who voted for me, mutual

exactly i appreciate you nice post

woooow nice post chbartits, follow and vote my post

I can't understand because i can't english

very nice blog.

Felicidades, porque el éxito es de todos los que se esfuerzan en busca de sus metas y sueños. Y esta realidad no es posible solo sino en la medidas que todos nos unimos y empujamos en un mismo sentido.

one word, fabulous

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